Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: February 26-March 4, 2018

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Prince of Disks and The Magus

When we get the Prince of Disks we are asked to connect to the memories we store in our bodies. Our bodies remember the trees that scrapped our legs, and the rocks we carried in our shoes. Our body is cautious now, questioning what path to take and if it can trust its footing.

This is the feeling of the Prince of Disks. He sits in a bulky chariot that is both heavy and cumbersome, slowly moving forward. The back of his seat is covered in small boulders. He can feel each one on his skin, pressing into him as he travels.

The message here is about our painful past experiences. It seems we can never quite shake them. But the question is, do we want to?

The Prince of Disks may feel his past and move slowly as a result, but he is still moving forward. And because of his awareness, the past guides and informs him.

His past allows him the wisdom of experience. He is moving slow but with more intention now. He knows the tricks and pitfalls along the way and can avoid them as he goes.

So how can we honor the pain of the past while also seeing it as a blessing for our future?

I know having a difficult past is not easily seen as a blessing. But how can we start to shift our minds this week?

How can we be thankful for what we have experienced instead of being angry or resentful? How can we start accepting that we will always carry these experiences but not let them block us from our future?

I think this starts with acceptance.

Once we accept those boulders at our back, we can move forward with them. And through acceptance they become less painful.

We know the past makes us who we are: stronger, wiser, and more powerful than before.

The Prince of Disks reminds us of our strengths. He calls us to give gratitude for all our richness of experience.

The pairing of the Prince of Disks card with The Magus is a great thing. It tell us that signs, communication, and intention will be important when it comes to finding our path.

The Magus is a powerful figure that understands the inter-connectedness of the Universe. He reads signs and hears the hidden messages from higher worlds.

He communicates with the Universe often and performs his actions with intention. Because of this, he meets the right people, picks up the right book, and hears the right song at the right time.

Be like the Magus this week and look out for how the Universe is guiding you. The signs are leading you to new roads. Whether it is a new relationship, job, or spiritual path, The Magus will be sending you signs to where you need to go.

The Magus is using his magic to show us the way. But you have to keep your eyes clear, your ears sharp, and your heart open.

Our past has made us powerful and now we are ready to embark on a new journey. This time we will walk with more wisdom. We will choose the right roads and we will connect with our fate.

The Universe is guiding us, we are in good hands.

Mantra for the week: I accept my past and I am stronger because of it. My heart is open to the signs of the Universe. 


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