Leo Season Horoscopes 2022

leo season horoscope 2022

Leo Season 2022 runs from July 22 until August 22. During this window, we can channel the energy of the majestic Lion.

We all know the Lion is the king of the jungle and a proud, fearless energy but on deeper levels, Lion energy is about shedding the false self and stepping into all we are.

The Lion doesn’t have to be anything other than itself. The Lion is so amazing in its own right, it shouldn’t waste time trying to be anything else! And the same is true for us.

In modern astrology, the energy of Leo is linked to success, fame, confidence, and glamour. It can help our egos to shine and can give us a boost of energy, allowing us to play and explore our creative ideas. At its core however, Leo is really about finding simplicity, leading with the heart, and remembering that we need not be anything other than ourselves.

As the Sun enters Leo in 2022, the Goddess Asteroid Ceres is also hovering close, reminding us to focus on nourishment and self-care. Ceres encourages us to ask the question- What nourishment do I long for and how can I gift this to myself?

One of the defining features for Leo Season 2022 is the Uranus North Node conjunction. You can read in detail about what this will bring here, but ultimately this is a time where our collective destiny is on the rise. We can expect to see a lot of unsettling energy as we navigate this, but we can use Leo the Lion as our spirit guide to help us navigate through it.

Leo Season also brings the Lionsgate 88 portal, which peaks on August 8, and marks the rising of Sirius, our Spiritual Sun.

Leo Season 2022, also offers one of the nicest New Moons in Leo on July 28, and the final of three Super Full Moons on August 11. You can check your July monthly forecast for more insights (stay tuned for your August Forecast!), but below you will find your Horoscope for the 2022 Leo Season. You can read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign –

Leo Season 2022 Horoscope


Mars, your ruling planet will be very busy under the Leo Sun, as it moves to conjunct both Uranus and the North Node. Essentially, this is going to be a heightened time where you may feel challenged to make some profound changes in your life. Things may feel shaky, but that shaking can help you decide what is worth holding onto and what you need to let go of. The New Moon on July 28, falls in Leo, a fellow fire sign, making it a power Moon for you. This is one of the nicest New Moons of the year and carries incredible energies for manifestation. On this New Moon, Jupiter also enters retrograde in your sign of Aries. Jupiter has been in Aries since May 10, and this is traditionally seen as an incredibly lucky placement! If you were working on a project or some good news came your way in May, you may see more of that unfolding through Leo Season! Jupiter will exit Aries during this retrograde, but will be back again come December, and then you will really start to benefit from having this planet in your sign. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so start focusing on whatever you wish to expand in your life. Channel the energy of Jupiter to help things grow.


The North Node and Uranus will come together in your sign. This is big energy and I highly recommend you read the full forecast for this. While these two cosmic energies coming together is more of a collective energy than a personal one, you are primed to feel it more than most. Uranus and the North Node coming together in your sign can shake up your world a little, allowing you to see what is stable and what is not so stable. Things that have been on rocky ground may come crumbling down. If you have your doubts about something, those doubts may make themselves louder until some action is taken. The good news here is that you can allow the pieces to fall where they may. Surrender is really a keyword here, especially when Uranus is involved. Uranus has been moving through your sign since 2018, and will remain here until 2026. This is a long time journey for you that’s helping you awaken so you can refashion your life to one that has a greater purpose. Know that whatever is unfolding now is likely only to be part of the story. By 2026, you will be able to look back at this period of your life and reflect on all the changes and awakenings that have found you. The August 11 Full Moon in Aquarius will be a key point in the Season for you and you may see something come to an end. Know that whatever falls away is simply making room for something better and more aligned to come along!


Pay attention around the August 11 Full Moon, as you may find something you have been working hard on comes into full bloom! Alternatively, if something comes to an end under this Full Moon, it’s likely because you have outgrown it and are ready to bloom into something new! “Bloom” is kind of a keyword for you here, so channel this “blooming” energy however you see fit! Saturn is also very active under this Full Moon and may bring some challenges, but you are in one of the prime positions for receiving the gifts of any challenges that have shown up on your path. Your intuition is likely to be running high, especially in the last weeks of July. If you want to strengthen your intuitive powers, this would be a good time to work with any intuitive pings or hunches that arrive. You can also challenge yourself to do some simple intuitive exercises throughout the day. One thing that I really like to do is pick my fresh fruit and vegetables intuitively. Simply set an intention like, I want to pick the juiciest, crunchiest apple, and then allow your intuition to guide you to pick the perfect fruit. This is a simple, yet effective way to exercise those intuitive muscles! During Leo Season 2022, you can also connect with the beautiful energies of the Goddess Asteroid, Pallas Athena. As she travels through your corner of the zodiac, she will shine down wise, independent energy, reminding you that you hold the keys to your own destiny and all the knowledge you seek is within. Pay particular attention around July 24-25, when Pallas aligns with Aldebaran, one of the four Royal Stars. This energy will be particularly sweet for Geminis and will open the doors of abundance. All you have to do is allow and know you are worthy to receive.


You may be feeling a little worn out by the fiery energies of Leo Season, but know that the asteroid Ceres is on your side. As the Sun moves into Leo, Ceres is right there, shining down her mothering, nurturing, and restorative energy. If you have been severely lacking in the self-care department, make the first weeks of Leo Season your chance to take some time out just for you. Be sure to nourish yourself with whatever fills you up and makes you feel loved. The Leo New Moon on July 28, is one of the best New Moons we have seen in a while. As the Moon is your ruler, you are in the perfect position to soak up all of the benefits this New Moon brings. Use this energy to kickstart and revitalize areas of your life that feel sluggish, heavy, or stagnant. Use this New Moon energy to supercharge your life in a positive, vibrant direction. Leo is a very heart-centered energy, as is Cancer, so work with your heart, pay attention to the wisdom that it offers, and allow your heart energies to soar by working on creative projects that fill you up. Leo Season 2022, is the perfect time to take on a creative project, to try something you have always wanted to try, to read one of your favorite books, or indulge with your favorite movie. Do something that gets you excited! And allow your heart energy to shine. The Lionsgate 88 Portal which follows the rising of Sirius will be a wonderful time for you. Use the energies of August 8, for manifestation work and for raising your vibration to higher frequencies. You can do this through meditation, spending time in nature, and focusing on gratitude. Sirius, our Spiritual Sun is considered a fixed star in astrology, and is located in your zodiac, so you are always going to be in harmony with its energy.


This is your season and your time to shine! When the Sun is in your zodiac it can fill you with light, confidence, and vitality! It can recharge your cells and boost your health and wellbeing. Make the most of this energy by paying attention to your health. If nagging symptoms have been getting to you, investigate, make an appointment with a doctor, healer, or specialist, and keep your thoughts focused on the solution rather than the problem. As the Sun enters Leo, Ceres is close by, shining down her nourishing and healing energies. You may wish to soak these in, as the rest of Leo Season will be busy and you will be feeling the rush of energy that follows! The Leo New Moon on July 28, is one of the nicest we have seen. If your birthday falls within 1-2 days of this New Moon, you will get a double dose of its nice energy! As a general rule, whenever your birthday falls close to the New Moon, it means the year ahead is one of new beginnings and new opportunities. Your powers of manifestation are also high under this New Moon, so if there is a door you want to open, set your intention under this New Moon and allow the Universe to do the rest. The Aquarius Full Moon on August 11 is a bit of a heavy one, as Saturn, the planet of challenges is very active. While challenges can be hard, they can also be incredibly rewarding, so keep this in mind if something difficult comes up under this Full Moon. If your birthday falls close to this Full Moon, know that any challenges you encounter in the year to come have the potential to deliver some powerful gifts and rewards! Having your birthday within 1-2 days of a Full Moon can also indicate a theme of endings, culmination, and completion as you move through the year. As Leo Season comes to an end, you may be feeling the burn-off of the Sun leaving your section of the zodiac. Once again, you may find yourself needing to focus on your health or clearing things from your plate. Set those boundaries!


Right before the Sun is set to enter your zodiac sign, the energy of completion, endings, and closure begins flowing through your life. You may begin feeling this as the Sun enters Leo. Things that need to come to an end will naturally reach a conclusion, or you may find the need to let go of things that you have simply outgrown, or that are taking up far too much of your time. As things come to an end, it leaves creative space for new things to blossom! These new things may not come to fruition right away, but you can plan ahead by using the energies of the Leo New Moon. This New Moon peaks on July 28, and is one of the best New Moons we have had in a while. It carries strong manifestation energy, so if there is something you wish to create in your life, set an intention and use this New Moon to supercharge the timeline. While this New Moon is a really beneficial one, the Uranus North Node conjunction will be active at this time, and will stir the waters, bringing some unsettling energy into our collective consciousness. Uranus and the North Node coming together is helping shift our destiny on a global level. It can plant seeds for profound and lasting changes that help us to evolve as a planet and as a society. While there are a lot of anxieties about the state of the world, the Uranus North Node conjunction is a positive omen that the Universe is helping us to shift in a higher direction. Old establishments and ways of being will need to fall away to get there however, and this rumble and fall is likely to be a bit uncomfortable. The best thing you can do is keep your vibration lifted and focus on what is in your control, rather than what is not.


As Leo Season begins, it is likely that someone will need your guidance, care, or support. Trust your instincts and your abilities to lend this support. Know you are wise enough, capable enough, and compassionate enough to be a beacon of light for others. By allowing yourself to step into this role, you may also just discover a new side to your personality or a new skill that you wish to cultivate. Leo Season is about bringing your true self, your true nature out into the world, so don’t shy away from embracing this idea, no matter what is manifesting for you. In many ways, Leo Season 2022 is your calling card to allow your true self to shine and to bring your talents out into the world! If you have been cultivating your talents behind closed doors or daydreaming about doing something, the energies of Leo Season will give you a nice push to begin sharing them with the world! Use the Leo New Moon on July 28, for inspiration or as a date to launch something. The sweet energies of this New Moon will be a guiding support and will help to supercharge whatever seeds you plant. As we reach the end of July, the unsettling energies of the Uranus North Node conjunction will be at their peak. This is a powerful alignment that is set to boost the collective consciousness and our collective destiny. While the end result is something to look forward to, there may be some chaos involved in order for us to get there. Under this chaos, you may again feel called in some way to help support or guide others. Your inner healer may need to shine through or you may feel called to step up and speak your truth. By the time Leo Season comes to an end, you may be feeling the need to recharge and reset. Make time to fuel up those batteries, and to reflect on all the new wisdom you have obtained.


The Uranus North Node conjunction takes place in the sign of Taurus, which just so happens to sit exactly opposite you on the zodiac wheel, allowing you to be in the direct firing line of this energy. The Uranus North Node conjunction can stir some unsettling energies and can shake up foundations and establishments that need to change. This is a collective energy rather than a personal one, however you may find yourself feeling a little unsettled or perhaps even uncertain about things in your life. You may find yourself struggling to make commitments or knowing how to proceed in certain areas. If this resonates, know it is perfectly fine to take your time and go at your own pace. The Leo New Moon on July 28, is a power one for new beginnings and planting seeds, so if there is something you wish to manifest in your life or some guidance you are searching for, set intentions under this New Moon. As we roll into August, the energies of the Lionsgate 88 portal will enhance your intuition and increase your sensitivity. While you can soak in this high-frequency energy, it will be important for you to protect your energy and set your boundaries. Following this portal, we have the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11. This Full Moon may bring something to an end. You may have to step up and take charge to close the door and tie up any loose ends. It is a challenging Full Moon, but trust that new doors will eventually open! If matters of the heart have been on your mind, you may find this Full Moon brings some closure or illumination. Leo energy tends to activate our heart chakra, so focus on activating your heart through meditation or intention setting and allow it to be your compass.


Leo is a fellow fire sign so you are always going to jive well with this energy. Under the Leo Sun, you may feel extra creative and more connected with your heart. If you have been looking for romance, or if you just want to exercise your creative muscles, Leo Season is the perfect time to do so! Spending time with friends and making time for play will also bring a lot of inspiration and joy your way, so make this a priority. The Leo New Moon on July 28, carries sweet energy and is the perfect time to do something that fills your heart. What fills your heart with joy? What makes your heart sing? Exploring your passions and creative side will be a soothing tonic to your soul, so give yourself that gift. Jupiter, your ruling planet will station retrograde on July 28 too, inviting you to look back over events that have been unfolding in your life since May 2022. Looking back to this time, how have you grown? What has expanded or contracted in your life? Jupiter is the planet of expansion, so its retrograde is a good time to reflect on what you wish to expand in your life. Energy flows in the direction of your thoughts, so be sure you are focused on what you wish to expand in your life, not what you don’t! The Aquarius Full Moon on August 11 is a bit of a tricky one and may require you to set some boundaries or make some difficult decisions. Trust your instincts and allow your heart to be your guide.


Things that have been swept under the rug or conveniently forgotten are going to rise up to the surface for clearing under the Leo Sun. This will be most active under the Aquarius Full Moon on August 11. It is under this Full Moon that you will be able to deal with these unresolved issues. Although it may be challenging, the time has come and the Universe will be on your side, offering a helping hand as you do it! Don’t back down from doing this work, instead channel the confident, courageous energy of Leo the Lion. The first part of Leo Season feels a lot lighter for you and offers some beautiful, nourishing, and recharging energies. The Leo New Moon will be the beacon for this and will activate your creative juices. When was the last time you did something just for fun? When was the last time you allowed your creative energy to take the lead? This New Moon is a fantastic time to address these questions and to give yourself permission to be creative and have fun! The Lionsgate Portal on August 8, is a high frequency, high vibrational time that is likely to give you some inspiration and intuitive downloads. If you are looking for wisdom or guidance, set an intention under this portal and pay attention to the signs of the Universe.


Leo sits opposite you on the zodiac wheel so its energy tends to bring things up around your relationships and the people around you. If you are wondering if you should stay or go in a relationship, the August 11th Aquarius Full Moon should deliver the answers you seek. As this Full Moon falls in your sign, you are likely to feel it more than most. This Full Moon is also the final in a lineup of three Super Moons that we have had over the last few months. Being the final Super Moon, closure is something you may also receive at this time. There is also some unsettling energy brewing through the first part of August, thanks to the Uranus North Node conjunction. This unsettling energy will help to stir up whatever is not working so you can address it once and for all. While your relationships are likely to be highlighted through Leo Season, know there are opportunities to nourish your soul and take charge of your own wellbeing. This energy will peak in the first part of Leo Season and around the Leo New Moon on July 28. Any efforts to nourish and recharge during this time will be amplified, so make it a priority to listen and give yourself exactly what you need. Your relationship with your mother may also be highlighted at this time. If there is healing needed around this, the Leo New Moon will be offering support around that too. This is a busy season for you, so be sure to use some of the playful Leo energies and give yourself some downtime!


On July 28, the same day as the New Moon, Jupiter enters retrograde. Jupiter has been in Aries since May 2022, but before that Jupiter was in your sign! As Jupiter travels retrograde, it will return to Pisces one more time leaving an abundance of rewards! Think of Jupiter as the planet of expansion. Wherever you are focusing your energy, Jupiter lights it up, helping you to reap double of whatever you are sowing. Whatever you have been working hard to achieve is likely to bloom and flourish in the months to come, so don’t give up, keep moving forward, and trust the timing of your life! The Leo New Moon on July 28 is a power portal for manifesting, so if there is something you wish to create or receive guidance on, set an intention and allow the New Moon energies to boost your work. The Lionsgate Portal on August 8, is also a high-frequency time that can support manifestation efforts so keep your mind focused on what you want and the solutions you are after, not the problems! The Aquarius Full Moon on August 11, will be a tricky one and may leave you feeling a bit heavy. You may find yourself needing to set boundaries or create more structure and routine. How you manage your time may also be highlighted for you under this Full Moon, so take the lead and start working on a routine that is both productive, manageable, and feels good!

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