Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 19-25, 2021

weekly tarot reading

The Tarot deck pictured is Uusi’s ‘Pagan Otherworlds

The Six of Disks and Ace of Disks

This week we have an Aquarius Full Moon and the new astrological season of Leo. We are taking our last steps in the sign of Cancer and starting a new journey.

I have to admit that when I pulled these cards I was feeling some heavy energy. But these cards are full of so much positivity and optimism that they really shifted my mood.

The Six of Disks is about success, wealth, and generosity. It’s about experiencing the fruits of your labor and giving back to those in need. There is a balance of new, fresh energy and remembering the past that brought you to this moment.

Things seem to work out easily under the influence of the Six of Disks. This level of productive harmony comes from a deep-rooted trust in the self. When we step into our power, we find ourselves capable of high levels of success and fulfillment. These things flow naturally as a reward for the effort and investments we have made.

During a period like this, sometimes we end up with more than we actually need. If this happens to you, see if you can find opportunities to support your community. Share the abundance that comes and be generous with your bounty. That’s the best way that you can thank the Universe for your gifts and keep them flowing.

The Ace of Disks is truly the luckiest card to partner with the Six of Disk. This card represents even more added success, opportunity, and prosperity.

On a material level, sometimes this card can point to a large input of funds, either from a windfall or a big promotion. On a spiritual level, since this card is connected to our relationship with the earth, it can represent aligning closer with nature or embarking on a journey to do so.

It can also point to a sudden deepening on our spiritual path, either by gaining a profound insight or perhaps being connected to a spiritual guide. The phrase ‘the teacher appears when the student is ready’ is tied to this card as well.

So the message of the Ace of Disks is twofold. On one level it is about accomplishments in the material world and great opportunities to be successful. And on another level, it is about connecting to the rhythm of the universe and becoming closer to our planet.

Notice the seasons changing and spend time outside. Really look at the sky and smell the air. Spend time with the energy of the Full Moon. Seeing our place in the world will help us be more in tune and allow us to move with the flow of the earth. This type of awareness is key to a deeper success on this planet.

When we are aware of our place and connected to the health of our world, we will be far more successful. The earth will give us so many messages if we just stop to listen to them. It will guide us to all the places we have been unable to go and open up many doors.

How will use the energy this week? Think about where you are already powerful and where you want to grow. Think about starting new exciting ventures and connecting to the guidance of the earth. You are so blessed.

Mantra for this week: Luck and success rain down around me. I thank the planet for all her gifts.

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