Spirit Possession and Attachments

spirit possession

A healer once told me that I had 172 attachments. I was back in Melbourne visiting family and decided to see a healer to reconnect and ground myself after my first year of living in Los Angeles.

I was shocked to hear that I had attachments. I had always meditated, practiced positive thinking and was usually pretty in-tune to my surroundings and vibration but, my first year in LA had been tough.

I had always likened attachments to possession, but they are not really the same thing. Attachments can be psychic or energetic debris that you pick up on a daily basis, whether you are at the grocery store or in a restaurant. We can also pick up attachments from the people around us.

Think of it like this- when you are around someone that is in a bad mood, it can become contagious. On some level you are picking up on their emotional funk and creating an attachment to their energy.

The same goes for your surroundings. When you are in crowded places or big cities there is a high “pain body” around you and being in that energy leaves you vulnerable to picking up different types of energetic attachments.

We become susceptible to these energetic attachments when we are feeling vulnerable or when we don’t have any spiritual or energetic protection.

These types of attachments can make us feel, without reason- tired, irritable, grumpy, heavy- especially around our neck and shoulders, moody and lethargic. This energy may vary in intensity depending on sensitivity levels and the degree of attachment.

These types of energetic attachments usually go away when you consciously try to ‘snap yourself out of it’ or when you start to think more positively. They can also be cleansed and prevented by using these 9 techniques.

It is important to build up a shield of protection against attachments, especially if you work or live in a highly emotional environment.

While attachments are just fragments of emotional energy which join your energy field or aura, possession is when a spirit actually enters your soul body.

There are two types of spirit possession-

1.) External Possession: A spirit can attach to your energetic body, usually through your back.

2.) Internal Possession: A spirit can step inside your soul body and compete with your soul (this is what you see in the horror movies).

Spirits attach to our energetic body or attempt to step inside your soul for a number of reasons-

They are looking for energy: After someone dies, their spirit leaves their body and is supposed to cross-over, but some spirits do not, usually because they have unfinished business or because they are afraid. Without their physical body or without the energy from the Divine these spirits then go in search of others energy in order to exist.

They still want to be alive: If a spirit has not come to terms with their death, they may stay around and try to live through others. This is usually the case with addicts or those who experienced sudden death or some type of trauma. They may try to ‘piggy-back” off someone else and manipulate them to engage in certain behaviours that they enjoyed while alive.

They have never lived: There are spirits out there that have never come into human form. These can be demons. They attempt to take over the body and soul in order to achieve some type of dark or negative act. They usually want to inflict harm and even death.

Possession at any level can be extremely dangerous. Some of the signs include mental illness, addictions, abrupt personality changes, anger, outbursts of rage, or behaving out of character. The victims eyes may also appear to be lifeless or dull in color and they may lose their appetite or need to sleep.

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Possessions can happen to anyone, but they are rare. Usually they occur when there is some type of vulnerability or exposure. Dabbling in the occult and ouija boards can also leave you susceptible if you don’t have proper protection or experience.

Possessions also usually involve other types of paranormal activity around the victims living environment or house.

The good news is that even if you think you are possessed or you have attachments, there is always hope. There are plenty of professional exorcists, healers and shamans who can guide you to being free of this energy.

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