Intuitive Astrology: Leo Season 2020

leo season 2020

Leo Season (July 22-August 22), is always a magical time of year as the Sun moves into its ruling sign and we are able to feel its sustenance and life-giving qualities with far more ease.

The Sun illuminates and shines down on us, warming our heart and soul, and revitalizing our body from top to toe. And then, it disappears, reminding us to take rest and to process and digest all of what the Sun’s rays have illuminated for us during the day.

The Sun then rises once again, always on time, never late, ready to keep shining.

The Sun doesn’t discriminate, it lends its energy and power to all. It reminds us that we all live and breathe under the same Sun.

As we reach the peak of Leo Season, we also experience the Lionsgate 88 Portal, which is an alignment between the Earth, Sun, and the star, Sirius.

This alignment activates a gateway of energy that can help advance and push us to higher realms of consciousness. It is a sacred time of year where the veil between dimensions grows thin and we are able to travel and move more freely, even if it is just on a soul level.

While our physical bodies may be bound to Earth, and even to our homes during this time, on a soul level, Lionsgate is where we can really find our freedom and recognize the magic of the world around us.

I will talk more about the Lionsgate as we get closer, but here are the main events for Leo Season-

July 23- Neowise Closest to Earth

As Leo Season begins, the comet Neowise is closest to earth. Comets are believed to carry a message from the heavens that great change is preparing to unfold.

2020 has seen so many changes already, so it will be interesting to see exactly what transpires as this comet makes its return to Earth.

Neowise visits every 6,800 years, so this is definitely a rare and special sight and probably a rare and special message too!

On an intuitive level, I feel Neowise is here to help clear fearful and toxic energy from the Earth in order to cleanse and renew the energy field of the planet.

You can read more on Neowise here.

July 25- Mars Enters Shadow Period

This will be an important day to watch. Mars will begin slowing down from this point forward as it prepares to go retrograde later in September.

Whatever is unfolding now until this time holds a clue as to what themes the upcoming retrograde will bring. We may also begin feeling some tense energy bubbling in the undercurrents too.

Mars Retrograde is a time where we can feel a little sluggish and like we have lost our motivation, so if you have important projects you want to get done, it’s best to start making some good headway at this time.

August 2- Sun Square Uranus

While this peaks on August 2nd, it’s likely that we will feel it brewing a few days prior.

This is a time where we may feel a little shaken, or that we are walking on rocky ground. 2020 has felt that way for many, but this is a time where that could be heightened.

While our lives may feel a little shaken, this effect can also help us to awaken and reach new levels of awareness and consciousness.

Uranus is always reminding us that we have to be shaken in order to awaken.

August 3- Full Moon in Aquarius

Uranus will also be active on this Full Moon too so we may continue to see this theme of something shaking our lives in some way.

If anything catches you by surprise, or if you feel like your life has turned upside down, try to be patient and treat it as a clue as to where the Universe is guiding you.

This is a busy Full Moon and we may feel heightened emotions at this time. Under this energy, it is best to go with the flow and try to surrender rather than control.

August 4- Mars Square Jupiter

Mars is really going to be a star player as we get into the last few months of the year. Its alignments now are going to begin laying the foundation for what is to come when it goes retrograde in September.

This alignment with Jupiter may bring some restlessness and even irritability. If something has been troubling us, we may feel more justified in how we feel.

August 7- Venus enters Cancer

We have been working with Venus in Gemini themes since April. This unusually long stay for Venus was due to its retrograde from May to June.

During this retrograde cycle, Venus also completed a longer 8-year cycle known as the Rose of Venus.

Now Venus is leaving Gemini and all of this energy behind and is setting out on a new adventure.

Venus energy should feel strong on this day and being in Cancer, a lovely self-love energy will flow.

August 8- Lionsgate 88

Lionsgate 2020 is definitely going to be a supercharged time. The portal will peak from August 5-8 however, we are likely to feel it a few days before and a few days after this date.

This portal signifies a time of heart activations, third eye awakenings, and cosmic downloads.

More to come on this magical time of year soon!

August 13- Mars Square Pluto

As mentioned, Mars is going to be laying the foundation for the closing months of the year. Pay attention to what themes are being stirred in your life around this time for clues.

Both Mars and Pluto are intense energies and we may be noticing themes around resistance, power, control, and aggression. We may also feel the weight of the obstacles before us.

August 15- Uranus Retrograde

Another planet turns retrograde, this time it is Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Uranus will spend the rest of the year in retrograde motion, traveling through the underworld and helping us to go back over things we may have missed the first time around.

Uranus brings change, so when it enters retrograde, it a chance for us to look over and review the changes that have unfolded in our lives. It can also help us to make peace with them too.

August 18- New Moon in Leo

The energy behind this New Moon feels very creative and light. A really nice New Moon, which brings welcoming energy. We may feel called to share a truth or to speak up, and from doing so, we may discover a new personal power.

Happy Leo Season!

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