Saturn: Ruler of the Golden Age?

saturn golden age

Imprinted deep within us is a collective knowing that peace on Earth is possible. That equality and justice for all is possible. That life can be beautiful and abundant for everyone.

We all talk about it, we all want it, and yet, perhaps this idea does not come from visions of a brighter future but a knowing of a past that once was.

Perhaps this idea of peace on Earth was how things once were, and our attempts to create it come from a past memory rather than a future dream.

The Golden Age

In ancient texts around the globe, it is written that there was a time when life on Earth was peaceful, loving, and plenty for all. This time was referred to as the Golden Age.

It is also interesting to note that when our ancestors talk of this heavenly Golden Age, it was not our Sun that was the ruler of the skies, but Saturn.

In these ancient texts, it has been described that Saturn was once our Sun and our main guiding star, and with Saturn as ruler, life was peaceful.

“Since the late 19th century, scholars have been puzzled by a conspicuous peculiarity in the Babylonian nomenclature for the planet Saturn: a number of texts refer to Saturn as the “Sun”, instead of its usual astronomical name Kayamānu. This curious practice was in vogue during the period c. 750-612 BC.”Reference

Saturn appears as a mere speck in the sky to us today, so how could it be that these ancient texts claim that Saturn was the ruler of the skies during this time of peace, love, and plenty?

There is some research led by Velikovsky, that perhaps Saturn was once a more prominent feature of the sky. That Saturn, Venus, and Mars were seen bright and bold in the sky.

How Saturn may have appeared to our ancestors with Venus and Mars orbiting around it.

“According to the Saturn Polar Configuration theory, not more than 6,000 years ago our ancestors lived in a very different world, with a heavens in a different configuration than today. The planets were not far away from the Earth, but overhead, in conjunction above the North Pole. These planets were Saturn, Venus, and Mars. Saturn was the primary orb, and was originally not a planet, but a sub-brown dwarf star.”Reference

But then the planets moved, and our current Solar System took its place, and that is when we shifted out of the Golden Age.

While this has never been proven as fact, it is interesting to wonder why the ancients talk about Saturn being our Sun.

The Festival of Saturnalia

The pagan festival of Saturnalia, was celebrated every year around the December Solstice. This festival honored Saturn and the “birth of the Sun” and involved lighting candles and spreading goodwill.

People gave gifts, everyone was treated as equal, and there was no violence permitted or law enforcement. The idea was to just spread joy and peace.

Could Saturnalia have been a way to remember a time when we lived in the Golden Age?

The festival was one of the biggest of the year, and many of its traditions ended up being adopted by what some celebrate today as Christmas.

It seems that the “Christmas Spirit” some of us get a taste of is perhaps our key to remembering the Golden Age too.

But like all things in life, there are cycles, and according to the ancients, the Golden Age was always destined to come to an end and be replaced by a darker period.

These Ages are mapped out on what is known as a Yuga Cycle. A cycle of the Ages that was created by Vedic astrologers.

According to this cycle, we are currently moving out of Kali Yuga to find our way back to the light or the Golden Age.

Kali is the goddess of death and rebirth, so during this phase, the shadow aspects of life reign supreme, and peace on Earth feels very far away.

It is a time when we have to wrestle with our inner demons and learn how to love one another.

We are still many lifetimes away from reaching the Golden Age, but we are ascending, which means that all of humanity is making its way there, and a lot of what unfolds over the years to come are helping us along the way.

Saturn: Lord of Karma

Saturn is considered the Lord of Karma and is a planet known for bringing harsh restrictions and boundaries.

As the planet of Karma, Saturn’s energy holds the lessons we are destined to work through in this lifetime, but it also the karmic energy we accumulate too.

Could it be that once we work through our collective karma, we reach the Golden Age again?

Or is it something deeper than this? Is the Golden Age a time in history, or is it just a state of being?

The life the ancients described during the Golden Age is very similar to living in the fifth dimension.

Living in 5D is about being fully alive and present in the love that we are.

In the 5D state, we recognize the oneness in us all. We feel only love, and our intuitive senses are heightened. In the 5D state, we have supernatural abilities, can talk to animals, and are not as restricted by our physical state.

In 5D, we see energy, we feel love, and we know how to work together to create and manifest from the field of infinite potential.

While I don’t believe living in a 5D state all the time is possible for most people just yet, we can definitely get glimpses of it through meditation, through healing, and through connecting with our soul.

Perhaps as more of us reach a 5D state, it becomes easier to stay here and for more people to access it. Perhaps as we move closer to 5D, we become closer to the Golden Age.

Saturn and the Age of Aquarius

Saturn moves into Aquarius in 2020, and its presence here does indicate a shift toward the Age of Aquarius, an age that shares many traits with the Golden Age.

While there is some debate about when the Age of Aquarius starts, or if it has already started, Saturn moving into Aquarius is definitely an indicator of Age-of-Aquarius-like themes.

This is also further supported as Jupiter will also move into Aquarius in December 2020 too, giving us strong Aquarian energy.

The Age of Aquarius is a time when everyone comes together as one. It is a time of unity and community.

In many ways, it is similar to this 5D state of being. Perhaps these shifting planets are a sign that we are working towards a better future for us all.

Maybe all this darkness and corruption that we see around us now is floating to the top to be cleared, so it can make space for this new age to arrive.

And maybe it is Saturn’s energy that holds the key. Saturn calls for us to work through our karma, but it also embodies this idea of do unto others.

During the Golden Age, there were no rules or laws needed for everyone knew what they needed to do, and no one was capable of hurting one another.

In many astrological texts, Saturn is considered a malefic and one that imposes harsh rules, but maybe there is more to Saturn and its energy than we realize. Maybe it is only seen in this way because that is what we project onto it.

If Saturn is Lord of Karma, then it can also reflect our “good” karma too.

Perhaps all Saturn is doing is mirroring our collective state of being, and as each one of us works through our karmic lessons, we get a little closer to shifting into 5D, and as more of us shift here, perhaps that is what brings the dawning of the Golden Age.

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