Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: August 13-19, 2018

weekly tarot reading

Prince of Disks and Prince of Swords

We have two buddy cards this week, the Prince of Disks and Prince of Swords. Both of them are on their chariots, moving forward the best way they know how.

They are perfect cards to represent how we feel moving through this eclipse season, with different planets in retrograde, most notable Mercury. We are chugging along, not letting the intense energies of the cosmos take us down.

The Prince of Disks feels the weight of his past on his back. He feels tempted to dwell on these negativities or even reconnect with people he has cut out from his life. But he is older and wiser now. He does not get pulled into that way of thinking like he did in the past.

He instead lets his past make him smarter, choosing a more graceful path as he travels forward. He knows the pitfalls and where he can get hurt, so he decides to take different, more positive roads.

He does not see his past as a burden, but instead as his super power. His past makes him more confident and cunning. His experiences make it so he is not easily fooled.

How can we embody the Prince of Disks this week? The prince has changed his perspective on pain and trauma. He now sees them as his best teachers. How can we switch our mindsets as well?

Meditate on this idea this week. Let this perspective shift wash over you. Befriend your past and learn how to laugh and cry at the same time. Allow your past to whisper to you how to be your smartest and most courageous self.

The Prince of Swords is cutting ties with all the burdensome thoughts that have been holding him back. He is literally about to chop off the three figures before his chariot with a giant sword.

These figures represent the mental loops we get caught in that become barriers to our progress. Whether it is negative self-talk, hypochondria, or replaying the past, we all get swept up in unhealthy thoughts. The Prince of Swords wants us to stop these in their tracks.

To do this, we need to first be aware of their presence and their power over us. When we are aware of these thoughts, we can become the observer instead of the victim.

How can you observe the thoughts you are having? How can you own your power and stop the time-sucking mental loops? The Prince of Swords wants us to move from observer to master and cut off the thoughts that are doing us no good.

The prince will be on your side this week, handing you his sword to help you with your attack. He wants you to keep moving in the best possible way, without the burden of pesky mental loops.

The Prince of Wands will also be on your side, encouraging you to change your perspective and see your past as a gift. He wants you to move forward with wisdom and humor.

You will make through the end of this eclipse/retrograde season with more gifts than you started. You are one badass warrior.

Mantra for the week:  I see my past as my friend, leading me to a positive future. I let go of any negative thought patterns. I am always moving forward.

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