Scorpio Season Horoscope October-November 2022

scorpio season horoscope october november 2022

Scorpio Season begins on October 23, 2022, and is marked by the Sun moving out of the tropical zodiac of Libra and into the zodiac of Scorpio.

Scorpio is a sign connected to transformation and the cycles of death and rebirth. At this time of year, nature is a constant reminder of the cycles of death and rebirth as we reach the fullness of Spring or Autumn.

Even in our own lives, we may begin reflecting on the cycles of transformation, especially as we enter Eclipse Season. The last Eclipse Season we experienced was a few months back in April and May, so our mind may wander to events from this timeframe. We may begin to see how our lives are transforming or we may feel a greater clarity on our journey between death and rebirth.

Transformation can often be painful and involves the stripping of layers. But as each layer is pulled back, we can gain a deeper awareness and move closer to the core of who we are.

Scorpio energy is always beneficial when it comes to understanding the roots behind our actions, thoughts, and feelings. Scorpio helps us to uncover blockages, heal our inner child, and become more aware of our motivations.

With Mars entering Retrograde on October 30, we may feel our energy shifting inward, helping us to reflect and reassess how our actions and motivations are either serving or hindering us.

Between Mars Retrograde and the Eclipses, it’s likely we will all be peeling back some layers this Scorpio Season.

Scorpio Season Horoscopes 2022

Read for your Sun, Moon, or Rising


Scorpio Season is a busy one and brings opportunities for growth and transformation. Jupiter, the planet of expansion has been working its way retrograde through your sign. Ancient astrologers believed that when Jupiter was in your sign, you carried an extra wave of good luck! Hopefully, you have been feeling this good luck, but if not, once Jupiter stations direct come December and really gets moving into Aries next year, you will hopefully be able to reap some of these lucky benefits! This beautiful, positive energy is on the way, so don’t be discouraged if things have been feeling a bit funky lately. Your ruling planet, Mars is preparing to go retrograde under the Scorpio Sun on October 30. Mars Retrograde is connected to sluggishness, a lack of motivation, burnout, and the inability to make a decision. Some people describe Mars Retrograde as taking one step forward and two steps back. Mars Retrograde definitely does not favor being in a rush or taking strong action. It wants us to pause, reflect, and assess where our motivation is coming from and what is at the root of any actions we choose to take. We may find our motivations up for review, and with that review can come some painful realizations. To add more intensity to the season, we also have two Eclipses to move through. The first Eclipse is a gentle one and falls on October 25 in the sign of Scorpio. This Eclipse will open a pathway of understanding, helping you to reach a new level of clarity. You may find the answers you have been seeking come easily and fall into place with ease. The second Eclipse in the Season is a bit more intense and is a Blood Moon Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. It peaks on November 8. This Eclipse may get you thinking about your finances or perhaps even your self-worth. If money troubles have been an issue, remember you have the luck of Jupiter in your corner! Things can turn around quickly, so keep the faith and know the Universe is helping you to release blockages, barriers, and beliefs that may prevent you from obtaining the abundance you deserve. If you started a new job back in April or May of this year, you may find this Eclipse brings some new developments or perhaps even some changes. Keep your boundaries and don’t forget to speak up if you are not a fan of the changes that are being suggested. Blood Moon Eclipses can also bring endings, so this may also be a theme, but remember that Eclipses always bring us where we need to be for the highest evolution of our soul growth. Whatever challenges come your way, know that they will eventually lead you to a brighter chapter.


Scorpio sits opposite you on the wheel of the zodiac, so Scorpio Season is always going to be a special one for you. Things may have felt intense this year as you have worked through Eclipses and the energy of Uranus in your sign. You have definitely been a celestial favorite and have received a lot of cosmic energies this year! You may have felt this manifesting in your own life and perhaps seen a lot of changes, transitions, or upheaval. Maybe as the year is coming to an end, you are beginning to reflect on where you wish to be or what is truly important to you moving forward. Your ruling planet of Venus will be next to the Sun at the start of Scorpio Season, helping to activate your heart and get you thinking about what truly matters. You may have to sit down and think about your values and how you can be of better service to them. Venus being nice and close to the Sun is also a great time to schedule a pamper session or to just prioritize self-care. If relationship troubles have been on your mind, know you can also tap into this Venus energy for heart expansion and to feel greater compassion. Moving forward into Scorpio Season, we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25. Speaking of relationship issues, this Eclipse may highlight a particular relationship in your life, helping you to know if you are walking the right path or if changes need to be made. You may find that your heart can open deeper and wider, and you may just feel a sense of greater love. Alternatively, this greater love may come for yourself and be the fuel that is needed to cut ties if that is the direction you choose to go. The Blood Moon Eclipse then follows on November 8 and falls directly in your sign. This is some very intense energy, so be very gentle with yourself. Blood Moon Eclipses can stir endings and can bring startling or even surprising news. As the Eclipse falls in your sign, it will be essential to watch your health and pay attention to your physical body. You are generally very in tune with your body, so don’t let anything slide. With Mars also being retrograde at this time, it will also be doubly important not to rush so you can avoid careless accidents. By the end of the Season, after the Eclipse dust has settled, you may feel elevated and improved. Whenever Eclipses fall in your sign, it’s a gift from the Universe that your life is getting a nice upgrade and you are shifting to a bigger chapter of your soul evolution. Even though there are a few more Eclipses in this series to go, you may just begin feeling like something has been awakened in you. Fill yourself with a sense of gratitude for all that you have moved through and feel the power of your spirit rising.


This Scorpio Season, Mars, the planet that rules over our motivation, energy levels, and our actions is stationing retrograde in your sign. Having Mars Retrograde in Gemini means you will feel it pretty strongly! Mars takes about 2 years to travel around the zodiac, so this energy is rare and unique. You will have Mars in your sign until March of 2023, so this is definitely energy you will want to get comfortable with. As Mars travels retrograde, you may feel yourself moving inward a bit more. You may not find it as easy to be your usual chatty self, or you may feel like you need to retreat and just take time to decompress. Mars Retrograde is a powerful time for getting still and thinking about what drives our actions. Why are we doing what we are doing? Are we just running on autopilot, repeating the same behavior patterns over and over, or are we growing? Mars Retrograde helps us to weed out where our actions may be rooted in fear and how we can shift things around. If we have been burning the candle at both ends, Mars Retrograde can bring the final zap, forcing us to take rest and recuperate. Mars Retrograde in your sign can also create some mental fogginess, so if you are feeling this, take it as a sign to slow down and perhaps reconsider how you are choosing to spend your time. Along with Mars Retrograde, Scorpio Season also brings two Eclipses. The first is a Solar New Moon Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This Eclipse peaks on October 25 and carries the energy of new beginnings. You may decide to start a new project or take on a new client, and this could work out to be quite beneficial for you! Just be mindful that you are not taking on more than you can handle. Keeping it simple is best, especially under all of this energy. Creating a balanced schedule that allows you to focus on your well-being may also be a theme under this New Moon Eclipse. The second Eclipse in this series, and the final for 2022, is a Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8, and there is some strong intensity attached to this Eclipse. This Blood Moon Eclipse may expose a secret or stir information from the past that you may not have realized. Some information may come to the surface that forces you to put an end to something or to adjust your approach in some way. These Eclipses are connected to the ones we had back in April-May of this year, so issues from this time may also come back up to the surface for a final clearing or closure.


Scorpio is a fellow water sign, so you are always going to be well connected to this season. As the Sun enters Scorpio, Venus is hovering near, sending waves of loving, supportive, and compassionate energy. You are in a prime position for receiving this beautiful Venutian energy, so be open to it! Allow this energy to expand your heart, create more beauty in your life, and open you to a new level of creativity. Venus is the planet connected to relationships, so you may also find your relationships flourishing and deepening under this energy. Of course, the most sacred relationship we have is the one with ourselves, so be sure you are making time for self-care and self-nourishment under this energy too. While we do have these beautiful vibrations from Venus to enjoy, Scorpio Season brings Eclipses and Mars Retrograde, both of which can bring a few challenges. Starting in order, we have an Eclipse on October 25th. This is a Solar New Moon Eclipse that falls in the sign of Scorpio and may stir issues from back in April-May of this year. If a significant event or life change occurred during those months, you may find yourself revisiting it under this Eclipse to tie up lose ends or bring an end to something. Solar Eclipses tend to bring new beginnings or the start of a new chapter, but before we can really understand what the new is, we must first wrap up and complete the old. There seems to be the theme of heart expansion under this Solar Eclipse for you, so whatever transpires, it’s likely you are going to move into a deeper and more compassionate heart space. Following this Eclipse on October 30, we have Mars stationing retrograde. Mars Retrograde is a time to reassess our motivations and actions. Its a time to think about what is truly driving us, and where fear might be getting in the way. Hidden fears may come up to the surface under this Mars Retrograde, forcing you to confront them. Fear is one of those tricky emotions. We need fear as it protects us, and very often, no matter how hard we try, we can’t really escape from feeling fear about certain things. Sometimes the best and most successful way to deal with fear is to feel it but to move forward anyway. Mars is the planet associated with overcoming our fears. There is this beautiful image of Mars, the God of War, riding a chariot with two horses, one named Phobos (fear) and the other named Deimos (panic/terror). Mars has two choices, he can either let his fear ride him and direct which way the chariot will go or he can ride with his fears as a fuel to fulfil his dreams and get where he wants to go. We each have a choice, and this is what Mars Retrograde can stir for us during Scorpio Season. The final major cosmic event of Scorpio Season is the Blood Moon Eclipse which peaks on November 8 in the sign of Taurus. This Blood Moon does carry some very strong intensity, and may bring an ending or completion point in your life. Eclipses can be intense, and being so Moon sensitive you are likely to feel it, but keep in mind that out of all the signs, you have the most protective energy being shone your way during this time. Whatever unfolds, know you will come out the other side of it more vital, more awakened, and more connected to your heart.


Scorpio Season brings two Eclipses and Mars Retrograde, and while these cosmic events all carry certain levels of intensity, I want you to focus on another aspect, and that is Venus and the Sun. The Sun is your cosmic ruler, so whenever it is involved, you are in the prime spot in the zodiac to feel it. Venus and the Sun come together on October 22, but we will get to work with its energy for the first two weeks of Scorpio Season. When Venus and the Sun align, it creates a beautiful, harmonious vibration that can uplift our feelings of creativity, love, and beauty. We can feel extra sensitive towards our hearts, allowing us to move through the world with a greater compassion, kindness, and joy. Use this Venus and Sun energy to infuse more love and joy into your life. Think about what makes you truly happy, think about what you love to do, and then make it a priority to do it under this energy. Your efforts will be magnified and enhanced, and will help in the expansion and growth of your heart. Find ways to be grateful for all the ways that love shows up in your life. Mars, the planet of action and energy will station retrograde during Scorpio Season too. This begins on October 30 and will last all the way into the new year, so it’s an energy we will have to get comfortable with. Mars rules over our motivations, ambitions, and energy levels. It also rules over our ability to take action and make decisions. We may find all of these areas up for review in our lives in some way. We may need to assess what drives our motivations and where our ambition is genuinely rooted. Are we acting from a place of fear or expansion? Are our actions rooted in our ego or our heart? You are a very heart led sign, so this is an excellent opportunity to align more of your actions and motivations with your heart rather than your ego. As Mars Retrograde can affect your energy levels, it will be essential to take things slowly and not rush ahead. The saying- haste makes waste, is doubly true under a Mars Retrograde. The two Eclipses we have during Scorpio Season bring waves of transformative energy. The first Eclipse, a Solar New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio is the gentler of the two and may bring a new opportunity or open a door where there previously wasn’t one. This New Moon Eclipse could help you plant new seeds that promise to blossom into something big and grand when the time comes. This Solar Eclipse may also highlight your home and family environment and bring about a move or some sort of changes within the home. Eclipses tend to come in pairs, so the next Eclipse in this series is a Blood Moon Eclipse which peaks on November 8. This Eclipse carries some strong waves of intensity but may bring an exciting development when it comes to your career. A brand new and perhaps lucrative opportunity could come your way. Or alternatively, you may find that a big project comes to a close or needs to abruptly end for some reason. How this energy manifests will depend on you and where you are in your life, but whatever comes, remember that Eclipses always put us where we need to be. They can be considered portals of acceleration to get us to that next level or chapter in our lives. At first, it can be scary to be pushed so far forward on our timeline, but as the dust settles and time passes, we very often can look back and see that we ended up right where we needed to be.


Scorpio Season brings some of the most profound cosmic events of the year, and you may be feeling the weight of this intensity. If this resonates, be sure you are making time for self-care, rest, and to slow down. Give yourself some grace this season, and try not to overfill your plate. Maintaining firm boundaries and putting your needs before others is going to come in handy. While Scorpio Season does bring a lot of challenging moments, it also offers some beautiful ones too. This comes in the form of Venus conjunct the Sun, which peaks on October 22. Known as the Venus Star Point, this energy can help to expand your creativity, open your heart, and deepen your connection with those you love. Venus rules over our values too, so it’s a wonderful time to reconnect with what is truly important to you and to make time for all that you care about. Mars, the soulmate to Venus is also busy during Scorpio Season too as it stations retrograde on October 30. Mars Retrogrades the least out of all the planets, so its an energy we tend to feel strongly. Mars Retrograde can challenge us to confront our fears, reconsider how we are spending our energy, and uncover what is driving our motivations. As Mars helps us to do all of this, it can zap our energy levels, forcing us to slow down and really evaluate. Mars Retrograde is not typically considered a good time to start projects or do something new. As Mars is retrograding in Gemini, there is almost a strong “Mercury Retrograde flavor” to this period. Along with Mars Retrograde, we also have two Eclipses this Season. The first is a Solar New Moon Eclipse in Scorpio on October 25. This Eclipse brings new opportunities and new beginnings. While New Moons are generally considered a power time for manifestation work, you don’t really have to put in much effort around Eclipse time. Eclipses are so potent, they tend to put us exactly where we need to be, no wish list required. Of course, where we need to be may not be where we want to be, and that is why Eclipses can be challenging at times, but this Scorpio New Moon Eclipse seems to be on the gentler side. The second Eclipse for the Season is a Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8 in the sign of Taurus. This Eclipse is a little less gentle and carries quite an aura of intensity! You may find yourself needing to retreat, rest, and recuparate under this energy. Blood Moon Eclipses can zap us, and stir up a lot of emotions. Both of these Eclipses are working in tandem with the Eclipses we had back in April -May of this year, we so we are likely to notice similar themes or perhaps more to the story unfolding. Blood Moon Eclipses are generally known for bringing endings, and this Eclipse may add a layer of abruptness to those endings. Keep in mind that whatever falls away is simply making room for something more aligned with your soul path. As we come to the end of the Season, we may be feeling a little lighter and even refreshed. With the Eclipse energy behind us, we may begin to see how we have landed right where we need to be.


As the Sun moves out of your zodiac, you may begin feeling like you are ready to start a new chapter. The Sun brings new inspiration, births new life, and energizes our spirit. After your birthday season, you may naturally feel that something has shifted and are ready to begin a new chapter. Know you have the Universe on your side as you set out on this new beginning in your life. Mars, the planet of action and energy stations retrograde on October 30, which can help us to realign our motivations and think deeper about the intention behind our actions. This can really allow us to create and act from a place of intention rather than ego, which is a great way to begin any new chapter. Mars Retrograde can influence our energy levels, so even though you may be eager to start something new, pay attention to your body and mind. If you need the rest, be sure to give it to yourself. Shortly after the Sun moves into Scorpio, we are greeted with a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25. If your birthday is right on the cusp between Libra and Scorpio, you are going to feel this Eclipse strongly. This Eclipse has the power to bring the finishing touches to any endings in your life. Think of the loose ends you have been wrapping up since the last Eclipse Season back in April-May. Whatever unfinished business you have from that time will be completed under this Eclipse. You may also find this Eclipse helps to open and expand your heart in some way and reaffirms who you wish to keep close to you. The second Eclipse in Scorpio Season is a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on November 8, and this Eclipse is definitely the more intense of the two. This Eclipse may bring some challenging, perhaps unexpected news. Something about this Blood Moon Eclipse may catch you by surprise or turn your life upside down. There definitely is some harsh growth energy attached to this Eclipse. Even though it can be challenging, keep in mind that Eclipses are fast-tracking portals to a higher level of growth. They help us to level up and get where we need to be, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time. Also, keep in mind that your ruling planet, Venus, will be traveling alongside the Sun for the first few weeks of Scorpio Season, delivering some really beautiful, uplifting energy straight into your heart. You can channel this energy into bringing more beauty into your life, whatever that may look like for you. If you are moving through any challenges this Scorpio Season, Venus close to the Sun will also help to bring support, love, and joy your way. The energy of Venus will help to expand and open your heart and spirit, no matter where you have landed.


Happy Birthday Scorpio! This is your Season, and it will be a busy one! There is a lot going on, so you may find yourself really needing to prioritize self-care. We have two Eclipses during Scorpio Season. The first is a New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25th and the second is a Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8th. If your birthday falls within 1-3 days of these dates, know you are going to feel the Eclipse energies extra strong! Having a Solar Eclipse close to your birthday means it’s a year of transformative new beginnings. Having a Lunar Eclipse close to your birthday means it’s a year of transformative completion and endings. Eclipses can also get us focusing more on our health and well-being, so these may also be themes for the Season and your year ahead. As the Sun enters your corner of the zodiac, Venus will be hovering near, sending some graceful, peaceful, and compassionate vibrations right into your heart! Venus meets with the Sun about once a year, so this is a rare and special energy that you get to enjoy! The energy of Venus can also help expand our hearts and connect us to the inner Goddess within. Allow this energy to fill you with a sense of radiance and beauty. Remind yourself how beautiful you truly are and give gratitude for your incredible body and forever-opening heart. Venus in this placement may also get you thinking about your values and what is truly important to you. Mars, a planet that is closely connected to Scorpio is also entering retrograde this Season. Beginning on October 30, Mars Retrograde can mess with our energy levels and make us question our motivation for doing things. You are already a very questioning soul, so you may find yourself reviewing many life decisions or habits. Moving forward, you may decide that some things need to change. Mars Retrograde can create some sluggishness, so don’t worry if you are not exactly sure what needs to shift right away, and be mindful to not get stuck with repetitive thoughts. Give things time and be patient, especially because Mars Retrograde does not favor rushing of any kind. As we move into November, you may begin feeling the intensity and transformative energy of the Eclipses. Both these Eclipses will be lighting up the axis between the self and others, so you may find relationship issues come to the forefront, or issues around your well-being may come to light. The two may even be intertwined. You will know intuitively whether you need to make yourself a priority or whether you need to step back and be more open and giving toward others. Having Eclipses during your birthday Season always adds a layer of intensity, but it also offers a powerful gift of growth too. Think of Eclipses as quantum jumps into the next chapter of your life. While they can stir the pot and make things uncomfortable, they can also lift us to higher stages of our soul’s evolution. You are likely to come out at the end of your birthday season with a more open heart and ready to begin a new chapter.


The Sun entering Scorpio means that you are up next! Right before your Season is set to begin, it can bring a theme of endings, completion, and needing to find closure. You may find yourself wrapping things up or bringing things to a close. You may also find that you have reached the harvest point on something you have been working towards and are able to reap the benefits of all you have sown. Think of this like your garden in full bloom moment! See if you can pay attention or find the gratitude for all that has come your way and all that is blooming. With Mars entering Retrograde on October 30, it would be beneficial to get all your ducks in a row before this date, but don’t worry if you can’t, trust in the timing of the Universe and be gentle with yourself if your motivation begins to dip. Mars Retrograde can sometimes create sluggish energy, making us feel a little depleted and tired. Mars Retrograde can also create the feeling of one step forward, two steps back. If you start feeling any of this, know its energy is drawing you within and helping you to slow down so you can get still and really listen to the call of your heart. Scorpio Season 2022 also brings two Eclipses, the first of which is a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 25th. This Eclipse is the gentler of the two and may inspire bright ideas or a new way of being. You may uncover or discover something about yourself or someone else that helps you to make progress in some way. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and relationships will be particularly active under this Eclipse, helping to shine a light on all matters of the heart. You may find yourself deepening a connection with someone in your life too. The Blood Moon Eclipse is the second in the series, and this energy is definitely more intense. Peaking on November 8, this Eclipse energy is likely to be felt even as we enter your birthday Season. Blood Moon Eclipses usually bring an abrupt ending of some kind. They can shift things in our lives, forcing us to move in a different direction. You may find yourself needing to adopt new habits or change your routine in some way. There is a little unexpected energy around this Eclipse, so something may throw us off or take us by surprise. Whatever comes, know that Eclipses tend to bring fated events. Even though they may be challenging at the time, eventually we can look back and see how those events helped shift us to a higher destiny.


Out of all the signs of the zodiac, you have the reputation of being the most motivated and driven, but during Scorpio Season you may begin feeling the need to slow down. If you have been burning the candle at both ends, you may start feeling burnt out. Mars, the planet of action, motivation, and energy stations retrograde on October 30, turning our energy inward. We may find the need to question our motivations and the decisions behind the actions we are making. Saturn, your ruling planet has been sending beams to Uranus, the planet of awakening and innovation. Even though this is a global energy that is helping to tip the scales from the old to the new, you may have felt this manifesting in your life stronger than most. This energy is likely to be encouraging you to let go of some past, outworn, or outdated beliefs in order to upgrade and ascend your life to new levels. If you have been battling between the old ways and the new ways, or finding it hard to relax or settle into the groove of your life, you may find some ease coming as the Sun moves through Scorpio. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and all the things you value is also moving in tandem with the Sun for the first part of the season. This brings some beautiful, softening energy that will hopefully remind you not to be so hard on yourself and to lighten up a bit. If you have been taking life too seriously, or getting too wrapped up in things, use this Venus energy to lighten your load and to find the joy. Spending time with friends and nurturing important relationships in your life is also a good way to use this energy, and may be something that is needed as we enter into Eclipse Season. The first Eclipse on the horizon is a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse, which peaks on October 25th. This Eclipse will open a gateway into a portal of ascension- in other words, this Eclipse will be a stepping stone to new realizations or awakenings. A new path may open for you, either on a physical, mental, or emotional level, and this is likely to be quite beneficial. Eclipses can be a bit intense when they first arrive, so you may have to give yourself time to adjust. The second and final Eclipse for 2022 is a big one, a Blood Moon Eclipse that peaks on November 8 in the fellow earth sign of Taurus. This Eclipse carries some strong, potent energy. A Blood Moon Eclipse is actually the most powerful we can experience, so it’s likely everyone’s going to be feeling it. You may see this manifest in those closest to you. You may find those around you more moody or irritable, or you may notice those around you going through some big life changes. You may have to be there to support and guide others. You may find your gifts and talents in need. While you may have to be of service at this time, don’t forget to nourish and protect your own energy levels too. Respecting your personal boundaries is also going to be key at this time. As Scorpio Season fades and the Sun gets ready to leave, things brighten up and you may start feeling more like yourself.


Scorpio Season brings a lot of planetary changes and shifts, many of which you may feel extra sensitive to. Your ruling planet, Uranus has been quite active these last few months, making you feel a little scattered, indecisive, and all over the place. You may not quite know which way to turn or what direction feels best to you, but don’t worry, clarity is on the way, you will just have to be a bit patient! Being in this state can also leave you feeling a little restless or irritable, but see if you can use this energy to bring more creativity to your day-to-day routine. There are no limits to what your creativity may look like, even doing some painting, journaling, or pottery may be a good way to channel some of this restless energy. Reading fiction books and getting lost in different worlds and stories may also be a good outlet for you. Scorpio season begins with Venus aligning with the Sun. This is a beautiful energy and one that you should definitely make the most of. Tap into this Venus energy to expand your heart, reach new levels of compassion, and think about what is truly important to you. While Venus is the planet of love, it is also the planet that rules over what we value the most. Use this Sun and Venus energy to think about what you truly value and see if you can direct your energy here. While the energies from Venus are really beautiful and available to connect with, we are also moving into Eclipse territory too. The first Eclipse peaks on October 25th and is a Scorpio New Moon Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse is the lighter of the two and will help you to make some of those decisions you have been longing to make. Eclipses usually bring fated events that can help move us to higher levels of consciousness. Any decisions that we need to make around Eclipse time usually come with a certain level of ease and knowing. The Universe is always guiding us, but even more so at Eclipse time, so trust your intuition and what may arise on your path. This Scorpio New Moon Eclipse may also bring some new realizations for you regarding matters of the heart and your closest relationships. The second Eclipse for the Season is a Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8, which carries some strong intensity. While you are an air sign, you are often very connected to the rhythms of the Moon, so this is one you are going to feel strongly. Falling in the sign of Taurus, this Blood Moon Eclipse may feel a bit challenging. Your attention may turn to your family and work life, and how this balance or lack of balance needs to be dealt with. A move may be on the horizon too, either at your place of work or where you live. Eclipses always put us where we need to be, but until the dust settles, they can feel a little challenging. Just keep your vibration lifted and remember to channel any of that restless energy into something creative.


Scorpio is a fellow water sign, so you are very connected to the energies this zodiac can bring. You are naturally a very creative soul, but you have an extra dose of creativity on your side as Scorpio Season begins. This extra creative juice flows in from Venus, which will be very close to the Sun for most of the season. Venus carries a soft, harmonious, and creative vibration that you can soak up and use to bring more inspiration into your life and into your work. If you work in a creative field, you may find yourself doing some of your best work under this energy. Mars does station retrograde on October 30, which can sometimes slow things down, but you are in a prime position to use this slow-down effect to take your time and to really create from the heart. If you have to set some deadlines, give yourself plenty of time and avoid leaving things to the last minute. Mars Retrograde can be a bit of a challenging energy for your flowy spirit, so more so than ever, you would benefit from keeping a routine or to-do list to stay on top of things. Mars Retrograde will run into the new year, so it’s best to learn to work with this energy rather than fight against it. Scorpio Season also brings two Eclipses, the first of which is a New Moon Solar Eclipse. This Eclipse opens a gateway to higher wisdom. You may experience an ah-ha moment or have a breakthrough regarding a project or issue you have been working through. This Eclipse will act as an expander of your mind, so stay open to the wisdom and knowledge that flows your way around this time. The second Eclipse is a Blood Moon Eclipse in the sign of Taurus. This falls on November 8 and definitely carries more heated energy. Blood Moon Eclipses tend to bring completion points and even abrupt endings. Know that if something falls away, it is often fated as Eclipses tend to put us where we need to be for our highest growth. Both of these Eclipses may get you thinking about how you choose to express yourself and how you can share your truth and creative visions with others. By the time the dust from Eclipse Season has settled, you may feel like you can express yourself in a truer and more authentic way.

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