Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual June 2023

The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 3/4, 2023, captures an adventurous spirit. It guides us to lighten up, not take things too seriously, and make time for play. But when looking deeper, it also seems this Full Moon wants us to tend to our responsibilities and get organized.

With the Full Moon carrying both of these vibrational qualities, we may find ourselves playing a bit of tug of war. Depending on where we are in our lives, we may need more time for play or more time for responsibilities. The two may even be intertwined.

Sagittarius is ruled by the arrow of the archer, and perhaps this is our clue. The archer has to get focused to make its mark and if we adopt the same focus, and keep aligned with what is really important, we will have a much easier time navigating these energies.

To guide you with this, I have created a ritual just for this Full Moon. This ritual involves some reflection and release work. It also includes a great recharging meditation and your Sagittarius Full Moon Oracle Reading. I hope you enjoy it!

Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual 2023

This ritual is best done from June 1- 11, 2023

You will need:


1.) Gather all your ritual ingredients. Take your cleansing tool of choice and begin cleansing your aura. As you do this, feel free to recite the following:

“I cleanse my energy with light and love. I bring my body into complete alignment. I am perfectly balanced in mind, body, and soul. I tend to my responsibilities, taking care of my needs. I prioritize a self- care routine that allows me to thrive. I tend to my heart, so my playful spirit can soar. I am light. I am love. I am cleansed. I am light. I am love. I am cleansed.”

After you have cleansed your own energy field, cleanse the space around you and your ritual ingredients. As you do, you can recite the following-

“I cleanse this space with light and love. Only love may dwell here. Only light may live here. My space is cleansed. My space is pure. My space is protected. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

2.) Lay down or sit and begin your Energy Recharging Meditation. This 10-minute meditation is designed to recharge and restore your energy field, giving your strength, boosting your motivation, and restoring feelings of confidence. After you have completed this meditation, stand up and shake out your body before continuing with the rest of the ritual

3.) Next, take your bowl of rice. Pick up some of the rice you are using in your hands, and think about something you would like to release, bring closure to, or something you want to be resolved or completed in your life. State it out loud as you hold the rice and then sprinkle or throw it into the bowl of water.

The idea is that the rice or grain acts as a conduit for whatever you are releasing or asking for closure on. Do this until all the rice is gone from the bowl.

Here is an example to guide you-

*holding rice in your hands/fingers*

“I release and let go of my fear around not being good enough or worthy enough to go after the job that I really want.”

*throw/sprinkle rice into bowl of water*

4.) After all your rice is gone, take your finger and begin swirling the water around in an anti-clockwise motion. As you do, say the following or feel free to say whatever you feel in the moment-

“I am cleansing. I am letting go. I am releasing all that must go. I let go of my regrets and the pains of my past. I acknowledge that shadows exist but they are not all that lies on my path. My life is free, my light is clear. I am not one to succumb to my fear. Universe guide me so I may grow. I am open to the light. I am open to the love. I am open to the wholeness that flows from above. I am authentic me, I love myself and my life. Mother Moon, I thank you for this cleansing, thank you for this light. I am me. I am whole, and I trust the way the wind blows.”

5.) Sit for a moment in silence, reflecting on any emotions or feelings that have been stirred. Then do your Sagittarius Full Moon Oracle Reading. Meditate on the messages you receive.

6.) Finally, take your glass of drinking water. Holding it in both hands, recite the following affirmation to charge up the water and then drink it-

“I charge this water under the June Full Moon. On every sip, I bring my body into alignment. Each sip infuses joy into my cells. Each sip grounds and stabilizes me. This water cleanses my spirit, it nourishes my soul. As I drink this, I will feel restored, healed, and awakened. As I drink this, my body, mind, and soul will feel at one.”

7.) Once ready to close the ritual, take your bowl of water and discard it outside in the garden or bury it in the earth. If you don’t have access to a garden, it is fine to drain the water down the sink and discard the grain. Just try to return the ingredients to earth as much as possible.

Your ritual is now complete.

Full Moon Blessings!

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