Intuitive Astrology for October 2019

october astrology 2019

October brings a few challenges and heavy alignments, however there is a lot of release and satisfaction we can experience this month if we view these challenges as nudges from the Universe to keep leveling up and moving higher.

We are so much stronger than we realize. We have so much wisdom within, and the Universe knows this, which is why it is amping up the energies in order to keep moving us to higher levels of consciousness. We are ready, and our souls chose to be on planet Earth at this pivotal time in order to do this work.

2020 is shaping up to be a mind-altering, life-transforming year not just on a personal level but on a global level too, and during the month of October, we are going to start feeling the stirrings of what’s to come. 

The first and the most important of these stirrings happens on October 2nd-3rd with the planet Pluto moving direct in Capricorn after being retrograde since April 24th, 2019.

This is a pivotal moment as Saturn is also now moving direct in the sign of Capricorn and both these planets are marching towards each other with zero interruptions or blocks in their way.

They won’t meet until January 2020, but Pluto Direct is going to kickstart these huge transformational shifts. You can read more about this Saturn-Pluto energy here and here and I will definitely have more to come on this as we approach 2020.

For clues on how this Saturn-Pluto alignment may affect your own life, think about what was happening for you around April 2019 of this year.

Were you called to change or transform anything in your life? Were you called to rebirth yourself in some way? Did you experience a “death” or release of sorts? 

A small clue was dropped at this time about what this major Saturn-Pluto alignment may bring and while it won’t give you the full picture, it can give you some inkling of what’s to come and what you are destined to be working with.  

The following day, on October 3rd, Mercury enters the watery sign of Scorpio, but by October 11th, it will begin slowing down as it prepares to go retrograde at the end of the month on October 31st. This is the final Mercury retrograde of the year, and it comes at interesting timing. 

During October we are really being encouraged to level up and advance our soul growth, and this final Mercury Retrograde seems to give us some breathing room to help us to digest, process, and work through any final lessons or gifts of the year.

All through Libra Season, one of the main themes we have been working on is our relationships. These include our relationships with others, our body, our mind, our soul, our money, and the world around us, and on October 13th, these lessons will peak with the Aries Full Moon.

At this time, we are going to be encouraged to think about what next steps need to be taken or what new strategies need to be put into place when it comes to how we view our relationships.

If we have been too harsh, we may find we soften and feel called to forgive. If we have been too soft and have struggled to stand up for ourselves, we may feel called to take a stand and set some boundaries.

This Full Moon may also encourage us to look at where we are giving too much or not enough in our relationships. If we have been treated unfairly or if we are treating others unfairly, this Full Moon will shine a light and encourage us to find a new way. 

You can think of this Full Moon as illuminating a new pathway for us when it comes to our relationships. It illuminates a pathway that allows us to take care of our own needs while also being open, compassionate, and understanding towards others. With this balance in place, our connections can be healthy and more rewarding. 

The energy of this somewhat heavy Full Moon will linger for a few days but eventually, we will find relief and be able to catch our breath and enjoy the rewards of our hard work.

On October 22nd, the Sun moves out of Libra into the watery sign of Scorpio and a few days following on October 27th, we have the Scorpio New Moon.

The Scorpio New Moon is also a bit of a challenging one, but we have to keep in mind that this is our month to level up! 

Scorpio is the sign associated with death and rebirth and under the dark Moon, we are going to be encouraged to rebirth a part of ourselves and let go of the parts of ourselves that we no longer need. 

While the New Moon will be intense, Scorpio energy is always a powerful time for ritual work and gives us spiritual strength to transform and raise our vibrations higher.

The end of October is always a magical time for as we transition to November, the veil between this realm and others becomes thin.

On All Hallows Eve, October 31st, Mercury will also go retrograde and we will be able to delve into the spirit realms with far more ease. We will also be able to tune into our intuition and receive downloads and inspiration from Spirit.

If you have loved ones on the other side, this is also a time to celebrate and honor their presence in your life and to hold close in your heart the idea that you will meet once again. You can also write them a letter or talk to them to let them know you are thinking of them. 

While October is a slightly more challenging month, it does bring its gifts too. By the end of this month, we are going to feel stronger. We are going to feel more rooted in our being and more confident about our path ahead.

Like all things, cosmic waves are just temporary. No matter what comes, we can keep a sense of constant rhythm and connection through having a spiritual practice like daily meditation, journaling, gratitude work, and so on.

To help support you with your practice, try my Guided Meditation for the month of October. It’s designed specifically for the energies of the month and can be done daily or just a few times per week. There’s a small fee to download the meditation but all money collected goes back into running this site. Your support is always so appreciated!

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