Your Weekly Oracle Card Reading: October 7-13, 2019

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Nikki, who has been doing the Weekly Tarot Readings is taking a break, so in the meantime, I am filling in with these weekly Oracle Readings. The deck I am using is the Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Colette Baron-Reid. Hope you enjoy!

The Ice Queen and The Hawk Prince

The Ice Queen wants us to take our ideas, our goals, and our dreams and put them “on ice” for a moment while we catch our breath and make time to reflect.

She cautions us against doing too much or spreading ourselves too thin this week, and asks us to check in with our goals and what our motivation is for doing what we are doing.

Are we pursuing some of our goals based on material gains or attachments? Are we forging ahead in a particular area of our lives led by our ego? Are we trying to please everyone while sacrificing our own wellbeing?

By taking pause, the Ice Queen wants us to look at things a little deeper, and to reflect on the motivation behind our actions. She asks us to only focus on what is truly important and meaningful to us and to leave the rest on ice to thaw out at a later time.

If there is something we have been struggling to get off the ground or something we have been stressing over, the Ice Queen wants us to stop forcing and wait until a new inspired action emerges all on its own.

This week we can let go of any ideas or projects that feel forced and trust that she will preserve and keep our ideas safe until the perfect moment comes to revisit them.

The Ice Queen’s message also coincides with Mercury slowing down this week on October 11, as it prepares to enter retrograde later this month.

With Mercury slowing down, we are also being asked to look back over things and to favor completing what is already on our plate rather than starting anything new.

If you do have some new fresh ideas that you want to get off the ground, this is the week where you may want to pause, retrace your steps a little, do more research, and perhaps readjust before moving forward.

The second card we have as our guide for the week is the Hawk Prince and this is a positive sign that we are on the right path and heading in the right direction.

The Ice Queen’s energy may make us feel a little frozen in place, but the Hawk Prince comes to remind us that we are on the right path, even if we are being asked to slow down this week.

Just like the Ice Queen wants us to assess our goals, so too does the Hawk Prince. He wants to remind us the goals that are aligned with our heart and soul will always be ours and will always be accomplished in perfect Divine timing.

He wants us to know that we don’t need to rush, hurry or force anything for everything that is meant to be ours is coming our way, we just have to trust in the flow of events.

The Hawk Prince is able to soar high and see things from a higher perspective. From this vantage point, he is able to see that eventually, everything has a way of working out perfectly and for our highest good.

See if you can soar high like the Hawk Prince and see your life from this perspective. See if you can trust in the Divine timing and know that there is a bigger plan for your life that is not always possible to see.

There is no need to rush, there is no need to force, for all that is meant to be will find you. We just have to stop stressing, stop gripping, stop controlling and repeat- “all that’s meant to be will find a way.”

So, this week, the Ice Queen asks us to think about freezing a few projects or ideas until the right inspired action arises. With these things cleared off our plate, we can take time to relax and check-in with ourselves to ensure that our actions are aligned with what is truly important to us.

The Hawk Prince reminds us that we don’t have to force anything, and that everything is running right on schedule. He reminds us that even though we can’t see the end goal, something whole and beautiful is in the works.

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