Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: January 21-27, 2019

weekly tarot reading
The Universe and the Prince of Wands

I was so grateful that it was a clear night in Seattle so I could witness the majesty of the Lunar Eclipse. The moon was so large and bright that it took my breath away. Later it rose in the sky and turned to a beautiful red hue.

It made us all stop what we were doing and turn our gaze upward. It made us reset our point of view and look at something bigger than ourselves.

The cards we received this week are both positive and celebratory. They speak to overcoming obstacles and traumas in our life. They show us that we will step into a new confidence and joyful attitude because of our shift in perspective. It is going to be a great week.

Just like looking up at the moon changes how we view the world, the Universe card comes to change how we see our journey. She asks us to zoom out and see all we have accomplished. She asks us to focus on the big picture instead of focusing on the pixels.

If there are areas in your life you feel stuck, or negative things you keep focusing on, allow the Universe card to work her magic. She will let you view the world from a birds-eye view and from this place, all we will feel is love and gratitude.

When we view things from up above, we don’t get sucked down into the minutiae of things. Instead, we see the beauty of our planet and the gift of life. If this feels corny or difficult to you, it might take some action on your part for this Universe perspective to take hold.

The figure on the Universe card is naked and dancing, surround by representations of the four elements. She is in a place of celebration and mastery. She is has gone through all the trials and tribulations of the fools journey and is in her power.

To invite the Universe card into your life offer her the gift of dancing. Getting into your body instead of your head is a great way to honor this energy. Turn on some music that you can’t help but move to and allow yourself to let go. Close your eyes and don’t think about how you look. Let yourself feel present in the music.

The act of letting go through dance will help you connect to letting go in your life. Let go of your focus on the minor details of things. Let go of your focus on the past and the negative. Let yourself celebrate where you are right now. Even if there are things you want to change about your life, allow for gratitude in this moment.

The Prince of Wands is an extremely welcomed and positive card. He brings joyful confidence and the ability to overcome obstacles that once held us back.

He also bring the gift of a new perspective. He allows us to focus on our strengths. He also allows us to see ourselves as the hero of our story instead of the victim. He is full of confidence.

This confidence does not come from his ego but instead from knowing that he has overcome many traumas and barriers in life and has come out on the other side. He knows he can face difficulties and continue on his path. His experience brings him power.

This fiery card is full of energy and vitality. So if there are areas in your life where you need an energy boost, use the charge that comes from the Prince of Wands. Tackle a project that has been collecting dust. Break out your running shoes. Connect with a volunteer group.

Do something that has been on your mind but you have not had enough energy to do. You will feel drive to accomplish things you have not been able to yet. You have the power.

Mantra for the week: I shift my perspective and view the world with fresh eyes. I see that I am part of a beautiful planet. I am full of gratitude and confidence. I can take on anything.

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