Libra Super Full Moon Ritual March 2019

libra full moon ritual

The March 20-21st Full Moon is a Super Moon that falls at zero degrees of Libra.

Having a Super Moon at zero degrees is extremely potent and represents a wave of new potential. The fact that this Full Moon also falls around the same time as the Equinox enhances this energy, and brings new beginnings and fresh starts.

This Full Moon is going to supercharge us. It is going to awaken and revive us. It is going to help us find new inspiration and joy for life. We are going to feel a push forward, and we are going to feel excited about the journey to come.

This ritual is going to help you release the past and welcome in the new. It is going to balance your energy levels and make you an open channel so the lunar energy can shine down on you in all the right places.

Libra Super Moon Ritual March 2019

This ritual is best done from March 16th-30th, 2019

You will need:

  • Cleansing tool of choice
  • 3 Flower buds or leaves
  • Bowl of purified water
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • 1 tumbled amethyst gently cleaned (optional)
  • Candles (optional)


1.) Begin by cleansing your aura and surroundings. As you cleanse your body be sure you don’t forget the bottom of your feet! As you cleanse, recite the following three times-

“I cleanse and release the dense energy that flows around me. I cleanse and remove all that keeps me weighted. I release and let go of all pains and emotions that no longer serve me. I am light. I am clear. The energy around me flows with gentle grace. I am light. I am clear. My energy is restored and I feel renewed.”

As you cleanse your surroundings, recite the following three times-

“I remove all stagnant energy from the past. My home is clean and cleared. A fresh new energy may now enter, one that is light and free. My home is safe and protected, I am happy here. Goodness fills every corner of my home, bringing abundance, prosperity, peace, and love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Light some candles to set the mood if you wish. Have all your ritual ingredients in front of you for easy access. Hold your amethyst, if using, and sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and take 10 deep breaths in and out to settle your mind.

3.) Pick up one of your flowers, hold it in your hands, and recite the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment-

“The past has shaped me, it has made me strong. I honor my past and who I have become. The memory from my past that stands out the most to me right now is (Insert whatever first comes to your mind). I honor that this memory came to me. I honor that it has something to teach me. I release it and let it go, I release it so I can grow. The time has come for me to move on. I thank the past, but now my work here is done.”

5.) Take a deep breath in and on your exhale, imagine you are releasing all of your past that you no longer wish to carry. If you feel the need, you can take more than one breath! When ready, place the flower into the bowl of water.

6.) Take your next flower and hold it in your hands. When ready, recite the following or feel free to say whatever comes to you in the moment-

“My present it is who I am. I love myself. I no longer have to accept things that don’t fill me up or make me feel aligned. I honor my responsibilities, but I also honor my heart. I am so proud of myself for (Insert proud moment here) but I also know I need to stop (insert here- go with whatever comes to your mind first!). Dear Universe/Spirit/God, please guide me to release this from my life. Please reveal to me the next steps so I can bring closure/healing to this situation.”

7.) Take another deep breath in and on your exhale, imagine you are bringing joy and healing into your life right now. If you feel the need, you can take more than one breath! When ready, place the flower into the bowl of water.

8.) Take your final flower, holding it in your hands, recite the following-

“My future is bright. My future is a dream come true. I ask the Universe’s help in bringing (insert) into my life. I ask the Universe to guide me to the steps I need to take in order to make this dream a reality. I trust that all I desire will unfold in the perfect timing and in the perfect way.”

9.) Take a deep breath and imagine you are sending your wish out into the Universe. When ready, place the third and final flower into the bowl of water.

10.) Take your bowl of water with the flowers in it and add the pinch of sea salt and your cleaned amethyst if using. Place the bowl of water outside or by the window under the light of the Full Moon for at least 15 minutes or longer. If you are placing the bowl outside, feel free to cover it.

11.) While you wait for your water to charge, follow my cosmic guided meditation or simply meditate on your own.

12.) Come back to your bowl of water. Holding it in both hands, recite the following three times –

“I am ready to enter into the new. Mind, body, soul is balanced. I feel aligned.”

13.) Take a sip of the water and feel the energetic effects soaking into your body. If your water looks a little suspect and you don’t want to drink it, dab the water over your third eye instead or gently splash it over your face. You can also do this with the remaining water as well.

14.) To close the ritual, take the amethyst out of the water and dry it off. Keep it by your bedside for the next 3 nights. You can keep the flowers till they are ready to be returned to the earth. Snuff out your candles!

If you wish to receive further guidance and support under the Full Moon, try my Full Moon Reading here.

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