Intuitive Astrology: Jupiter Retrograde June-October 2021

jupiter retrograde 2021

Just as the Sun gets ready to leave Gemini on June 20, 2021, Jupiter enters retrograde, joining Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto

It is typical for Jupiter to spend a few months of the year in retrograde, so while this energy is something to expect, this is the first time in over a decade that we have experienced a Jupiter retrograde in the sign of Pisces and Aquarius. 

Whenever a planet enters retrograde, it appears to be moving backward through the zodiac. Of course, the planet is not actually moving backward, but this is just how it appears from our vantage point here on Earth.

When ancient astrologers observed this, they believed it was a sign for us to go back over things too and to revisit the teachings and wisdom of the past. 

When Jupiter enters retrograde, it can put our beliefs, ideas, and the things that we thought we knew under the spotlight, encouraging us to look again and perhaps change the way we have been choosing to see things.

Jupiter can be our lens, helping us to filter, color, and shape our reality. When we work with its vibration on the highest of levels, it allows us to view the world as a place of abundance, expansion, and limitless possibilities.

It’s Jupiter’s energy that reminds us that all things are possible, that we are always capable, and that life is a journey not to perfect or master but to simply learn from.

Pay attention to where your focus is drawn during this retrograde cycle. See what new information or things are highlighted for you. 

It is likely that your focus will shift in some way, allowing you to change your perspective and open your mind to new and even greater possibilities. 

Even though it’s a subtle change in energy, as Jupiter retrogrades through both Pisces and Aquarius, we may notice these zodiac signs coloring the flavor of what we experience.

As Jupiter retrogrades through the sign of Pisces, which occurs from June 20-July 29, we may find ourselves questioning our spiritual values or perhaps even our approach to creative or intuitively led projects.

As Jupiter retrogrades through the sign of Aquarius, which occurs from July 29 until the end of the retrograde period on October 17, we may find ourselves questioning our societal values and thinking about how we fit or don’t fit into society.

While it may not be as concrete as all of this, we may notice similar themes weaving in and out of our lives during this retrograde period. 

We may even see these themes playing out on a global stage too, giving us new insights or a greater perspective.

In order to navigate Jupiter Retrograde energy, it is best to keep your mind fluid and open, as you never know what new insights you may be gifted with.

If you have been running your life or operating under a certain belief system, you may find that this Jupiter Retrograde energy shakes things up a bit, and encourages you to look at things from a different vantage point.

If you have been feeling scattered and all of the place, you can also use this Jupiter Retrograde energy to help you focus and narrow in on what is truly important to you.

Remember, that it may take until the end of the retrograde period in October to really have all the information and insights that you need, so move slowly, trust in divine timing, and know that as long as you are seeking, you shall find!

To direct this energy in a productive way, use this retrograde period to think about how your beliefs and the way you are choosing to see things are coloring the experience of your life. 

How can you allow more room to see the world as a safe, wonderful, and abundant place? How can you shift out of self-limiting or self-deprecating beliefs that are holding you back?

Shifting unsupportive attitudes can be difficult, but a good first step is simply becoming aware of the thought that is not serving you in the moment and seeing if you can shift it to something else more loving and supportive. 

At first, the loving and supportive thinking may feel unnatural or even fake, but it is best to start small or even with a question that challenges the existing belief.

For example, if you notice an unsupportive thought or if you find yourself acting in a way that is limiting, see if you can identify it in the moment and shift it to a question like- “What if this thought is not true?” or “What am I really afraid of in this situation?” or “What if there is a better way to handle this?” By becoming aware of the thought or behavior, you can then slowly begin to reprogram it into something aligned with confidence, self-belief, and self-love.

This takes effort to do this at first, but over time the process can become easier and more natural. Jupiter Retrograde energy can definitely help with this, but know that it’s always a good time to start this work!

Jupiter will turn direct on October 17, 2021, and at this time, we are likely to have opened our eyes and our mindset a little wider, reshaped some beliefs, and hopefully programmed our thinking to a more supportive and loving frequency. 

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