Intuitive Astrology: November Full Moon 2016

astrology november full moon 2016

The November Full Moon falls on the 14th and is one of the brightest and boldest Supermoons that we won’t experience again until 2034.

This rare Supermoon falls in the sign of Taurus, which is a steady and practical earth sign. Taurus is represented by the Bull and in ancient mythology, the Bull represents illumination.

Taurus energy is about hitting that “bullseye” in order to awaken to our fullest potential and realize our goals, dreams and wishes.

Even though Supermoons are often highly emotional, this Taurus energy is going to bring a calming and grounding effect.

In fact, November’s Supermoon is going to help us to see things from a more practical and logical point of view and will even help us to put some actionable plans into place.

Emotions are likely to be high leading up to November’s Full Moon due to the many watery planets that are active in the early part of the month.

When the Moon shifts into Taurus however, we are going to feel a calming effect and will be able to see things with a newfound clarity.

The Taurus Full Moon also comes as a reminder for us to think about our self worth and feelings of security in the world. This is on both a practical and a spiritual level.

On a practical level, this Full Moon may be bringing up issues with finances that we need to address.

Taking responsibility for how you spend your money and how you earn your money is going to be highlighted by this Full Moon and perhaps this energy may help you to take a more conservative and practical approach.

If you have a poor relationship with money, this Supermoon energy may also be the perfect time to think about mending your relationship with your finances and to start thinking more abundantly.

We live in an abundant Universe where all our needs are taken care of. The more we can hold and act on this belief, the easier it is going to be for us to align with the energy of abundance.

On a spiritual level, this Taurus Full Moon will be asking us to take a closer look at our feelings of self worth and emotional security.

If you have been feeling insecure in your body or in who you are, the Full Moon may expose these wounds in order to bring healing.

This Full Moon is also going to be helping us think about our self worth on a deeper level as well. Questions may be raised like- Am I living life up to my fullest potential? What self limiting beliefs are holding me back?

Questions like these may be amplified on the Full Moon and may help to bring some awareness or awakening over where you are leading with your fears and what changes you can make to start living a life that truly feels good.

Taurus energy favors practicality and taking a methodical approach to achieving your goals, so perhaps thinking about your life from this standpoint will be beneficial.

The Taurus Supermoon is also going to be bringing closure to the events that happened back on the October New Moon. If issues stirred for you on or around this time, this Full Moon may help to bring some closure or understanding.

November’s Supermoon is going to bring a powerful energy and vibration to the world that we may already be starting to feel.

Overall, this Taurus Supermoon is here to teach us how to ground our emotions, enhance our feelings of self worth and open our hearts to the abundance of the Universe.

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