Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: July 26-August 2, 2021

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Tarot cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Deck

Ace of Wands and Ten of Disks

As we make our way through Leo Season, the lion’s fiery energy is calling us to act boldly and with confidence. We find ourselves tapping into a generosity and vitality we had not felt in a while. The cards this week show us how to embody these vibrations.

The Ace of Wands really encapsulates the sign of Leo. It is all about freeness of spirit and connecting to what makes us feel alive. It is an Ace, so it has all the potency of the Wand cards in one.

Wands are about passion, fire, and spirituality. They call us to do what makes us feel energized and purposeful. They call us to be our best selves.

The Ace card says, even when depressed, sad, or anxious we can still see the positivity in life and in others. We can acknowledge what is good about a situation and we can try to soften instead of harden when faced with a challenge.

This card asks us to see the best in everyone, even when our mind is thinking the worst. Remember that when we are going through the heaviest of times, others are carrying burdens as well.

The Ace Wands allows us to connect with the light inside of our hearts and see the light in those around us. We are able to connect to our true essence, the part that animates us and lives beyond our physical form.

We are all doing the best we can at any given moment. The softer we can be, the better we will feel, and the more our core essence can come through.

Use the Ace of Wands to amplify your kindness of spirit and connect to your purpose. Find the way to your personal path through love and grace.

How can you use this energy to listen to your fire? If you know what your calling is, how can you take steps to make it part of your reality? If you don’t know your calling yet, how can you take time to listen to your heart and figure out what is inside?

These questions will help us tap into the Leo vibrations and the Ten of Disks will help us take it one step further.

The number ten in the Tarot is all about reflection at the end of a cycle. In order to move to an even greater place (financially, personally, or professionally) that act of being aware and grateful for what you have now is crucial.

The Universe wants to hear us acknowledge all that we have in order to give us more of the good stuff. But be careful when acknowledging negativity, we don’t want to get sucked into a cycle of only that.

The Ten of Disks, or Wealth, wants us to know how strong we are and how many resources we have. It is a card about connecting with the richness of our lives.

This card asks us to take stock of our wealth. Whether it’s financial or personal, the more we notice what we have, the more we will amplify this energy. 

Ask yourself: What in your life gives you joy? What’s going well? What do you have that brings you comfort?

Spend some time thinking about your personal riches, and write them down. Read them out loud and allow yourself to feel the powerful emotion of gratitude.

Our family, friends, and physical bodies make us rich. The plants, animals, art, music, and intelligence of our planet makes our cup run over. We are being asked to look beyond our financial goals and see how valuable an afternoon in nature can be if we let it.

This week, focus on all we have that makes us rich. Think of the things that truly matter and make you feel blessed. From this place, we call in abundance and success.

We are full of strength during Leo Season and are ready to make things happen.

Mantra for the week:  I meet myself and others with grace and generosity. I’m grateful for all I have.

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