The 4 Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

crystals for stress and anxiety
This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems.

In the world of crystals, there are many that soothe mental, physical and emotional tension, thereby relieving stress and anxiety.

But first, where does anxiety come from?

Anxiety, in its essence, is blocked energy. By acknowledging the root causes of our anxiety we become empowered to change our automatic thinking patterns and instinctive reactions.

Speaking from my own personal experience, I feel one of the greatest causes of stress and anxiety is fear of the unknown.

We tend to cling on to what makes us feel secure and comfortable, even if it is not aligned with our soul mission and is not helping us grow and evolve into the brightest version of ourselves.

Sometimes we are so afraid of change and letting go that our whole body is subconsciously overcome by anxiety and stress.

To overcome this, we need to look no further than our own divine souls. Once we recognize ourselves as beings of love and light with limitless soul potential, our life force energy and natural state of balance can be restored.

Crystals are a great tool to help activate our life force energy. To work with their energy simply hold them close to you throughout the day, lay them on your chakras, sleep next to them, meditate with them, tuck them into your bra or pocket, or wear them as a piece of jewelry.

The following is my intuitive choice of healing crystals to help you overcome stress and anxiety.


Amethyst has incredibly soothing, stress-relieving properties and at the same time, it swiftly clears away any negative energy that might be lingering within your aura.

It is a high-vibrational crystal that helps to open up and activate your Crown Chakra, so that you become a clear channel of divine inspiration. It also helps to open up blockages within your energy field, and release toxic emotions, such as anger, fear, and pain of past traumas.

As you begin to work with Amethyst, feel its harmonizing vibes purifying and detoxing every cell in your body. Let its lavender hues guide you into a state of deep relaxation and surrender.

Embrace its wisdom and the deep spiritual insights it brings, and let it melt away all your fear, guilt, grief, and self-doubt. It will surround your aura with a powerful shield of protection and enhance your intuition so that you will have clarity and wisdom to make important, life-changing decisions.

Amethyst is a natural stress reliever and a highly spiritual crystal, but at the same time, it also promotes rational thinking and stability in our day-to-day lives. It teaches us the importance of balancing our instinctive emotions and reactions, so that we become more disciplined and patient, instead of constantly overreacting and allowing our emotions to take control.

Thanks to its unique ability to merge spirituality with rationality, Amethyst is the perfect crystal to encourage the healing of any mental, physical or emotional issue.


Chrysocolla will uplift your mood and recharge you with a brand new positive energy flow, so that you can feel your best self again!

It helps you to relax and unwind, so that you can easily release any fear or emotional trauma. It will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and give you the persistence to keep pushing on despite any hardships or challenges you are facing.

Chrysocolla’s bright and cheerful vibes will lift you up from your somber mood and bring you renewal and healing. Its refreshing bright green hues remind you that winter never lasts forever and spring will come knocking on your door once again, with fresh starts and new beginnings, just like nature springing back to life once more.

Working with Chrysocolla will rejuvenate your body and invigorate your spirit, filling you with a surge of energy and enthusiasm to achieve your heart’s desires.

You will start to feel lightness and joy at the core of your being and it will carry you to places you never knew you could reach!


If you would like to connect with your Guardian Angels or Spirit Guides, turn to this subtle high-vibrational crystal. Apophyllite takes you to a serene and blissful state of mind, at the same time gently purifying your aura of any negative energy or toxic cords that might be blocking the free flow of your life force energy.

Apophyllite has incredibly tranquilizing vibes and working with this crystal is bound to help you overcome anxiety and stress. It helps you release fear of the unknown and fear of change, so that you can start over with a clean slate.

Apophyllite brings you spiritual insights and reminds you that fear is just an illusion created by our mind to trick us into believing that we are threatened by some outside forces.

Fear often indicates a lack of trust in our own divine essence; it is an indicator of feeling a separation deep within our being. Fear is here to show us that we are not yet fully connected to our soul and merged with the Universal Source of love and light, and that we still need to keep working on expanding our consciousness.


Topaz helps to clear your mind of self-destructive thought patterns and helps you reach a higher state of awareness by bringing you clarity of mind. It has serene and purifying vibes that open up blockages and restore the free flow of your life force energy. Your body can easily reactivate its self-healing ability in this renewed and relaxed state.

Turn to Topaz to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities. It helps you advance on your spiritual path by connecting you with higher dimensions and helping you tap into your soul wisdom. You will feel a renewed sense of purpose and clarity that will help you turn your dreams into reality. It is also a great crystal to mend heartache and attract a deep twin flame or soulmate connection. It helps to open your heart to give and receive true love and affection.

Working with an enchanting Topaz crystal is a great way to let go of deep-rooted fears, combat anxiety, and access universal spiritual wisdom. Let your soul be inspired by the colors of this healing crystal and allow it to work its magic on you!

I sincerely hope that you will find my guidance into the world of healing crystals helpful. If you have any doubts as to which of these four crystals you should start working with, as always, it is best to listen to your own intuition and choose the one that you feel most drawn to. Don’t second guess, just follow your gut instinct!

True healing can only begin when we are in a relaxed and trustful state of mind, free from anxiety and fear. The first step is to recognize our true nature, our divine essence of unconditional love. The rest will come naturally.

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About the author

Elina Allais

Elina Allais is a Crystal Healer and the author of the uplifting eBook The Inspiring Stories of 33 Crystals, which features powerful positive affirmations and gorgeous photos of crystals. Her poems and articles on crystals and their amazing healing properties have inspired readers all over the world. For as long as she can remember, Elina has been drawn to everything that is mystical and magical. From the moment she became acquainted with the world of crystals, it was love at first sight. Her knowledge of crystals and their usage in holistic healing therapies is outstanding, but what is perhaps more important, is her soulful connection with crystals and her respect for their true power.