Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: May 20-26, 2019

weekly tarot reading

3 of Cups and Father of Swords

This week both our cards depict birds as symbols of joy and wisdom. They are calling us to connect to the intelligence inside and be aware of the beauty that surrounds us.

Seeing the beauty in life is not at the top of our plates when the days seem dark.

For many of us, we have been feeling the heaviness of the world for quite some time. This heaviness has been hard to carry and we have been struggling to be light and positive.

But celebrating life’s victories and special moments is crucial to bringing light into our lives. When we are grateful for the here and now, we are able to attract more to be grateful for in the future.

Though we cannot control the world we can control what energy we put out. And since energy is contagious, let’s put out celebratory vibes! The cards this week will guide us on how to make this happen.

The 3 of Cups shows three birds perched on a tree, enjoying a beautiful sunset. There are three glasses, perhaps full of wine, at the bottom of the card.

This card is all about friendship and abundance. It is about spending time with those rare and sacred friends that truly know and accept you. These are the friends that have loved you at your lowest moments and made you laugh until you cry.

The 3 of Cups foresees you spending time with those you love this week and creating special memories. Perhaps there is an upcoming celebration already planned and if there isn’t, make one up! Find any excuse to celebrate even the smallest of successes.

Gather to watch a favorite TV show with your friends or go out with a loved one for a special meal. Maybe you celebrate the simple fact that you are alive and make a homemade dessert.

It is truly a gift to have good friends in our lives, especially when times are dark. Let them know how much they mean to you and celebrate your bond.

After we spend time celebrating with our tribe and feeling grounded through connection, we are open to the wisdom of the Father of Swords. This card is all about intelligence and perspective.

The Father of Swords depicts a wise owl with large eyes, sharply staring forward. The rainbow sword he holds gives him the power of perception. He knows what is important in life and looks at things objectively.

Where in your life do you need to step back and see things from a higher perspective? Where do you need to tap into balanced wisdom? Where do you need to be analytical and not emotional?

When we center ourselves through the support of our loved ones, we will be able to tackle areas of our life and of our world that need us to problem-solve.

Try working on a tricky problem this week that you have been putting off. Spend time untangling and contemplating solutions. The energy of the Father of Swords will guide you to a smart and fair resolution.

Enjoy the gifts of the cards this week as they are sharing the medicine we need. We are filling up our tanks with love and wisdom so we can move forward in strength.

Mantra for the week: I celebrate life and honor my connection with friends and family. I use my wisdom and perspective to guide my choices.

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