How to Manage Mars Retrograde

mars retrograde

Mars is the planet of action and energy. It is the planet that helps us to stay motivated and get things done.

When Mars is at its best, we can conquer our fears, triumph over obstacles, and feel guided and supported on our journey forward.

When Mars is in retrograde however, it’s energy slows down and becomes very difficult to access.

Mars goes retrograde about once every two years.

As it retrogrades, Mars gives us the opportunity to delve within to see what roadblocks we need to clear so we can move forward, up the mountain of our destiny.

It is almost like Mars is helping us slip back into our cocoon to assess and evaluate if there is anything else we need to collect or leave behind in order to continue forward.

Here are some suggestions on how to manage Mars Retrograde:

1.) Balance Energy Levels

Mars retrograde can scatter our energy levels, so it’s important to listen to our bodies and not push ahead if we are feeling tired or depleted.

To help balance your energy levels, adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine, get plenty of rest, stay hydrated, and be sure to acknowledge your boundaries.

2.) Be Where you Are

Things can come to a standstill when Mars is in Retrograde. This is the Universe’s way of getting us to sit with things as they are and to bring a sense of peace and stillness into our lives.

Keep in mind that moving forward is perhaps not the best solution right now and try to practice patience.

During Mars retrograde, it is also best to avoid signing new business or legal contracts as things will feel slow and sluggish and you may find it difficult to get things off the ground.

3.) What Do You Desire?

Use this time to delve into your soul and discover what it is that you truly desire.

Is the direction you are heading in your life serving your highest purpose?

If not, Mars will give you the opportunity to take a deeper look and assess where some changes may need to be made.

You may also find it beneficial to use this time to assess some of the goals and actions that you have taken so far.

Are you happy with the shape of your life? If not, you have time now to change things.

4.) Give Emotions a Healthy Outlet

Emotions may also be heated during Mars Retrograde so be mindful over what you say and be careful about saying something you will regret.

If you do feel anger, resentment, or irritability rise up, don’t try to suppress it. Instead, allow yourself to feel how you feel. Let the emotion wash over you.

By taking this approach, it allows you to soften rather than resist whatever you are feeling. When you soften into the emotion, it helps it pass easier, and it also allows you to see what may be buried underneath it.

5.) Slow Down, Be Patient

Avoid doing things in a hurry during Mars Retrograde, as accidents can happen. Take your time and be careful and methodical in your approach.

Mars retrograde is the Universe’s way of saying- “slow down!”

6.) Work with your Chakras

Mars rules over our Root Chakra, which is the red chakra that sits at the base of our spine.

Root Charka energy helps us go full force in the direction of our choosing, but while Mars is in retrograde, there is very little desire for our Root Chakra energy to be activated in this way.

Here are more tips on working with your Root Chakra during Mars Retrograde.

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