Intuitive Astrology: Virgo Full Moon March 2023

virgo full moon astrology march 2023

March 2023 paves the way for some of the most transformative cosmic events of the year. By the end of the month, we are likely to have faced change, healing, and the welcoming of new opportunities.

To prepare us for all of these cosmic events, the Full Moon on March 7 will be our lighthouse.

Falling in the sign of Virgo, the March Full Moon will feel like a tonic, like an elixir that is specially crafted just for us to help us navigate all that this month is destined to bring.

The Virgo Full Moon will be our medicine, delivering exactly what is needed at this stage of our soul’s evolution.

Pay attention to where you feel called under this Full Moon. Do you feel guided to rest, release, or welcome new opportunities? Do you feel guided to go within and get still, or to put yourself and your creations out into the world?

There is so much brewing under this Full Moon it just seems that anything is possible, so honor your needs and pay attention to what your mind, body, and soul are trying to share.

A Healing Journey is Activated

Health and healing may also be themes around this Full Moon. The beautiful Virgo energy encourages us to turn to our inner wisdom, trust our intuition, and seek guidance and support from mother earth in the form of fresh air, sunshine, water, herbs, and nutrition.

Chiron, the asteroid of the wounded healer, and Jupiter, the planet of expansion are also very active under this Full Moon, enhancing the healing energy that is on offer.

This combination of planetary energy can bring miracle healings and answers to any healing prayers. However, it can also bring wounds to the surface that need to be dealt with and can magnify where we have not been taking care of ourselves.

If health matters do arise under this Full Moon, channel some of the Virgo Goddess energy to take your power back and to remember the incredible healing wisdom that is contained within every cell in your body.

Listen to your intuition, follow your inner wisdom, and know that any healing journey inspired by this March Moon will unlock a deeper and higher potential within you.

Under the light of the Moon, see if you can look at your healing journey not as a weakness or inconvenience, but as a journey to greater wisdom and understanding that can open up new passions, purposes, and life paths.

Allow the Goddess to Rise

There is strong Goddess energy also coursing through the cosmic skies at this time, radiating down from the Virgo Virgin Goddess, Eris, and Venus.

This Goddess energy encourages us to remember the power we can find when we practice radical self-love, stand up for ourselves, and honor our intuition. This energy encourages us to fill our own cups first so that we may have enough to pour into others.

Strong goddess energy can also activate destruction, helping us purge, release, and let go.

Don’t be afraid to let go of things that are not meant for you, for anything released under this Full Moon is likely just preparing you for the new opportunities that are to come through the month of March.

Saturn also shifts into Pisces shortly after the Virgo Full Moon peaks, activating the closing of an old karmic cycle and the beginning of a new one. You can read more on this here.

Prepare for Something Bigger

Drink in whatever medicine this March Full Moon brings and recognize you are being prepared for something bigger.

As you journey through all of this lunar energy, be kind, patient, and gentle with yourself.

Pay attention to your needs and keep listening to your mind, body, and soul. All that needs to be illuminated will shine. All that you need to journey into this next chapter will be presented.

Stay open and trusting of the Universe. Know it never brings anything you can’t handle. Know this Virgo Full Moon brings the medicine you need.

Your Virgo Full Moon Ritual and Reading is coming soon.

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