Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: August 20-26, 2018

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Mother of Pentacles and The Sun

With the eclipse and retrograde season coming to an end, we may feel a sense of clarity and calm returning to our lives. It is great time to check back in with yourself and see where you are at.

What did you learn over the last two months? How are you different? Do you feel wiser and more grounded now that the cosmic storm has settled?

I know that it was an intense time for me, but I am coming out of it with more clarity and insight than I had before. I feel ready to take on the rest of the year with a renewed sense of purpose.

The cards connect with this energy this week. Both the Mother of Pentacles and The Sun are cards of healing. They call us to turn towards our bodies and our homes and see how can we make them healthier and more loving. They are grounding and invigorating cards.

The Mother of Pentacles is a card of strength. She is the queen of her domain and has learned a great deal on her path to the thrown. She is very confident in her ability to nurture and heal those around her.

At times she can get wrapped up in giving too much to others and not enough to herself. So under the influence of the Mother of Pentacles make sure you are using your healing powers on yourself as well as your loved ones.

She is very much connected to domestic energy, so take time to make your home a little more beautiful this week. Clean your space, buy flowers, or put up a piece of art. Sweep out the cob webs of the eclipse season and allow fresh new energy to enter.

It will be a great week to engage in some nurturing self care as well. So after you clean your space, make sure you take a bath, do a face mask, or get in a long, luxurious night of sleep.

The Mother of Pentacles will be guiding you as you take time to honor your body and your home. She will help show you ways to make both you and your space a little more special.

The Sun card is all about the energy of our favorite star. The card brings the warm, healing rays that allow for all life on our planet to exist.

The true power of The Sun card is that it brings health, vitality and clarity into our lives. Its light shines over all we do and gives us assurance and confidence.

Take advantage of The Sun card energy this week. Reconnect to the projects and ideas that may have seemed confusing under the eclipse/retrograde vibrations. We can now see much clearer and will be able to make sharper decisions.

If you need to sign contracts, make big decisions or start a new journey this week, you will have the supportive energy of The Sun on your side. She will be shinning down on you, giving you the tools to be successful in all you all you choose to accomplish.

The inspiring energy of the Mother of Pentacles and The Sun will enter your world for the next few days. Make sure you take advantage of their healing and assuring powers.

Mantra for the week: I honor my home and my body by supporting their health and beauty. I feel light all around me. I am confident and strong. 

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