Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: June 26-July 2, 2017

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The Fool and The Chariot

This is your official reminder to take a leap of faith. You are ready!

The Fool is the starting place, telling us to take the first step on the journey we have been dreaming about. This card came up a few weeks ago, so the message is repeating in order for us to really hear it.

There is something we have been wanting but have been scared to go after. The Fool wants us to put our fears aside and go for it.

A huge part of The Fool is connecting to our inner child. Last week we saw how important this would be in our evolution.

We need to connect to the innocent part of ourselves that is full of faith and positivity. The part of ourselves that trusts that everything will workout in the end. This is the part inside that does not have walls up and is full of imagination and wonder.

What can you do to connect to that inner child? How can you draw upon your fearlessness?

We were born without fear but learn to take on this emotion as we grow. Of course we need to have caution and common sense, but how have you blocked even positive things in fear of getting hurt?

In what ways have you shielded yourself even from the light?

The Fool wants you to fly in the light of the sun.  So put on those butterfly wings and take off!

While The Fool is channeling our inner child, The Chariot is channeling our inner warrior. The Chariot and The Fool together are an unstoppable force.

Perseverance and honesty are the key components of The Chariot. A warrior does not give up when things get hard and is truthful with others and themselves. These qualities will help you push forward into the brightness.

The Chariot is the driving force that helps us connect to our innocence and our dreams. It stands up for the little you and gets truthful about the past.

The Chariot reminds us we are cosmic warriors. We are always moving, growing, and learning. We are extremely strong and resilient. It knows all that we have been through (there may be a few battle wounds to prove it), but still remains open and positive.

In this card, the warrior sits in the lotus position, channeling peace. The warrior is also carrying a large wheel that represent the Wheel of Fortune. This means there is luck and hope in the journey ahead.

This balance of warrior and child are extremely powerful. It is similar to the combination seen in The Aeon card last week. When you have your adult ego state (The Chariot) and child ego state (The Fool) in a healthy balance, you can accomplish anything.

Stay on your path of truthfulness and continue standing up for your inner child. Don’t be afraid to start out on a new journey. This is all connected to us fulfilling our dreams and living our best lives.

Mantra for this week:As a warrior and a child, I am equally powerful and important. I believe in myself and I am ready to take positive risks.

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