Libra Super New Moon Ritual September 2019

libra new moon ritual 2019

The Libra Super New Moon falls on September 28th, 2019 a few days after the Equinox and on the same day that Saturn aligns with the South Node. It is also in tight alignment with the healing asteroid, Chiron.

With so much energy at play, this New Moon is likely to feel heavy and may stir up some past wounds for releasing. We may also feel the need to rebirth an area of our life or to cut the cords and leave some karmic cycles behind.

As it falls in the sign of Libra, we may also feel challenged in our relationships or have to question some of the boundaries or connections we have created.

To help you navigate through this energy, here is a ritual to guide you-

Libra Super New Moon Ritual

This ritual is best done from September 26-October 8, 2019

You will need:


1.) Start by cleansing your aura and then your surroundings. As you cleanse your aura recite the following-

“It is time to cleanse away the past. It is time to cleanse all that keeps me in the dark. The old is now washed away and I am ready to face a new day. My world is evolving and I am too. Always moving higher, always feeling lighter, always striving to do my best, and now my worries are laid to rest. I am cleansed, I am free. I am whole, I am healed. Thank you.

As you cleanse your surroundings, recite the following-

“I cleanse my space with light and loving energy. All energies in this space that no longer serve me are now cleared. All energies that are dense and heavy are now cleared. I fill this room with light and love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Before lighting your candles, tie them together using the string/ribbon. Leave a little space between them so you can cut them free later in the ritual. Here is my example to help you:

3.) Take 10 deep breaths to calm and center your mind or for a deeper experience, try my Cosmic Meditation for September.

4.) Now, stand up with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Feel yourself rooted to the Earth. If you have difficulty standing, you can also sit with your feet flat on the floor.

Place your hand over your heart and just feel into your body, if it helps you can close your eyes. Just observe any sensations or emotions you are experiencing. Do this for the duration of 10 breaths.

5.) Open your eyes and with your hand still over your heart repeat the following or feel free to say what you feel in the moment-

“I am balanced from top to toe. My feet ground me, my crown stays connected to the heavens, and my heart is my balance point. I am centered in who I am. I am centered in where I am. I honor this current cycle of my life. I honor where I stand tonight. I invite in harmony, I invite in all that helps me to stay balanced. Under the dark Moon, I find my inner tune.”

6.) Now, sit back down in front of your candles and take your two pieces of paper. On the first sheet of paper, choose one of the following journal prompts to write about. I recommend writing until the entire page is filled so you can really get into the depths of your subconscious.

  • “I need to forgive…”
  • “Letting go of this relationship will bring me…”
  • “I no longer want to be fearful of…”
  • “I no longer want to hold on to…”
  • “I release and clear this cycle of…”

Once you have finished writing, reflect back over what you have written and what emotions are being stirred for you. Then, fold the paper and place it in front of the candle to your left.

Now, on your second piece of paper, repeat the same process using one of the following prompts. Again, aim to write until the entire page is filled- you can even write on the back too if you need!

  • “I am ready to do this differently…”
  • “Love feels like…”
  • “I open myself to…”
  • “My guides and angels want me to remember…”
  • “I can begin paving a new way by…”

Fold your paper and place it to the candle on your right.

7.) Again, once you have finished writing, reflect back over what you have written and what emotions are being stirred for you. Try to be accepting of whatever you feel and give thanks if any new insights or clarity was revealed.

8.) Now, take your scissors and hold them in your dominant hand. Recite the following or feel free to say whatever it is that you want to release, let go of or “cut” from your life.

Once done reciting, cut the string between the candles-

“On this night, many truths have come to light. I have dug deep and explored, I have listened to all that I have ignored. I am ready to begin again. To take my wisdom from the past, but to leave behind all that no longer fuels or supports the growth of my soul. It is time for me to step confidently into the new. It is time for me to remember what my soul came to do. I am here on a journey to feel, to make mistakes, to learn the ways of what makes us all human. I am perfect just as I am. I am whole just as I am. I am worthy just as I am. I understand my body doesn’t always feel this way, and I acknowledge this and remind myself – all is ok. I cut this cord to release all the bonds that tie me to the things that no longer serve me. (Feel free to add a few things that no longer serve you here). Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

9.) Once the cord has been cut, see if you can observe any feelings or sensations that arise. Place your hand over your heart and take another 10 deep breaths, just allowing yourself to feel in to where you are.

10.) To close the ritual, snuff out the candles and discard the ribbon. Smudge your aura and space one last time. You can discard the papers in the recycling or you can hang onto them to review at a later time.

Happy Libra New Moon!

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