Intuitive Astrology: Pisces New Moon March 2022

pisces new moon astrology 2022

At the time of the New Moon the sky goes dark, not even a small crescent of the Moon can yet be seen. Darkness has always been synonymous with the creative feminine that lives within all of us. It is in the darkness that creative energy is at its highest. It is in the darkness that we often feel safe enough to become our true selves and where our deepest emotions are often set free.

Under the March 2nd Pisces New Moon, we may be feeling close to the darkness. We may find ourselves journeying through the shadows, or coming face to face with whatever has been dwelling in the hidden corners of our heart, mind, and soul.

It is easy to be afraid of the dark as it can often stir things that we don’t wish to confront. But this confrontation is often necessary to lead a richer and fuller life. This confrontation is often necessary to discover ourselves on a deeper level and to move past our blocks and barriers.

There is a strength that can be found when we allow ourselves to sit in the dark. Just think of the seed. As it is submerged into the dark soil, it really has just been positioned to grow and flourish into something new and grand. The same can be said for us.

Darkness is also the foundation for the magical energies of creation and manifestation. It is in the darkness that energy can be morphed into something. It is in the darkness that new life takes hold.

Under the energies of the March New Moon, we may feel gently guided to sit with the darkness within. This may require us to confront something deeper, or allow us to connect with the energy of magic and creation.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and creates an air of reflection and doing away with the past. It is in the sign of Pisces that we are able to look back on the journey traveled and understand in a new way some of the lessons and gifts we have encountered.

There is a strong emphasis under this March 2022 Pisces New Moon to take the time to think about our past and what we can learn, or what we need to move on from.

There is as strong focus under this New Moon to forgive, to show compassion to our past selves, and to only take the parts of our past that we wish to take into the future.

Write a letter to your past self either 6 or 12 months ago. What would you like to share with your past self? What wisdom do you wish your past self to know? Even though you are writing the letter in the now, imagine your past self intuitively downloading this information at the time they needed to hear it the most.

Jupiter, which is currently making its way through the sign of Pisces, is very active under this New Moon. Jupiter can bring a burst of optimism into the picture, so even though we may find ourselves reflecting or needing to travel to the depths, we may find it easier to focus on the silver lining or to see the beauty that eventually blossoms from all things.

Jupiter likes to expand all that it touches, and Pisces can be a very sensitive energy, so Jupiter’s presence here can also increase our sensitivity to things. Being aware of this can help us to channel some of this sensitivity into creative projects, meditation, or intuitive work. Our psychic senses are likely to be heightened too, so be sure to trust any hunches, whispers, or flutters.

Another highly active energy at the time of this Pisces New Moon is the conjunction of Venus, Mars, and Pluto. We have been working with Venus and Pluto energy, and Venus and Mars energy, but this is the first time we have had the three of these planetary energies all coming together.

The combination of this energy may draw our attention to our relationships and where we are not asserting our power, or where we may be asserting too much power and coming across as controlling. This energy may also manifest in our relationship towards money as well.

Pisces energy guides us to go with the flow and to learn the art of surrender. One of the gifts it teaches us is to release control, trusting that all will be well and all that is meant to be will eventually come to pass.

To work with this dynamic of Venus, Mars, and Pluto, try going with the flow, especially if situations beyond your control come to the surface. Use the energy of Venus to bring balance to any relationship dynamics that may surface. Use the energy of Mars to stay confident with your choices and what actions you wish to take, and use the energy of Pluto to stay in your power and true to your authentic self.

The Pisces New Moon holds a strong energy dynamic, and we may feel many layers to it, so be gentle with yourself and take things in your stride. Just remember that all is temporary.

Your Pisces New Moon Ritual 2022 is here.

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