Intuitive Astrology: Scorpio Season 2020

scorpio season 2020

Scorpio Season 2020 begins on October 22-23, depending on your timezone. Out of the air sign of Libra and into the watery depths of Scorpio we go. 

Scorpio is represented by the scorpion, which has the ability to shed its skin. Scorpio’s ruling planet is also Pluto, the planet of transformation and alchemy.

It is during Scorpio Season that all of us, no matter our sign, are able to tune in to the powers of transformation that live within. 

We all have the power to transform our lives and ourselves at any given moment, but under the power of the Scorpio Sun, we are guided and supported even more. 

2020 has already been a highly transformative year, but it is likely that we will see more transformations unfolding as we move through the Season. 

This Scorpio Season, it feels like the tension of the last few months is unwinding. It can no longer be contained. It seems that an unraveling is coming. 

We may also find ourselves questioning what and whom we wish to align ourselves with.

Our relationships both romantically and with the outside world may also come into the spotlight this Scorpio Season.

This is due to the presence of the asteroid Juno, which is currently also in Scorpio and is traveling alongside the Sun for much of the Season.

In astrology, Juno represents marriage and who we choose to partner with in this life. It can show us not necessarily what we want in a partner but what we need.

As we wrap up the final months of 2020, it may help to create some space to ask yourself – Even if what is unfolding in my life is not what I want, could it be what I need?

Here are the major events taking place during Scorpio Season 2020-

October 31st- Halloween/Samhain Blue Moon in Taurus 

This is a major event of the season and a bewitching evening! As this is the second Full Moon of the month, it is referred to as a Blue Moon. This rare Full Moon falls on Halloween or Samhain, a time when the veil between dimensions is thin. The cosmic energy around this Full Moon is challenging. This is where we may feel the tension of the months passed beginning to unravel, which will bring an overspill but also some release.

November 1st- Angel Number 111

111 is a powerful angel number indicating that part of your destiny is now unfolding. It is also a number of protection, indicating that no matter what is happening right now, you are protected. Tune into these energies and make them real for yourself through meditation and connecting with your own inner divinity.

November 3rd- Mercury Direct

Mercury stations direct after being retrograde since October 13. Mercury is at its most powerful the day it enters retrograde and the day it turns direct. Whatever cycle we have been working on since the last Mercury Retrograde in June has now been completed. More here.

November 8th- Sun Conjunct Juno

Juno aligns with the Sun and we are able to feel its energies strongly. As mentioned, Juno is an asteroid that is associated with marriage, soulmates, and commitment. Juno also represents the type of partner that we need in this life. At this time, we may find ourselves focused on the partnerships in our lives, or we may be wondering who we wish to partner with- not just romantically but in all areas. Who do you wish to surround yourself with? As Juno and the Sun are in Scorpio, we may also find buried secrets coming up to the surface when it comes to matters of the heart. 

November 11th- 11:11

It’s magical 11:11 day! 1111 is a powerful angel number that can help us to tap into higher frequencies of energy, and connect with our intuition and spirit guides. We can use the energy of this day to set intentions, for intuitive work, and for inner growth. More to come on this.

November 12th- Jupiter Conjunct Pluto 

This is the final and third Jupiter Pluto conjunction of the year. This is a powerful combination of energy that will finally reach its close. On a personal level, we can use this energy to channel abundance in our own lives. On a global level, this energy can affect the stock market and economy. It can also fuel power struggles or dynamics. You can read more on this fated and super rare alignment we have been working with all through 2020 here

November 13th- Mars Direct 

Mars is now direct and we have no significant planets in retrograde anymore! (Uranus and Neptune are still retrograde but their energies are very subtle and not as strong as Mars or Mercury.) Mars stationing direct will highlight the journey we have been traveling the last month, but also we may find ourselves revisiting the events of mid-2018 as well. It is likely that whatever was stirred as this time has been wrapped up for good or the opportunity will present for this to be so. You can read more on Mars Retrograde 2020 here, plus get your Mars Retrograde for your Sign report here.

November 14th- Scorpio New Moon

The Scorpio New Moon is the final Super New Moon in a line up of three. This is also the last New Moon of the year as come Sagittarius Season, we will experience a Total New Moon Solar Eclipse. This New Moon calls us within. We may receive more clues as to what new beginnings are in the works. Even though this is the start of a new lunar cycle, we may also feel this sense of needing to leave the past behind. 

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