Intuitive Astrology: October Full Moon 2017

october full moon astrology 2017

The October 5th Full Moon falls in the fire sign of Aries and is going to bring an intensity and passion to all of our lives.

The last month for many of us has been about resting, contemplating and releasing the old for the new to emerge. We have been guided by the cosmos to take a gentle approach and to be patient when it comes to going after what we want.

We have also been reminded by Mother Earth with the changing of seasons to prepare for a shift and to give ourselves time to acclimate to the new vibrations that are on offer to us.

All of this energy has been with us since the watery, gentle Pisces Full Moon back in early September, but now the tides are turning.

With the October Full Moon in Aries we are being asked to step up, take action and start claiming back our lives.

No more can we hide in the shadows, no more can we spend time resting and contemplating, instead the time has come act.

We must find our strength no matter what has been going on for us or how hopeless it seems, we must find our strength and we must solider ahead.

When the Full Moon falls in Aries it is a reminder that there are always going to be obstacles in life. There are always going to be things that you have to overcome or things that are going to get you down, but when you believe in yourself, when you tune into your heart’s desire and know yourself, anything is possible.

Aries energy is about believing in yourself so much that any obstacles are viewed as being small in comparison.

Aries energy is about trusting yourself, finding your independence and marching forward in spite of it all in the direction that you know is right. It is about developing a greater sense of self and knowing who you truly are.

Living in the past is no longer an option. Living in the shadows is no longer an option. The time has come to rise. The time has come to emerge and to take action in whatever way feels right for you.

No matter what obstacles are in your way, get clear about what you want and then take steps to making it happen. The Aries Full Moon will support you with your leap of faith, you just have to take the first step.

October’s Full Moon carries a lot of power and intensity that we can all use in our lives to find our strength and to step up into our fullest potential, however there is another side to it as well.

While going after what we want is wonderful, we are also being asked to consider others, we are also being asked to consider how our actions effect the world around us.

We all know the saying- with great power comes great responsibility, and that is exactly what this Full Moon is reminding us of as well.

While there is a lot of power up for grabs we are also being asked to take responsibility for how we use that power.

Perhaps take a moment to ask yourself- How do I use my power?

Some people love to give away their power, especially when life gets tough, whereas others may be too heavy handed and use it as a way to gain control or serve their ego.

If either of these states resonate with you, perhaps ask yourself how you can use this Full Moon energy to create balance and to create a healthy relationship with power.

Perhaps you need to stand in your power and own your life more, or perhaps you need to take a few steps back and stop imposing your power on others.

This is going to be important particularly in your relationships, especially due to the fact that Venus and Mars, the two cosmic lovers are also very active during this Full Moon.

If there has been a power struggle in any of your relationships, not just romantic, this Full Moon may cause tensions to rise. Instead of getting sucked into the intensity, try to find the balance and to use your power from a place of heart rather than ego.

Learning to use your power from a place of heart rather than ego is always a good idea, so use this Full Moon energy to really pay attention to how you are choosing to use your power.

The Aries Full Moon is going to be very energizing, so whatever needs to get done, whatever actions you need to take are likely to feel effortless and easy.

If there are things that need attending to in your life, now is the time to use this powerful Full Moon energy to create solutions, overcome obstacles and soldier on. You can do it.

Here is a ritual idea.

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  • KaCee Kemper

    This is my life….literally!

    • so glad it resonated with you! Oct has great energy and this Full Moon definitely helps to kickstart things 🙂

  • Clarence Pegrum

    Tanaaz – you rock! Not only do I love every article that you write but so many resonate with me; it’s unreal. This one right now, in particular. I start being conscious of feeling a certain way, check the site…and there it is, my thoughts and feelings beautifully compiled in an article. Thank you so much for doing what you do. I adore Forever Conscious and cherish the work you create. Thank you xxx

    • thank you so much for your kind words Clarence! Really, really appreciate it and I am so glad you resonate and find comfort in these words! sending you lots of love and light and a big hug xoxo

  • Juxn Rxmirez

    amazing how the universe keeps me alive and at the same time making it such a magical experience, i didn’t knew why, but a couple of weeks ago i felt an energy in me, and a kind of clarity that one night specifically Sept 9th i just decided to stop smoking (drugs), couldn’t understand where this mental state came, but it just felt like i was done with that, i felt so scared for what was coming for me, last time i tried to stop it all went bad, i hated life, and felt so sick, physically and mentally sick, abstinence is hard, but this time felt so much easy, like i was filled whit this joy and optimism for what i was just feeling like something clicked and now i can live, really live, i’m 31 and i’m an Aries, and this makes myself make sense to me again, its been only days without using any drug, and specially today i felt confused and just blank, a couple of minutes ago i was trying to just sleep but couldn’t, then found this article and now i remember what i felt that night of clarity, life, is more than enough, is so much more that we can imagine, so much to discover, I’ve always felt like there is something special about who i am, in terms of how i see things but specially how i feel it all and i don’t want that feeling to never go away so i can use this power like you say, its so strong this power, and its not only mine. wish i could explain, mostly to you now that your special words guided me to myself. i don’t know you tanaaz, but i love you. THANK YOU

  • Joey Szabo

    Yes! Thank you. Rock on…

  • Jim Koolman

    Blah Blah Blah

  • Jessica Mendes

    This must be why I always end up starting new jobs around October / November. Now my husband and I are moving this time of year from the states and starting a new journey in Portugal. After I read your article it resonated with me so much about the recent past being a bit slow and uneasy and the way I felt so energetic today with the full moon really kicking me in gear. I just hope I can continue this wonderful energetic force. It’s very strong and I love it! Thank you for the article. I shared parts of it on my latest instagram post @guidedspace