Intuitive Astrology: Saturn Retrograde June-November 2024

saturn retrograde 2024

Saturn retrogrades from June 29th until November 15, 2024. Saturn is currently touring through Pisces and will travel from 19 degrees of Pisces back to 12 degrees of Pisces, highlighting these sacred points of the zodiac.

12 degrees of Pisces is associated with letting things go and allowing ourselves to gracefully bow out of any battles we have been struggling with.

This Saturn Retrograde, see if you can lay down your sword. See if you can stop fighting with yourself, with others, or with your current situation. See if you can find peace, first within, and then without.

Saturn Retrograde 2024

Saturn is considered the planet of Karma, but I also like to think of it as our Master Teacher.

Saturn guides us to take responsibility for our lives, own up to our actions and decisions, and learn how to create boundaries. It is a very straightforward, black-and-white energy that inspires us to be ambitious, aim high, and excel in all that we are destined to. Saturn can also represent issues with masculinity, father figures, or authority.

As Saturn travels retrograde, it guides us to look over our past actions and see where we have avoided, or perhaps forgotten to take responsibility or set boundaries.

As our master teacher, Saturn looks back over the last few months, checking to see if we have done our homework and are embracing the lessons provided.

Saturn may be a harsh teacher at times, but it only pushes us when it knows we can handle it. In fact, Saturn Retrograde tends to be reward time as we finally start to recognize our own mastery.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces 2024

Saturn first entered Pisces on March 8, 2023, and while themes from this time period may arise, we are also likely to find ourselves revisiting karmic lessons and teachings that were present back in November of 2023.

It is probably easier to think back to November and reflect on what was going on for you then. What lessons came up for you? Where were you being called to step up and take responsibility or set boundaries?

If we go back to this idea of laying down your sword, how can this apply to whatever has been going on for you since November? Have you been fighting a losing battle? Or perhaps directing your attention in the the wrong way?

Very often, the person we are at war the most with is ourselves. How can we soften and forgive ourselves? How can we be gentler with ourselves and whatever is going on for us?

Saturn is definitely not a gentle energy, but in Pisces, we do see some of its softer qualities. Saturn wants to remind us to stop being at war with ourselves and others. It wants us to find peace. It wants us to see that the stories we are telling ourselves and the fear we are allowing to consume our lives doesn’t have to be.

See if you can make room to take this approach as Saturn journeys retrograde. See if from now until November, you can find ways to practice forgiveness, accept things as they are, and find ways to create security and safety from within.

Saturn Retrograde and Nessus

As Saturn journeys retrograde in 2024, it is traveling alongside the asteroid Nessus, which also happens to be retrograde as well.

Nessus is the asteroid of ancestral healing that holds some of our darker and deeper qualities. It is linked to our shadow and to the deep generational wounds that we inherit through our lifetimes.

Nessus shows up to remind us that not all wounds are because of us. Some wounds are passed down, and it is both our job and not our job to clear them.

Working with Nessus is very personal, so it is hard to put into words how we can work with this energy. We all inherit generational wounds, and sometimes, we feel called to be the one to put an end to things, and other times, we are simply reminded that not everything is in our control.

Nessus traveling with Saturn suggests that there are some generational or ancestral wounds coming up for us during this time. Perhaps whatever we are facing is bigger than us. Perhaps whatever we are struggling with is a product of our ancestor’s decisions and not our own.

Whatever generational or family wounds come up for us at this time, Saturn calls for us to take responsibility for ourselves and our choices. We cannot control our past, and we cannot be responsible for healing all the generational traumas of our family line, but we can take ownership of ourselves, and we can step into a new power when we recognize that we are not just healing for ourselves but for our future generations.

Journal Prompts for Saturn Retrograde

1.) Since November 2023, where have you been called to step up and take responsibility for something in your life? How have you felt you have managed this?

2.) What battles are you fighting that are no longer serving you? Where can you bring more peace into your life?

3.) How can you step up and take more responsibility for your current situation?

4.) If the struggles you are facing were connected to generational trauma and wounding, how would that change your approach?

5.) List 5 ways you can take better care of yourself.

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