Intuitive Astrology: Libra Season 2019

libra season astrology 2019

On the day of the Equinox, September 23rd, the Sun moves out of earthy Virgo into the air sign of Libra, moving our focus to our need for connection and creating balance in our relationships.

The Sun moving into Libra also represents a turning point. Mother Nature starts a new season and we also reach the halfway mark of the astrological year. Symbolically, this represents a shift to a higher level of consciousness.

With this shift, we are now encouraged to bring our awareness to not only how we can be healthy and balanced, but to also how we can create healthy and balanced connections with others.

Under Libra Season, it is the perfect time to bring our focus to the people we are choosing to surround ourselves with.

Who is supporting your growth and helping you to be the best? Who is tearing you down and making you feel bad about yourself?

People themselves are not toxic, but they can become toxic for us if conflicts are left unresolved or if we develop unhealthy attachments. Certain relationships can also become toxic when there is continued action out of fear or ego.

Under the Libra Sun, all of us will receive support from the Universe to work through relationships that have become toxic either by setting boundaries or figuring out a new way to tackle the issue.

We may also have to decide whether we want to keep certain people in our lives or if the time has come to let them go.

Very often the challenging relationships that come into our lives help to expose our wounds. In fact, many of us tend to play out our wounds, triggers, and insecurities on the people around us.

Unless we become conscious of when we are doing this, it can lead to dysfunction in our relationships, and these dysfunctions can sometimes be a clear eye-opener as to what needs to be healed or addressed within ourselves.

When it comes to dealing with challenging people in our lives, sometimes it helps to remember that everyone, including yourself, is just doing the best they can from their level of awareness.

Sometimes it also helps to think of challenging people as parts of your soul that have come into your life to remind you of the lessons you wanted to learn and the growth you were destined to achieve in this life.

When we view things from this vantage point, it allows us to stop passing blame or getting caught up in what the other person is doing and instead, allows us to reflect on how we can use this experience as a catalyst for growth.

This doesn’t mean that we learn to tolerate bad behavior, we can of course, take this approach and still set boundaries, but it does sometimes lessen the strained emotions when you choose to look at this challenging person as just a part of you that is trying to get your attention. After all, at our core, we are all connected and we all One.

In 2019 as the Sun moves into Libra, we also have a configuration of planets beckoning us to heal and release our past wounds around our relationships.

In fact, this Libra Season could be especially healing and revealing, so see if you can identify a pattern, habit, or belief that you would like to be free of, and ask the Universe for assistance in helping you to move through it.

Libra is represented by the scales, so our key through navigating whatever comes our way under this Season is to create balance.

While the focus is around our relationships, we also want to strike balance between looking after our own needs as well as the needs of others. We want to work on being compassionate and understanding but also assertive and ready to set boundaries if necessary. We also want to focus on collaboration rather than compromise.

When we team up and work together despite our differences or beliefs, the possibilities to achieve, succeed, and lift each other up can be endless.

Under the Libra Sun, let us enrich our lives by focusing on creating balance and harmony within ourselves and with the people around us. Let us not be afraid to let unhealthy relationships go and to see even our greatest enemies as teachers on this journey of growth.

Libra Season wraps up on October 23rd when the Sun moves into Scorpio.

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