Intuitive Astrology: Sagittarius Full Moon June 2023

sagittarius full moon astrology june 2023

I am not exactly sure how to talk about this Full Moon. When I look at it one way, it seems to have a lightness, a playful nature, and a joy. It seems to hold a vibration that wants us to get out there and travel, explore, and seek. But when I look at it another way, I see something deeper – a more mysterious quality that is asking us to go within, get deep with ourselves, and perhaps even reconsider some of the ways we have been choosing to live.

It feels like we could be playing a bit of tug of war with this Full Moon. On the one hand, we may feel the need to address our responsibilities and schedule, but on the other, we may feel this need to find our freedom and enjoy life a little more. We may feel this desire to move out of the mundane and into the magic.

Peaking on June 3rd-4th, this Full Moon is the first we have experienced since the Eclipses. This will help us continue to move away from the transformative and perhaps even life-changing events of Eclipse Season, which was most active during April and May.

As we experience this Full Moon, we are likely to find Eclipse events softening. In fact, this Full Moon feels like the perfect energy to settle us into the groove of our lives. It offers just the right amount of balance and stability mixed with play, adventure, and fun.

You can harness the energy of this Full Moon by making time for your responsibilities, but also carving out time to unwind and play. You will know best what you need more of in your life right now.

If you have been procrastinating or feeling lazy, perhaps you need more structure and time to tend to your priorities. If you have been working hard and feeling burnt out, perhaps you need more time for play and rest. Perhaps you need a little bit of both! Balance will be the key here.

Sagittarius, the Arrow of the Archer

Sagittarius is represented by the arrow of the archer. The arrow is fired with great precision, but after it leaves the bow, there are so many factors that will influence where it will land. Sometimes it’s a bullseye but other times, it can miss the mark completely.

When the Sagittarius Full Moon rolls around, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on where you are aiming your arrow. Are you aiming in a direction that is beneficial and helpful? Are you putting your energy where it is really needed?

Use the vibrations of this Full Moon to get clear on where you wish to aim your arrow. Perhaps reassess if your time and energy are better spent heading in a different direction. This is a good chance to refine the direction of where you are putting your energy.

If we look to the constellation of Sagittarius, and draw a line to where our archer is aiming its arrow, we land at the star Antares.

Antares is one of the most sacred stars in our night sky and is known as the Heart of the Scorpion.

Antares is believed to be a rest stop for souls on the way to the afterlife. It is at this rest stop that souls are reminded of their Divine plan, how much they are loved, and that they were never truly alone. Antares is also aligned with passion, and working from a place of pure heart-led intention.

This is where our Sagittarius archer is aiming to make its mark. And perhaps this is a clue as to where we should be aiming ours. Perhaps we should be focusing more on trusting the Divine plan, remembering that we are love and will return to love, and that there are divine spiritual forces around us that are always supporting us.

It’s one thing to read about this, but it’s another thing entirely to feel this. Aligning with this state can come through meditation, spending time in nature, a soulful yoga class, or a restorative bath. But, it can also come from letting go of things that are no longer meant for you. We are already loved, sometimes we just need to release and let go of all the things that block us from remembering that.

Juno, The Goddess Asteroid

Juno, one of the four core Goddess Asteroids, is also active under this Full Moon. Juno is known as the “good wife,” but her symbolism goes much deeper than this. Juno represents the independent spirit we need to find in our relationships.

Sometimes in our relationships, we can lose sight of who we are, or we can become a support to our partner’s dreams and wishes while ignoring our own. Sometimes the shifts and changes we make are so subtle in our relationships that we are not even aware that we are losing sight of ourselves.

Juno comes as a strong reminder to find your independence even though you may be in partnership with someone else. She reminds you to honor the gifts you bring to the table, and to not let the journey of another slow down or thwart your path.

The energy Juno offers is subtle. It’s not about the obvious dynamics that make a relationship toxic, rather it’s the very subtle nuances of everyday living that she wants us to pay attention to.

Juno wants us to support our partners by supporting ourselves to be the best version we can be. If this resonates, see how you can stand as more of your true self and not give up so much of your independence.

See if you can keep working away at your dreams and goals, regardless of where your partner is. This is not just in romantic relationships but in any of the relationships we keep.

The Sagittarius Full Moon offers us a lot of different energies to work with but none of them are pushy. Align with what resonates and leave the rest.

Your Sagittarius Full Moon Ritual for June 2023 is here

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