3 Crystals for the Crown Chakra

crystals for crown chakra

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems and has a new e-book available – The Inspiring Story of 33 Crystals.

Chakras are the energy centers of our body. Each chakra has its own energetic purpose and each one plays an important role in our health and well-being.

The Crown Chakra, which is located at the top of our head, connects us with the higher dimensions and enables us to see ourselves as one with the whole Universe.

An open Crown Chakra usually shows that we are already on a spiritual path and that our mind is open to receive wisdom and guidance from the higher realms.

If our Crown Chakra is fully open, we are no longer under the control of our ego; instead, we have reached a sense of awareness that allows us to work towards dissolving the limiting patterns of our ego.

Working with crystals is a wonderful way to activate our Crown Chakra. Since both the white and the violet colors are associated with the Crown Chakra, all the white and violet crystals are especially beneficial for healing this chakra.

Here is my selection of 3 crystals for working with the Crown Chakra:


There are many reasons why our Crown Chakra might become blocked, for instance, clinging tightly to material things and being too attached to the physical world. In addition to that, we can also be too attached to our ideas and concepts, which can also block the free flow of energy in the Crown Chakra area.

Fortunately, there are many simple ways to open up a blocked Crown Chakra, such as practicing meditation and being present in the here and now.

Howlite crystal helps us to reach higher states of awareness and brings us a feeling of serenity and deep peace with its high-vibrational energy. Howlite reminds us that we are all part of an infinite energy field; thus, we are all connected, we are all one. 

This means that each of our actions, no matter how small or insignificant it might seem, has a ripple effect that extends throughout time and space, ultimately affecting every single being on planet Earth.


Amethyst acts as an energy filter by swiftly removing any negative energies from our aura as well as our home space.

Amethyst is a great crystal for clearing blockages in the Crown Chakra area, thereby helping us to see the true nature of everything, without being misled by our egos. Working with an Amethyst crystal brings us stability, harmony, and clarity of mind.

Amethyst helps us gain a clear sense of direction in messy circumstances. If anything in your life seems foggy or confusing, working with an Amethyst crystal can help you cut through the fog. It is one of the best crystals to enhance clear, rational thinking and analytical skills.

Amethyst balances the Crown Chakra by helping us to release attachments of any kind. This helps us let go of anything harmful, such as toxic relationships or addictions. 

Throughout the centuries, this mesmerizing violet crystal has been known to promote sobriety and help those struggling with addiction to alcohol or other harmful substances.


Apophyllite is wonderful for connecting us with angels and spirit guides. This crystal has incredibly nurturing and compassionate energy, reminding us that we are always safe and watched over by higher beings.

Apophyllite gently balances and activates the Crown Chakra by enhancing our connection with the spiritual dimensions. It nudges us to trust the voice of our own intuition as well as the divine guidance we might be receiving in many different forms, such as signs and synchronicities.

The message that Apophyllite crystal brings to us is to learn to see everyone we encounter through the eyes of love.

One of the best ways to open up blockages in the Crown Chakra area is to strive towards developing unconditional love towards ourselves, our friends and family, and to expand that love until it encompasses all living beings on our planet. 

This begins by accepting ourselves and others with all our imperfections and being grateful for the good and bad experiences we share with others.

Apophyllite reminds us that as souls, we have come to this planet to evolve through our experiences of suffering and joy. Every single experience leads us closer to recognizing our own divine nature. 

That is why we should work towards releasing blame and judgments, for it is us who have chosen these experiences for our own soul growth, no matter how painful they might seem.

A simple meditation practice for activating the Crown Chakra

Sit comfortably in a quiet space. Clear your mind by focusing on your breathing.

Take one of the Crown Chakra crystals and hold it in your hands. Now close your eyes and visualize a bright white light radiating from this crystal and entering your Crown Chakra, which is located at the top of your head. 

Trust in the intelligence of this bright white light to activate and balance your Crown Chakra.

Feel yourself enveloped by the unconditional love of your Guardian Angel and Spirit Guides, who are watching over you at this very moment.

Now open your eyes and say the following mantra I have channeled for you out loud or quietly in your mind: I feel blissful and calm, knowing that I am never alone, for I am One with All That Is.

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