Intuitive Astrology: Leo Season 2021

leo season astrology 2021

During Cancer Season, we are likely to find ourselves focusing on self-care and home and family matters. As we transition into Leo Season however, this energy shifts, allowing us to enter a more creative, bold, and energetic space. 

The self-care and nourishment we have given ourselves during Cancer Season becomes fuel for the bold Season of Leo. 

Leo is ruled by the Sun, and is a time to put ourselves out there, to make brave decisions, and to bathe in our fullest expression.

Led by the Sun, we may find ourselves wanting to explore, experiment, and allow our confidence to shine through. 

Leo Season 2021, offers some beautiful energies for doing just that, and is a time where we may find ourselves seeking adventure, connecting with our passions, and feeling creatively inspired.

Where we had felt closed off or restricted, Leo Season offers us some expansion, encouraging us to shine our inner flame, give in to our desires, and make time for play.

One of the main features of the Season is the Leo New Moon which falls on the Lionsgate 88 Portal on August 8.

This portal is a magical time of high energy and vibration, and is linked to the star Sirius, which is considered our Spiritual Sun. Having a New Moon on this already auspicious day, amplifies the effects and brings a supercharged burst of energy.

Leo Season 2021, also brings two Aquarius Full Moons. These two Full Moons will work in sync with each other bringing about some changes that help fuel and inspire spiritual growth.

Let’s take a closer look into the key astrological dates for Leo Season 2021 and what you can expect-

The Astrology for Leo Season 2021

July 22/23- Leo Season begins

Out of watery Cancer Season into Leo Season we go. Leo is a fire sign, and a great time to put ourselves out there, make headway on creative projects, fuel our passions, and work with the creative, life-giving energies of the Sun. 

July 23- Aquarius Full Moon

This is the first of two Aquarius Full Moons. This Full Moon lies at 1 degree of Aquarius, right at the starting point of this zodiac sign. Whatever comes to our attention under this Full Moon is likely only part of the story as we may have to wait for the second Aquarius Full Moon to ensure that we have the full picture. Chariklo, the Asteroid of Spirit Medicine is very active at this Full Moon, indicating we may be guided to walk a healing journey of sorts at this time. You can get your full forecast here.

July 28/29- Jupiter Retrograde Enters Aquarius

Jupiter entered Pisces back on May 13, and then went retrograde on June 20. When a planet enters retrograde, it travels in a backward motion, retracing its steps through the zodiac. Retrograde Jupiter has now reached the point where it will leave Pisces and return to Aquarius. Jupiter now retrograding through Aquarius will change the energetic flavor ever so slightly. We may find ourselves focusing on our community, the people we choose to surround ourselves with, tech-related projects, or searching for new forms of self-expression and freedom. Jupiter first entered Aquarius at the end of last year, so we may also find ourselves revisiting themes that were present from December 2020-May 2021. You can read more on this here. 

July 26- Sirius Rising/ Lionsgate Portal Begins Opening

Sirius is one of the largest stars in our galaxy and has been revered and followed by ancient cultures from all over the world. Sirius is considered our Spiritual Sun, and a star of high-frequency energy that has the potential to advance and expand our consciousness. For the last few months, Sirius has not been visible in the sky, but now it slowly returns, making its way to the highest point in our night sky. As Sirius begins rising once more, it represents the opening of the Lionsgate Portal.

August 8- Lionsgate Portal 88 + Leo New Moon

This is the most magical day of the Season and brings the full activation of the Lionsgate Portal, along with the Leo New Moon. Strong Lion energy is on offer to us, which you can use to set bold, brave intentions for yourself and for the collective.

The Lionsgate 88 Portal is linked to the rising of Sirius, the Sun being in Leo, and the numerology of 88. It represents a time where we can work with the energies of the Sun and Sirius, to activate and upgrade our spiritual DNA. You can learn more about the Lionsgate Portal here.

In 2021, August 8 also brings the Leo New Moon. This New Moon could bring some powerful new insights and ah-ha moments to the surface. Uranus, the planet of awakening and revolution is also active at this time, bringing a shift in consciousness or perhaps some rapid changes into our world. This will be a highly effective day for manifestation work.

August 19- Uranus Retrograde 

Uranus enters retrograde, joining Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Neptune, and Pluto. Uranus is the planet of awakening. As it travels retrograde, we may receive deeper spiritual insights on things that happened in the past. As Uranus is currently retrograde in the sign of Taurus, on a global level we may notice issues surrounding farming/food supply, humanitarian efforts, and technology-related industries. Uranus will turn direct on January 18, 2022.

August 22- Aquarius Full Moon 

This is the second Aquarius Full Moon of the year and takes place at 29 degrees of the zodiac sign. This Full Moon carries some beautiful energy and has the potential to expand upon anything that was brought to our attention back on the first Aquarius Full Moon on July 23. Due to the sweet energy of this Full Moon, whatever comes up is likely to be softened. Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion is also very active at this time, indicating a power time to manifest prosperity in all areas. More to come on this soon!

August 22/23- Virgo Season

Depending on your timezone, August 22 or 23 brings the end of fiery Leo Season and the start of earthy Virgo Season. 

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