Intuitive Astrology: Pisces Season 2022

pisces season 2022

As the Sun moves into the sign of Pisces, it reaches its final destination on the zodiac wheel. In this special place in our cosmic skies, the Sun – which in astrology, represents the core of who we are, is able to look back upon the journey it has traveled and understand with a greater awareness some of the lessons and gifts that have fallen along the way.

When the Sun moves into Pisces Season, we are given the gift of wisdom. We are able to look back and see how the winding roads of the last 12 months have led us to where we are today. We are able to look back and see how one event has led to the next and resulted in where we currently stand.

By seeing the journey in this way, we can begin to make sense of it all, and perhaps even see a silver lining. By seeing the journey this way, we can also begin to tap into a higher consciousness and view things from a more elevated lens.

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. One fish is heading upstream, the other is heading downstream, but no matter the path, they eventually end up in the same place. This place is the place of their highest destiny.

In life, we have so many choices to make and life decisions that lead us down so many different, wonderful paths. But, at the end of the day, we will always get where we are meant to be. We will always be able to reach the top of our mountain, even if we take some detours along the way.

Pisces is ruled by the element of water, and during this season, it is helpful if we allow ourselves to flow like water too. How can you create more flow and less struggle in your life? For many of us, this requires us to release a certain level of control and allow ourselves to move into a state of trust. Staying present, rather than concerned with what the future may bring can also be helpful.

During Pisces Season 2022, we have some rare cosmic alignments, including the continued connection between Venus and Mars. We also have some highly creative energies flowing in as the Pisces Sun aligns with Neptune, which also happens to be the ruling planet of Pisces.

As Pisces Season comes to an end, we also enter the astrological new year as the Sun shifts into Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, on the Equinox.

If you have been following these articles for a while, you know I usually give a roundup of the key astrological events of the season, however as these are also included in the monthly forecasts, I felt I was doubling up! Instead, I have decided to offer a little insight into each sign of the zodiac as an alternative. Read for your Sun and Rising if you know it. Enjoy!

Pisces Season Astrology for your Sign 2022


Things may be illuminated for you as the Sun makes its way through the zodiac of Pisces. As you are probably aware, the next stop for the Sun will be your sign, which means this is a chance for you to release the past, clear out the old, and get ready for your season to arrive! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, making you a natural born leader. When the Sun is in your sign, you are able to exercise these strong leadership qualities and make strong forward movement in your life. Just before this moment arrives however, you have to take the time to rest, to reflect, and to get clear on what you want. This clarity doesn’t come from looking outside of you, but rather making the time to go within.


Having a strong, supportive community around you is so important and perhaps you have had moments recently that have really helped you to realize this. If you have been feeling isolated or feel like you have been doing everything on your own, this is your opportunity to reach out and ask for support. Pisces is a highly compassionate sign, so extend some of this compassion towards yourself and be sure that your needs are being met. If you have been burning the candle at both ends, you may just find yourself in need of some rest during this season too. Watch your energy levels, and don’t forget that there is power in asking for help and creating a supportive community around you.


You have a very sharp mind but when the Sun moves into Pisces, things can feel a little foggy and it can be harder to extract the information you are looking for. Pisces energy can scatter your mind, especially if it’s full of clutter. During this Season, work to release some of the unnecessary thoughts in your mind. You don’t have to believe everything you think and not every thought you have is yours to hold onto. Spending time in meditation can help with this as can journaling. Dump all your thoughts out onto paper and reflect on where your mind is at, you may just be surprised what comes through! Once you are done reading over your writing, burn or tear it up as a symbol of release. Under the Pisces Sun, the clearer your mind, the more you are likely to realize.


As a fellow water sign you feel right at home when the Sun moves into Pisces. The energy of Pisces has the ability to expand your mind and get you thinking deeper about the things around you. This is an excellent time to study, travel, read, learn something new, or just ponder the deeper meaning of your life. In fact, if there is something you have wanted to learn or try this is a perfect time to take that first step. Learning something new can help expand your mind, channel your energy in a new direction, and can also lead to exciting new opportunities. Pisces energy is highly creative and also supports spiritual pursuits, so both these areas are definitely favored at this time.


As a fire sign you are often passionate and full of energy that inspires you to push forward and make your mark. Under the watery energies of Pisces Season however, you are asked to exercise some different muscles. Your focus word of this season is Patience. Be mindful about rushing ahead into anything you are unsure about or you haven’t had a chance to really sit with. Your intuition will be your guide, so trust the voice of your heart. If something feels off, or if things are not quite right, you may find it beneficial to take pause. Pisces energy can sometimes cloud things, making it hard to see the truth. Know that the truth will always be revealed in time. If you have a truth you need to share with someone, you may find yourself getting a nudge from the Universe too.


We have had so much heart-centered energy in our cosmic skies recently and you may be feeling the effects of this even more during the season of Pisces. If relationship issues have been on your mind, Pisces Season may amplify things. While this may bring clarity, it may also muddy the waters too. Give things a chance to settle, and trust that clarity will come. Alternatively, you may find yourself reaching a new level of growth and maturity in a relationship in your life. For the first time, you may be able to push past any fears or limitations, and reach a new level of love, understanding or friendship. As your heart is an expansive place this season, be sure to return some of this loving energy your way too.


Pisces Season is your chance to dream! If there is a bigger picture vision you have for your life, or something that you really desire, this is your chance to flesh things out and get clear on what it is that you really want. Make a list of all you wish to call in, or if you are more visual, create a vision board or painting that evokes the feeling space you wish to create in your life. While Pisces Season is all about ebbing and flowing, you do have some energy on your side that is supporting creating structure and routine. In order to lead the life that you want, you have to start owning and claiming it like it is already yours. This requires you to take some action, so think about what steps you can take, even if they are just small to begin with.


As a fellow water sign, you are deeply connected to the cosmic energies that flow when the Sun moves into Pisces. As a Scorpio, you represent “fixed” water, whereas Pisces represents “mutable” water. Being a fixed water sign under a mutable water sign may cause you to feel a little scattered, but see if you can embrace it by allowing yourself to move with the flow. Engaging in creative projects can also help to work with some of this cosmic energy. If you feel the need, getting grounded and creating a gentle routine may also help to bring a little more stability to your days. If you find yourself getting fixated on something, see if you can bring some of that mutable Pisces energy to the table- how can you choose to see things differently, how can you allow yourself to bend with the way things are flowing?


Going by the textbook in astrology, Pisces energy is not always the best fit for your fiery ways, however I don’t think this is necessarily true. While the watery energy of Pisces can make you feel a bit scattered or perhaps even uncertain of your way forward, there is so much growth you can achieve by learning to work with its energy! If you have some challenging circumstances in your path, see if you can use the Pisces energy to get creative with a solution, or to simply sit back and allow things to unfold a little more before rushing in. Pisces energy is all about going with the flow, and when we do, it allows us to see things from a new perspective. This is also a power time for you to work on cultivating your spiritual gifts.


There are strong abundant energies being sent your way under the Pisces Sun! Abundance is all around us and comes in so many different forms, we just have to open ourselves to receive it. If you are looking to call in the energy of abundance, whether it be money, friends, or opportunities, this is really a power time for you. In order to call in abundance, you first have to feel abundant, so think about what makes you feel abundant and then hold that vibration space. If you have a new idea or venture you wish to get off the ground, Pisces Season will also give you the creative juice needed to flesh things out.


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is often a time where we can bring closure to any chapters in our lives that we have outgrown. This is a time to evaluate what is really important to you and to ensure that is what you are giving the most of your time and energy to. If there is something that is draining or depleting you, this season calls for you to let it go. Pisces energy is highly spiritual, so allow your intuition to be your guide. Don’t force things, but rather set some intentions and then wait for the right inspired actions to follow. You will know what the right steps are when you listen to your heart.


Happy Birthday! This is your season and your time to shine! When the Sun is in your corner of the zodiac you can feel recharged, replenished, and renewed. Make the most of this energy by taking the time to recharge your batteries and give your attention to projects that fill you up and allow you to feel a sense of wholeness. Meditating on the idea that you are already whole and complete can also be extra rejuvenating for you. As Jupiter also tours through Pisces, it shines its abundant, expansive optimism your way, so open yourself to receive this energy. Set an intention, know you are worthy to receive it, and allow it to flow straight into your heart.

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