Walk-Ins and Soul Transformations

walk-ins soul transformation
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On my travels I have had the pleasure of meeting a few people that refer to themselves as Walk-ins. What’s a Walk-in?

A Walk-in is when your soul is replaced or merges with the soul of a higher dimensional being.

This phenomenon could be similar to a near death experience, but instead of the person coming back with the memories of higher beings from the other side, they literally bring this being back with them in their own body in order to spread a message or deliver healing to the world.

Some people also refer to this exchange as a Soul Transformation.

Curious to know more? Here’s what I have learnt about Walk-ins-

How do Walk-Ins Happen?

Walk-ins usually occur when the person is very ill. The illness is often very severe and life threatening. In a few of the Walk-ins that I met, the illness was never able to be diagnosed by doctors.

During this time of critical illness, the person’s soul departs the body and a new soul takes over. After this exchange occurs, the illness seems to disappear and the body heals.

Why do Walk-Ins Happen? 

In all the cases of the Walk-ins I have met, the new soul appears to be a higher dimensional being that didn’t want to waste time having to go through infancy to maturity, so they instead team up with another soul and agree to “swap” places or merge.

This allows the higher dimensional soul to fulfil their job on Earth quicker and without having to go through all the “growing pains” that are associated with being human.

Usually this higher dimensional being has important work to do on Earth and comes to deliver some sort of healing or wisdom.

All of the Walk-ins that I have met were working in the spiritual/healing/shamanic space, and all of them began this journey once the soul transfer occurred.

What Happens after the Walk-In Enters the Body?

Once the soul transfer or merging has been completed, the illness is cured and only the person is aware that anything has taken place. From the outside they appear completely normal.

Once in the new body, the new soul has to get use to being in physical form. They also need to get used to their memories and the personality of the body.

All of our bodies carry their own personalities and energy, so the new soul has to learn to adjust to this new state and learn to integrate it with their own.

Often after a soul transformation has occurred there may be a slight change in personality, but more often than not, the Walk-in will will try to blend with rather than completely replace the energy imprint that was once there.

The biggest change in all of the people that I spoke to seemed to be in their spiritual understanding. All of them found themselves drawn to spiritual, psychic, and healing pursuits and felt a strong sense of what they were supposed to do in this life after the soul transformation occurred.

What Happens to the Old Soul?

It is believed that the old soul has fulfilled its duty and purpose, which is why the new soul comes to inhabit the body.

It is also very likely that this merge or swap was agreed upon and written in the person’s soul contract before coming to Earth.

The existing or old soul may experience a type of death, however it could be possible that the old soul still stays attached to the body until physical death.

Where do these Walk-In Souls Come From?

Walk-in Souls are always from a higher dimension and the purpose is always for a greater cause.

Of the Walk-ins that I spoke to, they were very aware of where the new soul had come from and one even shared that their new soul was from the 9th dimension.

Walk-ins are very different to possession. They occur with consent from both sides and occur with higher dimensional beings that are here to spread light, love, and healing.

Final thoughts…

I am definitely no expert on Walk-ins but just wanted to share what I had learnt about this interesting phenomenon. If you are a Walk-in or know someone who is, please feel free to share in the comments below!

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