Your Higher Self and the Soul Star Chakra

higher self soul star chakra

Contained within your Higher Self is the wisdom and knowledge of every lifetime you have ever experienced and are currently experiencing. 

When you connect with your Higher Self, it allows you to feel closer to Source, the universe, oneness, love, and your soul purpose.

What is your Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is essentially your Spirit Energy, not just the Spirit Energy that lives inside of your physical body, but the Spirit Energy that also lives beyond.  

Let me explain-

When you were pure Spirit Energy, and you decided you were going to come down to Earth for a human experience – because let’s face it, being pure energy can only be blissful for so many centuries before you feel the need to change – only part of your Spirit Energy was placed inside of your body.

The rest of your Spirit Energy was left up in different realms to do different things and to perhaps even carry out different lives

We don’t need all of our Spirit Energy for this journey, because firstly, our human bodies probably wouldn’t be able to handle it, and we also need to leave some room to embrace our humanness. 

So, the totality of our Spirit Energy spread across all of our lifetimes, bodies, dimensions, and timelines, is our Higher Self. 

We can also think of our Higher Self as the Spirit Energy that didn’t reincarnate here with us but is still connected to us. It has one foot in the higher realms and one foot down here on Earth with us. 

Our Higher Self has knowledge of what our Spirit Energy has been up to since the beginning of time, and it is there to help and guide us. In fact, we can view our Higher Self as a type of Spirit Guide.

While we are on Earth, we can connect to our Higher Self through activating our Soul Star Chakra.

Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star Chakra is our eighth chakra and is located a few inches to a foot above our Crown Chakra.

The Soul Star is a luminescent white color with shades of green, blue, and purple.

While all chakras are visualized in the shape of a wheel, the Soul Star chakra can also be visualized in the shape of an 8-pointed star or Merkaba.

The Soul Star Chakra is your connection or bridge to your Higher Self and to the realms beyond.

By activating and working with this chakra, you can tune in to the fullness of your own Spirit Energy and the purpose of your Soul in this incarnation. You can also use this chakra to gain access to your Akashic Records.

Connecting to your Higher Self 

Connecting with your Higher Self can bring you clarity, a feeling of love and support, and a reminder of your soul purpose.

Connecting with your Higher Self is not about being some angelic being, rather it can help you to create a deeper understanding of life, and through that deeper understanding, life becomes more meaningful.

We can only see things from our limited, human mind, but our Higher Self can see things across lifetimes and through the lens of our soul purpose.

So, when something happens or you are faced with challenges, your Higher Self can see more clearly where these challenges are rooted, why they are there, and what their purpose is.

When you connect with your Higher Self, they can share that information with you to give you a deeper understanding of your life journey and whatever it is that you are facing.

Making a connection with your Higher Self is an individual journey, but here are a few tips to help you get started-

1.) Acknowledge the Connection

You are already connected to your Higher Self whether you choose to work with it or not.

Your Higher Self comes to you in dreams, visions, and intuitive pings. When you find yourself staring off into space for no reason, that is your Higher Self syncing up with you.

When you feel tingles when someone mentions something or you enter a space, that is your Higher Self reminding you to pay attention, it’s like your cells are waking up, remembering something important about your journey or the moment your find yourself in.

As you start to become aware of your own Higher Self, you will be able to tune in to when and how it is making contact with you.

Maybe also take a moment to think about what your Higher Self may feel or look like. You may even like to try this journal prompt- “If my Higher Self was sitting in front of me right now, it would say…

2.) Tame the Ego

Your Higher Self is kind, compassionate, and feels more like home. Your Higher Self however, has to share room with your ego.

Being human is not about learning to shed the ego. Rather, it is about learning to balance our ego with our Higher Self.

When connecting with our Higher Self, our ego will have questions that perhaps may block or get in the way of the messages our Higher Self has for us.

Here is a good exercise to practice with using a deck of Oracle or Tarot cards:

  • Shuffle the cards and ask a question from your ego/human mind. Pull three cards and see what answers come up.
  • Now, without formulating a question, ask your Higher Self to come and pull some cards for you so it can share a message. See what cards come up, and how they may be different or the same to the first cards you pulled.

When I did this exercise, the first card spread gave me a lot to think about and while it answered some questions, I still had more. On the second card pull with my Higher Self, I noticed the cards felt more definitive, and while no question was asked, it gave me a sense of the bigger picture.

Your feelings and response to this exercise will of course be different, so tune in to whatever messages and feelings you get.

If you would like to do more work on taming the ego, I highly recommend A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

3.) Activate your Soul Star Chakra

If you are used to meditating, you may like to use this self-guided practice. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • 1.) Close your eyes and take three deep breaths, just settling your mind and body.
  • 2.) Bring your awareness to the top of your head and imagine a beautiful luminescent star hovering about a foot above you.
  • 3.) As you focus on this point, imagine the star getting brighter and stronger. Imagine it opening to reveal its true strength and power.
  • 4.) Then, quietly in your mind, ask to merge and connect with your Higher Self.

Youtuber, Aurora Amor has also created a Soul Star Chakra Meditation using some of the wisdom from this article.

Here is another good introductory video by Energy Healer, Deborah King.

I recommend working with this video to begin with, but then taking your own intuitive journey in connecting with your Higher Self.

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