Intuitive Astrology: November Forecast 2020

november forecast 2020

2020 was always destined to be a year of historic change. The cosmic events we have seen take shape this year indicate a new karmic cycle for the Earth and changes that go on to last for generations.

November brings the completion of one of the major cosmic cycles we have been working with in 2020- The Jupiter Pluto Conjunction.

It also brings the fourth and final Lunar Eclipse of the year, and it closes all but one of the many retrograde cycles we have been working with.

In the first few weeks of November, it feels like the tensions built up in October finally begin to unravel and we can see where we stand.

As we reach the second half of the month, it seems we are all going to experience some changes or a completion point. We may find that the winds of change have graced our lives, or we may find that something significant comes to a close.

The Lunar Eclipse at the end of the month is going to be the big revealer. Even though its energy is strong, it will be our guide. It will show us where we stand and what we are working with as we reach the extraordinarily pivotal month of December

November is also a time of honoring the cycles of death and rebirth in our lives and embracing our loved ones passed, guardian angels, and our connection to the Universe. 

To guide you through the energy of the month, try my November Starry Night Cosmic Guided Meditation. In this meditation, you will be taken on a visual journey through the Universe where you can release, connect, and receive messages of guidance. 

Here are the key dates for November 2020:

November 1st: Numerology and Angel Number 111

111 is a powerful angel number that is said to bring the thinning of the veil between this dimension and others. It is also a number of protection and that your guardian angels are by your side. When you see 111 regularly, it means your angels are with you and the events that are unfolding at that present moment are aligned with your highest path. To tune into this energy, try your Blue Moon Halloween Ritual or this Samhain Ritual.

November 3- Mercury Direct and the USA Election

Mercury finally goes direct in the sign of Libra after being retrograde since October 13th. Mercury will not retrograde again until January 30, 2021 (you can keep track with my Moon Calendar!). On this day, pay attention to any intuitive nudges and try not to rush into new ideas or projects. Trust the timing of your life and be sure to pause if you are feeling unsure about something. 

Mercury happens to station direct on the USA election day, which could bring delays or even the need for a recount. Whoever is elected president will be guiding the US through its first Pluto Return– a time of complete regeneration for the country.

November 11- Numerology and Angel Number 1111

Magic 11/11! 1111 is a powerful angel number indicating that you are aligned and ready to manifest whatever your heart’s true desire is! To work with the powerful energy of this day, connect with the wisdom and truth of your heart. Know that when you align with your heart field energy, it becomes easier for you to create and manifest. This is a good day to create intentions for the future and to think about what vibration you are emitting. It is also a powerful energy for connecting with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

November 12- Final Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

One of the major cosmic events for 2020 has been the Jupiter Pluto conjunction. We have had two conjunctions of these planets, and now we have the third and final. On a global level, this alignment brings change and revolution to the economy and the financial markets. It triggers weak spots and brings about changes that will ripple for years to come. On a personal level, this alignment can shine a spotlight on our own financial situation. It is a good time to tune into the energy of abundance and to think about ways you can create more abundance in your own life.

November 13- Mars Direct 

Mars goes direct after being retrograde since September 9th. With Mars now direct, we have no significant planets in retrograde! In the weeks to come, Mars is going to ramp up its speed and push things forward in a big way. Anything that has felt a little stuck will get a big push along. This is great energy for getting things done and ticking off all of the goals on your to-do list before the end of the year.

November 14/15- Super New Moon in Scorpio

This is the final of three Super New Moons, it is also the final “regular” New Moon of 2020, as December brings a Solar New Moon Eclipse. This New Moon will be inching us closer to this new portal of high vibrational energy that will open up come December. Under the power of this New Moon, we may feel new seeds planted. We may also start to recognize what needs to be done in order to rebuild the things that have come to an end in our lives. 

November 21- Sun in Sagittarius

Out of the depths of watery Scorpio into the fiery energy of Sagittarius we go! With the Sun moving into Sagittarius, we may be feeling more adventurous and more fired up to get things done. With fiery Mars continuing to gain speed, we may feel like time has sped up or we may feel that everything is happening at once! While we have to be mindful of biting off more than we can chew, there is optimistic energy on offer here that will guide us. 

November 21- Pleiades reach their highest point at midnight

The Pleiades or Seven Sisters reach their highest point in the night sky. The Pleiades are associated with death and rebirth, and when they reached their highest point in the sky, our ancestors believed that the veil between the living and the dead was at its thinnest. Samhain, Halloween, All Souls Day, and even Day of the Dead, is believed to have originated from ancient celebrations of the Pleiades. This is a great time to honor the cycles of death and rebirth in our lives and to connect with loved ones who have passed on. To learn more about the energy of the Pleiades read this.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere, the Pleiades are considered the stars of awakening, signifying the dawning of Spring and new crops. Celebrations are more around the “rebirth” but feel free to use this energy as you feel!

November 29- Neptune Direct 

Neptune turns direct leaving only one planet (Uranus) in retrograde! This is the first time in months that we have had so few planets in retrograde. Things are going to feel like they are moving forward nicely. Where we had felt confused and foggy, we will now start seeing things with a newfound sense of clarity. Neptune turning direct may also help us get clearer about our dreams and goals and what we wish to create in our lives moving forward. If there have been any illusions, this is a time where we may see a new truth revealed. 

November 30- Lunar Eclipse Gemini 

The big event of November is the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Gemini. This Lunar Eclipse will bring the winds of change and may see something come to an end in our lives. We may have reached a completion point and could be forced to act on it. This Lunar Eclipse may also illuminate new truths or bring new revelations to the surface that change our approach and the way we have been doing things. While Eclipses can bring intensity, there is a very cleansing and restorative feel to this energy- almost like it will automatically bring things into a state of balance. 

To guide you through the energy of the month, try my November Starry Night Cosmic Guided Meditation.

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