Nikki’s Weekly Tarot Reading: September 27-October 3, 2021

The Tarot cards pictured are from the Crowley Thoth Deck

Four of Wands and Seven of Wands

I wanted to start off this reading by sharing that I will be taking a break from the weekly readings for the month of October. I am getting married next month and will set aside the time for the special occasion. I will be back with my regular reading schedule in November.

This week we have two cards in the suit of Wands. Wands are all about our beautiful spirit and fire. They call us to connect to what animates our being. This is the part of us that exists infinitely, beyond the physical realm.

We also start this week with Mercury in retrograde. We may feel challenged by this energy, but we should use it as a time to slow down and reflect. We can start to notice what needs our attention and listen to our voice inside.

Our first card is the Four of Wand. This is a wonderfully supportive and positive card. Much like the season of Libra, it is here to help us create a healthy balance. This balance will propel us to complete the things we have been putting off.

The Four of Wands will support us in finding the clarity we seek. It will help us with whatever conflicts we are facing that stops us from being focused on our desires.

When we come into equilibrium, our natural powers shine through and we can accomplish things with ease. Ask yourself: where would you like to see more balance? What would you like to put in order? Where do you have internal conflicts that are causing inactivity?

Let yourself breathe into harmony this week. Let go of the need to overindulge or over-function. Let go of the urge to be hyper-vigilant. Let go of the cycle of negativity. Let go of the need to have all the answers.

Accept the duality of life. You are like the wheel on the card, balanced and fierce, powerful and gentle. You are a warrior.

If you have outstanding projects, now would be the time to complete them. Your calm mind will allow you the focus to get things finished. You will feel energized when you let go of your battling thoughts and come into the present moment.

The Four of Wands is much like The Universe card, which is all about completing a cycle and celebrating your hard work. It also indicates a time when you have made significant growth and are ready to move on to the next phase of life.

The gorgeous card calls us to celebrate things we have completed or achieved. This could be a big event like a graduation or a wedding(!) or it could be something small like going on a jog or finishing a book.

This card is about congratulating ourselves and our loved ones for a job well done. We are taking the time to appreciate all the work and slowing down to honor how far we have come.

Our next card is the Seven of Wands, also known as Valour. This card is centered around courage. It is about feeling your fears and doing it anyway. It calls us to acknowledge our limitations and push past them regardless.

When we connect to the energy of the Four of Wands, which calls us to complete cycles and move forward, some fears may come up. Ask yourself: What are you afraid of? What is holding you back? How can you both recognize the fear and still proceed forward?

The Seven of Wands does not want the fear to hold us back. It reminds us that if we did not feel fear, courage would not be needed. We have been working on our personal dreams and it is time to have the courage to take action.

We can put our feet on the ground and start making more steps towards our goals. We have all the skills and strengths inside of us. We are ready to step into our power and purpose on this earth.

Mantra for the week: I honor and celebrate achievements both big and small. I step into the future with courage and hope. 

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