Libra Full Moon Lunar Eclipse March 2024

libra lunar eclipse ritual

The first Eclipse of 2024 is a Partial Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Libra. This Eclipse sets the stage for some deep emotional relationship work that will continue to unfold over the coming 12 months.

We are growing as individuals, and consequently, we are growing in our partnerships, too. Everyone we meet can be a mirror into a deeper portal within us that is waiting to be explored.

This Libra Eclipse is calling for us to transform and let go of dynamics that are no longer working for us, especially when it comes to our connections with others.

You can get your full forecast here but below, you will find a ritual to help guide you through the potent Eclipse energies. Feel free to adapt the ritual to suit your needs.

Libra Lunar Eclipse Ritual 2024

You will need:


1.) Light your candles to set the mood. Start by cleansing your auric field using your chosen tool. As you cleanse, feel free to recite the following affirmation –

“I cleanse myself from top to toe. I cleanse myself so I do glow. I cleanse my heart, my mind, my soul; I cleanse, so I am clear to grow. I am light. I am lifted. I am One. I am Love. I am Light. I am in full balance.”

Now, use your same cleansing tool to clear your space. You can cleanse just your ritual space or you can do your entire home. As you cleanse your space, recite the following nine times –

“I cleanse my space with light and loving energy. I bring balance, peace, harmony, and love into this space.”

2.) Get nice and comfortable and begin your Surrender to Peace meditation. This meditation is a great for soothing any anxious energy and for bringing you into a state of openness.

3.) After your meditation is complete, get your journal and try one of the following journal prompts:

  • The things I value the most are…
  • I am incredibly lucky because…
  • The darkness I feel is teaching me…
  • It’s time to say goodbye to…
  • I best feel supported when…

Aim to write for at least 20 minutes, challenge yourself to keep writing even if it’s not addressing the prompt directly. The idea is just to encourage writing and to see what flows from the depths. The longer you write, the greater the chance something from you subconscious will come up and out for acknowledgement and clearing.

4.) After you have finished your journaling session, take a moment to pause and reflect on what has come up for you.

5.) Complete the ritual by doing your Libra Lunar Eclipse Reading. Reflect on any insights that have come up from the card you have chosen.

6.) Your ritual is now complete. Snuff your candle out to close the space.

Lunar Eclipse blessings!

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