Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Season 2019

sagittarius season

Sagittarius Season begins on November 22nd and lasts until the Solstice on December 21st, 2019.

All through Sagittarius Season 2019, we have three interesting energy dynamics at play.

The first energy we have on offer is Venus and Jupiter aligning with the Galactic Center.

Jupiter aligns with the Galactic Center from November 19-24th, but Venus will join on the 23rd making it the power day of the Season.

Venus and Jupiter aligning at the center of our Milky Way is highly charged and will send a positive, glowing light into our heart, allowing us to raise our vibration, awaken deeper, and open to compassion and love.

After this alignment, Jupiter will then prepare to move into Capricorn on December 2nd, a placement it hasn’t been in over 12 years.

Capricorn is not an expansive or abundant place for Jupiter, so we really want to take advantage of its energy before this date.

The second energy dynamic that joins us this Sagittarius Season is Mars in Scorpio opposing Uranus in Taurus.

These planets officially align opposite each other on November 24th, however we will begin feeling this 3-4 days before and after this date.

Mars opposing Uranus is fiery and can be eruptive energy. It signifies a shift of some kind that changes our direction or way of doing things.

We may also feel more irritable or frustrated, as Mars tends to bring heated emotions to the surface.

While Mars opposing Uranus can be seen as a little bit of a conflicting alignment, it is almost necessary at this time as we head towards the Saturn Pluto conjunction, which is the third major energy at play during this Sagittarius Season.

Saturn and Pluto don’t officially conjunct or align with each other until January 2020, but as they are getting closer, they are working to tear down old structures in order to rebuild new ones, especially in positions of power, government, banking, and politics.

As they are busy doing that, it’s almost like these other energy dynamics are helping to lift us higher out of the old and into the new.

We are being challenged to lift our vibration, release tension and frustration, and to set our sights onto a new world vision.

Sagittarius is symbolized by the Centaur aiming its arrow and it too is passionate about creating a new world vision.

The Centaur is a healer and holds a wisdom that is beyond this world. Its bow and arrow are said to symbolize its psychic nature, as the Centaur never misses and always knows how to aim in the right direction.

While the Centaur has the gift of foresight, it also trusts that no matter which direction its arrow is fired in, it will always be able to make the most of the journey and gain wisdom and growth throughout the process, no matter the outcome.

Sagittarius Season 2019 brings some strong energies to work with but let’s remember that within all of us, this idea of the Centaur exists too, and if we start to trust that wherever our arrow lands is where we are meant to be, we will be able to relax and enjoy the journey so much more.

Sagittarius Season is going to feel much lighter than the Scorpio Season passed and the Capricorn Season that’s ahead, so let’s use this energy to focus on aiming our arrows in the direction of fun, lightness, and laughter.

Let us try and focus on what brings us joy and make it a priority in our lives. Let us seek adventure, travel, learn new things, and get excited about the possibilities of what life has to offer.

There is no doubt that things are heating up as we wrap up 2019 and head towards Eclipse Season and the fated Saturn-Pluto alignment in early January 2020.

The consciousness of the planet is rising, a new reality is unfolding, and we have been prepping to make the jump all the year through.

The time to lighten our loads, celebrate all we have learned, and trust the direction of our arrow is now.

So, this season raise your vibration as Jupiter and Venus align with the Galactic Center. Stay open and sharp as Mars opposes Uranus, and embrace the idea that Saturn and Pluto are destroying the old so the new can emerge.

Allow yourself to be accelerated so you are ready to take that leap when the portal of new energies surge in early 2020.

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