Oracle Card Reading: November 4-10, 2019

oracle card reading

The Oracle Card Deck used is Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid.

The Queen of the Light and The Mapmaker of Destiny

As we begin a new month we have the Queen of the Light and the Mapmaker of Destiny to guide us.

As her name suggests, the Queen of the Light comes to shine a light on the darkest corners of our lives. She reminds us that although we may be struggling or feeling a little lost, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and she will be our guide.

This week, if you are feeling heavy or anxious take a moment to close your eyes and imagine a white light surrounding you. Imagine this white light coating your entire body, lending its protection, its love, and its grace.

No matter what challenges come your way this week, the Queen of the Light wants to remind you that you are powerful enough to handle it and strong enough to move through it, you just have to connect to your own inner light.

One of the quickest ways to do this is to focus on gratitude. Take a moment as you are reading this to place your hand over your heart. Then quietly think of three things you feel grateful for right now.

Notice the shift that happens within you when you start recalling all you feel grateful for. It is this small shift that allows the light to flow in.

Keep your inner light growing strong this week with any self-care practice like this. Remember that you are strong, remember that there is nothing you can’t handle, and know that the Universe is protecting and supporting you along the way.

The Queen of the Light also asks us to keep raising our consciousness and shifting our awareness to higher frequencies. This doesn’t mean we have to fake happy, instead it means we start becoming aware of the thoughts we are thinking and the actions we are taking.

When we become aware, we are able to see more clearly where the root of these thoughts or actions are coming from and if they are fuelling a narrative that is true or false.

In order to truly vibrate higher, we have to be true to ourselves and work through our fears and heavier emotions, rather than sugar-coating them.

The Mapmaker of Destiny is a great companion to the Queen of the Light. His presence is a clear sign that whatever unfolds this week is a part of our destiny and was perhaps something that was fated.

He wants us to know that while we have a certain level of free-will in this life, there are other things that we just have no control over.

There are things that our soul maps out before coming into physical form. This blueprint contains the things our soul would like to achieve and learn in this lifetime but how we go about learning and achieving these things is where our free-will comes in to play.

The Mapmaker of Destiny will be paying us all a visit this week and leaving something on our path that will remind us of what these soul lessons may be.

We may meet someone special, have a profound encounter, or certain events this week may be a stepping stone on the path of our destiny and the path that our soul wishes to travel.

Pay attention to any synchronicities or signs this week, as there is an opportunity for us to achieve and fulfill more of our purpose.

All through Scorpio Season, we have been guided to peel back the layers that are blocking our true self, and now it seems that this week we are going to start to see some of the rewards.

Both the Queen of the Light and the Mapmaker of Destiny will be by our side this week, reminding us that we are strong enough to fulfill our destiny. We have been doing the work, we have been leveling up, and now more of our true purpose can unfold.

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