Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 17-23, 2021

weekly tarot reading
Tarot cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Deck

The Princess of Swords and Death

We enter a new astrological sign this week with the start of Gemini season. As we move forward, we have two cards to guide us for our days ahead.

The Princess of Swords and the Death card both speak to an uncovering, shedding, and letting go process. We are finding our truth and releasing what no longer serves us on our journey.

The Princess is wielding her sword to cut through all the muck and fog that is blocking her view. She has no time for dishonesty and is real about what needs to change. She is also very connected to the direct and intelligent energy of Gemini Season.

This energy may feel a little harsh, but she believes honesty is the best policy. She calls us to move out of our funk and seek a place of true integrity.

The Princess of Swords does not tolerate any ill-treatment or disrespect. So if there is a situation where this is happening, remove yourself. That toxic energy is part of the problem.

If anyone is treating you unkindly (this could even be yourself) find a way to stop this energy. But be careful when you deal with situations such as these.

The strong energy of the Princess of Swords could take over and make you a little intense. Keep your behavior measured and respectful and it will be a positive move for everyone.

Once we are in a calm place, away from any stuck or negative energy, we can think more clearly. From that space, we can solve problems and make decisions.

But we shouldn’t make big decisions until after the coast is clear. This may also be partly due to the energy of Mercury in Retrograde that is coming our way as well.

How can you disconnect from negativity this week? How can you move out that stale energy? How can you truly channel the Princess of Swords?

A good way to start is to move your body. Go for a run or long walk, shake off those cobwebs and get your blood pumping. Another way is to drink water. I know it sounds simple, but being hydrated can help with the mental blockages and feelings of staleness.

And lastly, place the image of the Princess of Swords somewhere in your space. She will be our guide for clearing out stagnant energy. She will really inspire us if there is a situation we need to remove ourselves from.

With our second card this week, our initial response might be fear. We are afraid to face whatever message the card is offering.

But we should not fear the Death card. It is not a card of darkness but a card of new beginnings. It is about letting go of the heavy baggage we carry that makes our steps more difficult. With Death, we are shedding the past and starting with a lighter load.

Death brings a powerful transformation. This change could feel somewhat disruptive or it could feel like a breath of fresh air.

Often we are afraid of change and afraid of the new. We are fearful because we crave permanence. We want to hold on to whatever we have, even if we need to let go. But death is simply a transformation.

In tarot, Death is full of beauty. It is a deeply powerful and positive card. It means we are ready to let go of things that are causing us pain. We are ready to have a deep metamorphosis.

What in your life needs to be transformed for you to live more fully? How can you use the honesty of the Princess of Swords and the power of Death to make a major breakthrough?

Through connecting to our inner voice, we will hear the message of what needs to be released. Whether it is an addiction, a toxic person, or an unhealthy pattern, we are ready to let go.

With death, there is always some pain. We need to acknowledge that there will be grief in letting go, even if we are releasing something that is bad for us.

When you connect with what needs to be released, honor this by doing a ‘Releasing Ceremony.’

Write what you want to let go of on a piece of paper, then give the paper its own transformation. This could include ripping it up and scattering it in the wind, letting it burn, or burying it in the earth. Whatever you choose, this ceremony will help honor the process of death.

This week, allow yourself to receive your messages and take action to move in your soul’s direction. The cosmos is full of signs and energy right now, we just have to be open to their calling.

Mantra for the week: I let go of blockages and negativity. I invite in the highest good that is meant for me.

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