Intuitive Astrology: Neptune Retrograde 2024

neptune retrograde 2024

Neptune begins its retrograde journey on July 2nd until December 7th, 2024. Neptune will retrograde in the sign of Pisces, traveling from the final 29th degree of Pisces back to the 23rd degree of Pisces.

Neptune dancing on the final few degrees of the Pisces zodiac is helping to prepare us for the end of this cycle, which began back when Neptune first entered Pisces in April 2011.

While Neptune will continue to remain in Pisces until March 2026, we are already starting to get a feel for how this cycle is going to close.

Perhaps you may even find yourself pondering what Neptunian themes have been brewing for you since April 2011.

Neptune in Pisces

Neptune loves to be in the sign of Pisces. It is here that it can express its fullest and truest expression.

Neptune is the planet of illusions, dreams, and creativity. At its highest level, it is connected to deep, unconditional, spiritual love and oneness. At its lowest level, it is connected to lies and manipulation.

As Neptune travels retrograde, it encourages the veil to be lifted and for a higher truth to be revealed. Illusions or ideas, or even dreams and wishes that we once had may no longer resonate, or may no longer feel aligned with where we are heading.

Neptune in Pisces Retrograde Cycle 2024

If you want to dive deeper into the Neptune Retrograde cycle, think back to what has been unfolding for you since December 2023 (or even as far back as April 2011), especially in areas relating to your creativity, dreams, illusions, intuition, and potential deceits.

Under this retrograde, something that was brewing at that time period may come to a head, or you may receive more insights and answers. Remember, Neptune Retrograde is a subtle energy, so it may not be completely clear what is unfolding.

To guide you with this, here are some manifestations we may experience during a Neptune Retrograde:

Creative Blocks

As the planet of creativity, imagination, and dreams, Neptune Retrograde can sometimes create creative blocks, but this is only in an effort to rebirth our creative vision. While we may feel held back or stuck when it comes to any creative projects we are working on, once Neptune stations direct, we are likely to experience new creative inspirations and ideas that can take our work to the next level. If you find yourself feeling creatively blocked, honor that a rebirth is in the works. You may also wish to use this time to take a break from creative projects and focus more on the logistics. Sometimes, our creative processes need a checklist and a plan, and this would be a good time to work toward those.

Rethinking Your Spiritual Journey

Neptune is the planet of spirituality, so as it travels retrograde, we may find ourselves rethinking our spiritual beliefs and what we are holding onto as true. We may find ourselves leaning towards different ideologies or different ways of being. If we have been spirituality bypassing things in our lives, Neptune Retrograde can bring these issues up to the surface, guiding us to confront them. It is easy to minimize things that happen to us in an effort to be compassionate or the “bigger person,” but Neptune Retrograde is a good time to reflect and take a more practical, logical, and discerning approach to the situation. Neptune Retrograde can also bring realizations about the spiritual path you have been following and whether it is bringing you to peace or merely feeding your ego.

Lessons Around Unconditional Love

Neptune is also the planet of unconditional love, the love that is beyond our relationships and is connected to the forever part of our soul essence. This is the love we are and the love we will return to. We could call it Divine Love, too. As Neptune travels retrograde, we may feel challenged to practice or access some of this Divine Love and direct it toward ourselves. We may also find ourselves dancing that line between recognizing that we are all love and deserve love with setting boundaries and not allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of. While unconditional love is a notable spiritual practice, sometimes we have to practice loving from afar and loving through our own boundaries.

Reality Check

Neptune is the planet of escape. Its essence is getting lost in a movie, a piece of poetry, or being transported to another world in a fantasy novel. While all of these things are wonderful and have their place, if we have been using them to continually escape from facing up to things, Neptune Retrograde can sometimes bring us crashing back down to reality. With the Neptune veil lifted, we may be forced to confront things, see the real truth, and address what we have been trying to bypass. Neptune also rules over addiction to mind-altering substances, so issues with this may also come to the surface during this retrograde period.

Secrets Revealed

When Neptune travels retrograde, it’s like getting backstage access to what is going on behind the scenes. There, you are able to see what is real and what is not. As Neptune journeys retrograde, it can lift the veil, allowing us to see the truth. If someone has been deceitful, or if you have been ignoring the truth, Neptune can force you to confront it. Neptune Retrograde can sometimes be like taking off rose-colored glasses and seeing the reality of what is around you. It can bring awakenings and reveal the truth. But even though this can be challenging, trust you are ready to face it!

New Hopes and Dreams

As the planet of wishes and dreams, Neptune Retrograde may guide us to rethink some of our dreams and wishes. We may find that what we once longed for no longer resonates or no longer feels aligned with where we want to go and who we want to be. We may also decide that it’s time to let go of some long-held dreams or goals in favor of a different path.

Neptune Retrograde Journal Prompts

1.) What goals and dreams have you been holding on to or trying to manifest since April 2011? How may those same goals and dreams be resonating with you now?

2.) Since December 2023, what new truths or deeper awareness have you gained? Was something not as it seemed?

3.) Think of a story that you tell yourself. Is it possible you are lying to yourself? Is it possible there is a different version of this story that is aligned with a higher truth?

4.) How can you learn to better trust and listen to your intuition?

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