Intuitive Astrology: Mars Opposite Uranus November 2019

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On November 24th, Mars in Scorpio aligns directly opposite Uranus in Taurus, sending a jolt of lightning and waves of change through the cosmos.

While this alignment peaks on the 24th it is likely we will feel it at least 4-5 days on either side of this date.

Mars in Scorpio

Mars is a fiery planet and is all about helping us conquer our fears and move forward with action, energy, and purpose.

It’s energy fuels our motivation, and helps to keep us soldiering forward in the direction of our dreams and goals.

As it’s currently in the sign of Scorpio, it will be at its fullest power and strength.

Uranus in Taurus

Uranus is the planet of change. It likes to shake things in order to awaken us and keep us reaching higher and advancing further.

Its energy can sometimes bring surprises or shocking revelations, but it’s all in the name of growth and development.

Uranus first entered Taurus in 2018, and while it’s not able to express its fullest potential here, it does allow us to take baby steps towards the changes we need to make.

Mars and Uranus Opposition

As Mars and Uranus align opposite each other in the sky, we are going to get a surge of energy that will instigate and accelerate any changes we need to make in our lives.

This energy is intense and very quickly may move or shake us to open to a new direction or pathway.

Under this energy, emotions may also run high and we may find ourselves feeling more tired and irritable or being in the presence of someone feeling the same. We may also notice power struggles, or a shift in dynamics, especially in the workplace.

This is not very compromising energy so if there is a negotiation on the table or a conflict to work through, it may be hard to reach a middle ground during this window of time.

As Uranus is in Taurus, and Taurus rules over planet Earth, we may also notice freak weather patterns or even natural disasters like fires, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions.

While this may not be what we want to hear, part of Uranus’ mission as it transits through Taurus is to get us to focus on the environment and what we can do to create a more sustainable future.

How to Use this Energy

We can use this energy to take action on projects we wish to get off the ground and to gain some steam behind things we have been dragging our feet on.

We may feel inspired to take a risk or do something daring, and sometimes that can be a good thing! Sometimes we need an alignment like this to give us a push in a direction we want to head in but have been too afraid or too cautious.

While there is this incredible motivating energy, under this alignment we also have to be mindful of getting into careless accidents. Just use the stabilizing Taurus energy to take a more methodical approach and don’t be in such a hurry!

Finally, Mars in Scorpio is a wonderful placement for boosting sexual energy and our sexual desire. It’s also great for exploring our sexuality too.

Use this energy to plan a date night with someone special, wear some sexy lingerie or just own the fact that you are loveable and desirable just as you are!

If you are feeling sensitive or tired, know you can also use this energy to rest, reflect, and recharge your batteries.

Mars aligning opposite Uranus won’t happen again until 2021, so enjoy these energies and put them to work for you!

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