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Image Art: Dreams of Atlantis by Josephine Wall

There are many mystics, healers, and astrologers who feel a connection to the lost island of Atlantis- myself included! In fact, if you are drawn to any of these interests chances are, you have some connection to Atlantis too.

My first experience with Atlantis came on a trip to Santorini. I had planned to go to Santorini with my little sister for my 30th birthday, but unfortunately, our Greek island dreams never came to be as my sister passed before we could go.

But, as all good sisters do, she was looking out for me! And my husband just so happened to be called to Athens for a business trip one month shy of my 30th birthday- so of course, I tagged along and Santorini was our next stop!

Santorini is just as beautiful as the pictures, and because we were there in November, which is low season, it was also very quiet and peaceful.

One day we were out walking and all of a sudden, it felt like I had walked through a forcefield! I felt my whole body bounce back, and I almost lost my balance. It was such a strange and kinda spooky experience, but I had to know more.

So, I started researching, and as it turned out, Santorini had strong connections with Atlantis.

I didn’t receive any further insights into Atlantis while I was there, but I definitely felt like I was picking up a lot of downloads and really tapping in to higher realms.

My next encounter with Atlantean energy was through a dream, maybe a year or so later. I dreamt of this giant crystal that people entered and were able to travel around in. I was told that there are still people traveling in this giant crystal.

When I woke up to research, I again found my way to Atlantis, as the city was believed to be charged with crystals, and people did indeed use crystals for travel.

Which brings me to right now, as I write this article, as I have just had another encounter with Atlantean energy.

I sat down to meditate with the intention of connecting with the energy of the Lionsgate Portal, but instead, I began receiving information on Atlantis. (Maybe the two are connected?)

I was told that the energy of Atlantis can be activated at the 22nd degree of Aquarius. The Sun reaches this point in the sky around February 11th every year.

I have not found any proof or reason as to why this would be as yet but, in my research, I discovered that there is an Atlantis Asteroid!

And, it just so happens that this Atlantis Asteroid is currently conjunct the Sun, which only happens once a year- talk about synchronicity!

Before we take a look into the meaning of the Atlantis Asteroid, let’s dive into the legend of Atlantis:

Atlantis: A Crystal Kingdom

Atlantis was an island located in the Atlantic Ocean. In downloads I have received about Atlantis, I was shown that the island was not typical.

It seems that it was made up of corals or perhaps material that was more oceanic. I am not sure exactly how to describe this, but it seems that whatever ground the Atlanteans were walking on was more connected to the ocean than land.

The Atlanteans had a strong connection with marine life and I feel they used the comings and goings of the sea creatures and the ocean waves much like how we use planets in astrology!

As I have been shown, the main feature of the island was a giant crystal castle. This castle looked almost like a hologram and was designed in such a way, that it didn’t matter which direction you were coming from, the first thing you would see is this grand entrance to this crystal castle.

The crystals that made up this castle were part of a grid and it was this grid that helped to fuel the wisdom, technology, and consciousness of the Atlantean people.

As the story goes, the Atlanteans had access to extremely advanced technology. Part of this was accessed through the crystals they worked with, but also their contact with extraterrestrials.

Atlantis was located in 3D but the people lived in 5D. It was a loving, harmonious place where everyone was treated as equal. I was shown that even though there were those in positions of power, no one was considered inferior, and everyone was respected for the contributions they made.

Until, one day, something shifted.

It is not clear what it was, but leaders started to get greedy and the seed of separation was planted. People started to look down on others or see others as different. This idea of Oneness was soon lost and this incredible, advanced crystal technology was abused.

Atlantis was then destroyed, some say it was a volcano erupting, others say it was an earthquake and tsunami, and some say an asteroid hit, sinking the island into the sea.

I was shown that Atlantis was formerly protected due to the crystal grid, but because of the denser energies and the move away from Oneness, the polarity of the crystal grid shifted, and the island became susceptible to the perils of the 3D world.

Before its demise, it is believed that some Atlanteans fled to Egypt, where they began sharing secrets and knowledge of their technology and way of life.

This information was recorded and is believed to be held in the “Hall of Records” which is presumably located at the bottom of the Sphinx, however no such library has been proven to exist.

Atlantis Asteroid Astrology

In Astrology, the Atlantis Asteroid- asteroid number 1198, holds a warning that we could suffer some destruction and peril if we allow greed and separation to get in the way.

All around us, we are bombarded with messages of separation. This idea of “them versus us” is where so much hatred and greed resides.

While there is a warning message attached to asteroid 1198, it also carries the beauty, Oneness, and wisdom of Atlantis too.

The Atlantis Asteroid signals a time where we can come into alignment with a higher truth and a deeper sense of Oneness. 

Under its energy, we can channel the wisdom and healing given to us by crystals, and recognize that we have so many untapped abilities to explore, especially intuitive ones.

The Atlantis Asteroid also reminds us of our connection to the mysteries of the ocean and the sacredness of water.

Water holds a memory, just like crystals do, and every day it can be used in a ritualistic way to help raise our vibration, clear mental fog, and connect to our higher self.

Simply hold a glass of water with both hands, and channel loving words, wishes, and prayers into the water, then drink it. You can also take this a step further and add programmed crystals to your water too.

(Just be mindful of the crystal you are using as some are toxic to the body and should not be consumed!)

The fact that the Atlantis Asteroid is currently conjunct or aligned with the Sun at the time of writing this is an interesting coincidence and perhaps a sign that it’s time to work with its wisdom and bring it into our consciousness.

What are your thoughts on Atlantis? Any other Starseeds out there that have received downloads on the 22nd degree of Aquarius or the connection to Lionsgate, I would love to hear from you! Share in the comments below.

Curious where the Atlantis Asteroid falls in your chart?

My natal Atlantis Asteroid is at 6 degrees of Aquarius. Here’s how I figured it out:

  1. Go to and select “Free Horoscopes” from their menu bar.
  2. Then select their “Extended chart selection”
  3. Enter your birth information and then scroll down to “Additional Objects”
  4. In the box that says “manual entry”, enter “1198” This is the asteroid number for Atlantis.
  5. Then draw your chart and locate where Atlantis was at the time of your birth.
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