Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: April 1-7, 2019

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Tarot Image from the Holly Simple Tarot Deck 

The 4 of Coins and The Star

The 4 of Coins is about being aware and grateful for whatever security you have in your life. If you have housing, a job, supportive family or friends, food in your fridge, or anything else that brings security, be grateful this week.

From a place of security, we can harness our power and go out into a less stable world. When we are grateful, we don’t feel the pull to accumulate more and more. Instead we feel happy with exactly what we have right now.

This card is all about a strong and positive foundation. It is about taking stock of what gives you strength and it’s about letting go of things that rock your boat.

Is there a habit, person, or way of thinking that is getting in the way of your power? Is there something you know you need to let go but you have yet to cut from your life?

Do you feel you could be stronger if only you stopped doing certain harmful behaviors? Do you feel you sabotage your own strength?

Take time to contemplate these questions this week. Cutting out things that deplete our power source and stability will be crucial in our journey to inner strength. We will need to be brave in order to let go.

Next, we have The Star. This card is truly one of the most hopeful and lovely cards in the deck.

The card represents simultaneously giving and receiving. She is the ultimate balance of love.

When The Star card comes up, she asks us to expect a miracle. The powers of the Universe are on your side, so it is a perfect time to ask for what you need.

Stars are a symbols of hope, energy, and new life. With her around, life is about to become brighter and more manageable.

The Star card allows us to connect with the powers of the Universe more easily. Our prayer, meditation, or spiritual practice seem to be on a deeper level and we spend more time in this serene space.

We suddenly have a new found ability to truly let in the light around us. Everything looks more bright and beautiful.

The Star card aids us in removing the anger or criticism we may have about our past and instead, allows us to focus on our strengths. When we do this, along with giving ourselves love and compassion, there is a transformation. We can get and give love with ease.

Look out for your transformation this week. With this type of energy wonderful things will happen and you will see yourself renewed.

Mantra for the week: I connect with the energy of the Universe. I am strong, stable and secure. Love pours in and out of me like the light of a star.

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