What to Do When Spirits Come Knocking

when spirits come

Has there been a time in your life that the door to the spirit world has opened? Have you had experiences that you cannot explain, heard voices, seen apparitions or felt different energies?

These experiences are more common than you think and if you have ever been curious to explore or deepen your connection to this energy, then this is where to start –

1.) Start With the Connection to Yourself

Whether the door is already open or you want to work on opening it, the first and most important thing to do is develop a strong connection with yourself. This can be done through meditation, morning pages, different alternative therapies or through creative work. Whatever medium you choose, developing an understanding and deeper awareness is paramount to this type of work. You must reach a place where-

  • You understand the ego and how and when it manifests within you
  • You have an awareness about your subconscious thought patterns
  • You are reprogramming your thoughts to focus on positive and mindful intentions
  • You are in tune with your body to know how you feel and are developing your intuition
  • You are regularly journaling or writing down your dreams and thoughts

2.) Have a Tool Box of Protection

Before you even think of dabbling in the spirit world you must acquire a tool box of protection which includes:

  • Establishing a Strong Connection with Your Guides/Angels: Making a connection with your guides is very important in this type of work as they will act as your protectors and guardians. They will also be able to guide you through the process and be a resource to turn to if you ever need to. Establishing a connection is almost impossible if you don’t at least start trying to do step one first. The inner work is important as it helps us to tune in to when we are actually communicating with our guides or not. Here are two important resources- How to Connect with Your Spirit Guides and Ways our Spirit Guides Communicate with Us. If have trouble establishing a connection to your guides, you can start by reaching out to a god/goddess/deity of your choice such as Jesus, Buddha or Archangel Michael etc.
  • Visualizing a White Light of Protection: This is like your spiritual armour and can be programmed to cover you, objects, spaces, and others. While mediating, imagine a white light surrounding your body in your minds eye. Feel how protective it is and trust that no harm can come to you while you are covered. Work on making the light bigger and stronger. Practice using your protective light in everyday situations.
  • Charged Crystals: Crystals and stones can be fantastic tools of protection. There are many crystals for protection such as quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, black kyanite, celestite and fluorite however, it’s more important that you choose a crystal that resonates with you. (How to Charge a Crystal for Protection.)
  • Prayer/Mantras/Affirmations: Sometimes there is nothing more powerful than saying a prayer or a mantra. It’s best to come up with something that resonates with you but here is a good example- “I am light, I am love, I am safe from all those who are not aligned with the highest of intentions, I call upon my guides and angels for protection. I am grateful that I am looked after.”
  • Smudging: Using sage to cleanse your surroundings and aura is recommended especially after doing any spiritual work or healing. Saging is also great to clear away any negative energies. Here is How to Cleanse Using Sage.

Having a tool box of protection is highly recommended, start with your guides/angels, white light, crystals and then work in your own objects or visualizations that feel right for you.

3.) State Your Intention and Be Open to Receiving

It’s really important to ask yourself the question- Why? Why do you want to establish or further this connection?

Once you are clear about your intention you can ask your guides and angels to help deliver experiences, information and people towards you that will assist you on your journey. Remember to state your intention clearly, you can be an active participant in what you choose to allow in or not.

The final step is being open to receiving and trusting in your abilities and your connection to yourself and source energy. Experiences will come your way when you are truly ready, willing and open to receiving them.

A Word of Caution:

Dabbling in the spirit world can be fun but it can also be extremely dangerous. If you are genuinely interested in expanding your gifts and abilities, the above three steps will guide you well. What you do after these steps however, is up to you and where your intuition and gifts guide you to go. Jumping ahead before you feel ready can be very, very dangerous which is why at any time, if any of this work makes you feel uncomfortable, stop immediately and use your tools of protection.

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  • thanks

    • you are most welcome 🙂

  • Tash

    Hi, i see this is an old post but ive had something happen recently and need advice..

  • lana

    Last nite in the middle of the nite when while my eyes closed I put my hand on my cat whilst in bed, I felt someone else’s hand under mine. I quickly removed my hand because I did think that it was not my husband’s as I was sleeping at the bed’s end and he is hairy, but that one was hairless. And quickly afterwards my cat heard or saw some thing and ran after it. Thought it was my other cat that the first one never allows upstairs in my room. But slept after. But before the feelings I was in a state of high anxiety.

  • Kathie becker

    Hello. I’ve had noises in my house that were unexplained. Over the yrs. I’ve seen orbs.. I’ve heard female sighs, and cries . My friend blessed the house as its been a few yrs then recently we moved out and my daughter and her 4 kids and husband mover into the house. Last night things in her master bathroom happened. Her husbands battery operated razer flew off her shelf and all parts went everywhere. Plus the razor was vibrating. This same bathroom is where I heard female voices and my razor had been dropped in my shower years ago.. also my daughter came home yesterday her front door was wide open and her two large dogs had been placed on her enclosed back deck while the calmer 3rd dog was left to roam her house. She had shut the door when she left and all 3 dogs were asleep in her bed when she left. She knew about my experiences yrs ago , so she had called me… another strange thing was while she was here at my new home with her kids a piece of corder round on top of my cupboards in my kitchen flew off while we were sitting here… this makes me think our ghost is back… what is your opinion? Thankyou.

    • wow, this is definitely interesting. sometimes cleansings don’t actually remove the spirit, but instead it kind of makes them “dormant”. Now that a new family has moved in, it may have re-activated the spirit in a way. Sounds like another cleansing is perhaps in order.

  • Lee M

    Over 10 years ago, a loved one committed suicide. I was so hurt and angry, I swore I would never be able to forgive. Since then, I have felt strange occurrences, cold, eerie, noises, my PC turning itself on and starting music, electric kettle turning on and off repeatedly, steps…I also battle with feelings of gloom, depression and rage, most of it unexplained at this point. My SO senses spirits more than I do, and was able to describe the entity as my deceased loved one. He described its physical appearance, clothing, and hairstyle. He had never seen this person before and we didn’t know each other at all when this person lived. He mentioned that the ghost was clearly angry and afraid but wouldn’t make its intentions known. At first we thought a spirit was attached to an object, but I started to think that I had lived creepy events before and suggested that the spirit was attached to me…my SO went on to describe the person, and I recognised the features, found a photo online from the newspaper and his face confirmed it was indeed the ghost…

    I need to do something, this ghost needs to leave me in peace as I have been tormented for years now. What do I do…

    • Hi Lee, this must be a very intense and emotional experience for you! I would recommend seeing a healer or shaman who deals in this type of thing. But perhaps there is healing there that needs to happen for you in order for this to be cleared….blessings to you!

    • Prashant Bhoyar

      How many hours do you use electronic gadgets daily..?try not using one…hug a tree daily..walk on earth daily without shoes or sandals..meditate…dont fear..

  • Katie H

    Hello .I have always been open but sceptical about spirits. But l know what I saw .
    My daughter has had issues in a particular room in our house since she was young to the point she refused to sleep in that room. After I saw something that jolted me and scared me I asked my daughter to describe what she was so scared of in that room. I never told her or her sister what I saw but they described the exact same thing that I had seen. They had no way of knowing what I had seen because I told no one . B4 I did ask them I described it to my brother who then asked my girls and they described the same thing. It’s evil ..it has no face …its big it’s dark and it was like it was hissing at me it was focused on me I could feel it but it has no face or real definition… And my gut and inner voice screams my daughters name . I don’t know what to do I don’t talk of it to people cause I don’t want to look like I’m nuts. Any advice would be appreciated

    • thanks for sharing! you may need to seek some professional help on this one. perhaps someone who specializes in dealing with and removing these types of beings from your home. in the meantime, just keep some tools of protection around and try your best to remain indifferent to the presence. hope that helps!

  • Turbosloth

    I’ve been having some lucid dreams one which consisted of repeated false awakenings, like 6 in a row before I finally encountered something dark and creepy, actually ended up throwing it at a wall lol. Someone said it was maybe astral projection hmm. Coupled with all the weird things happening in my house in the last couple months, maybe..Have been smudging and stuff though lately, even have my own home grown sage. Seems to brighten up the whole house, but after a week or two weird things start happening again. Guess I’d better make a habit out of it lol

    • yes, considering all the other activity that you spoke about it is definitely a good idea to smudge!

  • sneeuprinses

    Hi Tanaaz, i am not sure but need to talk to someone regarding spirits. i am from South Africa. i lost my ex husband 2 years ago. he was never sick and was only 58 when he died according to the hospital of a massive heart attack. just after he was admitted he died somewhere between 12 and 03:00 am. i have battled to understand this and up till today i struggle to accept that he is no longer with us. after his funeral about 2 months after i noticed things in my house. first it was a smell…… coffee then my clock starts stopping at certain time and will start again sometimes the mirror in my living room will turn side ways, the coffee smell also appears whilst i was driving and will disappear again. my miniature doberman will also stare in a certain corner and will sometimes just stare and turn her head. she use to know him very well. i have fallen into a deep depression after his death and cried a lot. its now 2 years and thing do get better after my daughter gave me his ashes. i keep it in my bedroom it makes me feel at ease. my question is how do i know if the things has something to do with a spirit or if it is him. we also lost my father in law few months before my ex husband and my husband also kept the ashes for while but his mother took the ashes after few months. can ashes of someone have any affect on the house or me? I have been watching a program on TV the last week about spirits and ghosts. i now have problems with sleep. hope you will be able to give me some reassurance regarding this. is it possible that it could be my ex husband he died not in this province.

    • Hi sneeuprinses, i am sorry to hear about your husband. his ashes would probably hold a strong energy, but at the same time you don’t need to necessarily have them there to feel the presence of your loved ones, you may find these articles helpful-

      • sneeuprinses

        Hi Tanaaz…. Thank you for feedback. I have 2 miniature dobermanns. When I am watching TV I usually sits in the dark and both dogs will lay beside me on the coach. Suddenly the one dog is a bit unease with times and she will always be watching at a certain spot in the air. Mostly its just my dog the other one is my new husbands dog. It is always at the same spot . she will just stare with her ears pointing straight up. Her eyes when se is looking has a calm impression as if she is just noticing and listening! Could it be a spirit? Today my kettle keeps turning on and off. A few days ago my one oval mirror turned sideways 3 times. I have been staying at this house for 5 years now my ex husband passed away 2 and half years ago and about 2 months after he died stuff started happening. Before he died my father in law from my current husband also died. I was with my father in law when he took his last breath. Afterwards his ashes was also with us for few months. But I only started seeing things after my ex husband died. There are days when I do feel very emotional and for no reason I will be thinking of him. My dog knew my ex husband as he sometimes looked after them for me. But like I say it is just the one dog that stare at this certain spot.

        • based on the experiences you described it very well could be, but again it is hard to say. I would go with your instincts on this one as there is no other real way to know. You would probably be the best judge of that. The most important thing is how you feel- do you feel the energy as being loving and protective? or does it feel uncomfortable? that will probably be a good indication if you should go into this further, or cleanse things up. hope that helps!

          • sneeuprinses

            It does not feel as harmful! Most of the time when this happens I keep feeling as though its my ex husband trying to let me know he is with me. I do not feel It could be my father in law! I do not want to tell anyone becoz they will think I am mad and sometimes I feel maybe I want it to be him that I believe it is him. Other thing I am experiencing is a heavyness on my chest! It sometime makes me feel I cannot breath and I am out of breathe as if my lungs do not get enough oxigen.today is one of those days and normally I am very active.

          • if you feel it could be your ex husband trying to pass on a message you could try this- http://foreverconscious.com/communicate-spirits-safely

  • Harley Davidson

    For a few days now I have been hearing knocking in my bathroom, I’m getting a bit scared and couries of what the noise is so I said stop tapping and the tapping stopped then I said tap twice if you are something and it typed twice could I have some advice to what I should do let alone im a 17 year old boy and my mother keeps telling me it’s nothing but I know it’s something I feel something and I keep getting cold spots on my back feeling like something touches me around the house but when I go into the bathroom I just hear tapping like and it’s getting Lauder everyday I think. Help

    • this is definitely interesting, i am no paranormal expert but i recommend that you do your best to ignore it as much as possible. the reason i say this is because if there is a presence there, they are most likely going to feed off your reactions and your energy. you may also find this article helpful-

      • Harley Davidson

        Thanks you, My house is a new build so everyone
        I’ve told is calling me crazy but I know something is there I was ignoring it last night when I went to the toilet but it was a Lauder bang as it was peed off, This was when everyone else was asleep at around 3am

    • Prashant Bhoyar

      Ask it more questions..to make sure its friendly..and why its there.

    • Shannon Price

      Don’t ask it nothing don’t talk to it. There called knocking spirits. And most of all don’t be afraid. Be brave and take know notice. I’ve had the same thing. Spirit attendants

      • Shannon Price

        How would you explain your self. Do you have a great heart? But make a lot of wrong decisions?

        • Shannon Price

          Just so you know. I’ve experienced a lot of activity in my life. To the point of being absolutely terrified. I don’t like to talk about it. Because how can people under stand if it’s never happened to them. It took me a long time to be able to face what was happening. But I managed to dig deep and be brave. And not let it scare me anymore. Take your focus off it every time you enter the room.

    • Shannon Price

      How would you explain your self. Do you have a great heart? But make a lot of wrong decisions?

    • Shannon Price

      Just so you know. I’ve experienced a lot of activity in my life. To the point of being absolutely terrified. I don’t like to talk about it. Because how can people under stand if it’s never happened to them. It took me a long time to be able to face what was happening. But I managed to dig deep and be brave. And not let it scare me anymore. Take your focus off it every time you enter the room

    • Shannon Price

      Could you give me a update on how things are?

  • Steph Cosgrove

    I Need Help! I’m desperate and not sure what to do, My Son is 2 years old now and since he was about 1 and slept in this own Bedroom alone, he has been waking up screaming between the hour of 2 am and 3 am almost every night, I’ve brought him to a sleep specialist and they didnt see any nightmares happening or anything I’ve tried Melatonin with him as well and nothing is helping him, There are time when he was a baby i would watching stare at corner of his room and he looked like he was following something from one side to the other, and lately he has been pointing to his closet and saying something (in baby Jabble) i know he is trying to tell me something i just dont know what, but my poor kid is scared out of his wits every night and the weird thing to is he ONLY does this when he is in his room, anywhere else he has slept he will sleep through the night no problems, even his sleep study with wires attached to him he slept fine, I dont know what else to do i dont know if his room has any sort of Pos or Neg energy in it, if someone could give me just pointers that would be greatly appreciated!!!!

    • mmmm…are there any other signs of spirit activity in the house? if not, he may just have a negative association with the room or the closet. for example, if he had a nightmare one time about the closet, it may now be something that he is afraid of. i would recommend cleansing the room using sage, essential oils or some other tool. maybe you can even tell your son that you are going to cleanse his room, perhaps this may comfort him on some level. fill the room with some positive energy may help to ease his worries. you can also perhaps change something about the closet to make it more appealing? here is an article to help you with the cleansing part-

    • HDean

      If it were me, I’d bring the crib (or whatever bed) into my room. It could be as simple as he wants to co-sleep with you. I would ask him to point to where he would like to sleep. Generally, humans don’t like to sleep alone, and contrary to popular belief, kids will be happy to sleep on their own once they’re ready. I think it’s just one of those things..

    • Shannon Price

      Same thing was happening with my baby. When in his room. He would wake terrified. Frantically rolling and kicking. I would pick him up and he would still be terrified. Have child sleep in your room. I walked in to his room he was standing in his baby bed saying the word checky about five times. He was focused on something. We had never taught him the word. And he has never said it again. If your child is still focused on something and scared while your holding him. Place a blanket over there head to take the vision away. It worked for me when he was looking at something

      • Shannon Price

        If your still having problems please let me know

  • Gul Kohad

    in my previous home we owned … i used to feel the same eerie feeling….i always felt something negative was watching me whenever i crossed a specific room(guest room) …. surprisingly when i got married i shifted to this house with him and within few months i fell of the bathroom while bathing and my head banged on the tiles and i lay unconcious for a while i don’t know how much ….. As soon i regained consciousness i realized it was a sudden force by which it happened and though i could not see anything clearly i got up and called my husband thru phone…. after a year my cousin sister came and stayed with me for few months and when i told her one day abt the incidence she said, even she felt the same in her room and probably saw a dead man walking and staring at her….on being asked why didnt she tell me before she said that she thought, we might have laughed it off…. then during her stay my husband fell in the same bathroom and lay unconscious thankfully me and my cousin was still there ….. i went and picked him up and he repeated the same way i fell a year back….this just got me into chills as i was thinking that if there is any spirit in this house it must not be harmful but i think i was wrong ….. we rushed him to the hospital as he said he is having difficulty breathing and can’t see clearly(as happened with me everything went blurr) all the time he was in the house i recited Maha Mritunjay Mantra…..that very day i decided i will not stay in this house and told my husband after he returned from the hospital, all the incidents and what my cousin had seen…..Our house was very pretty otherwise and well lighted and i loved the way it was done…..but during that time i got into fengshui and vastu shastra and realized my house entrance was south west(which is devils entrance) ……i forced my husband to sell the flat and he did as he also got convinced and we got a new one(still underconstruction). but atleast i feel safe for us 🙂 …..phew!!!

    • wow interesting! thanks for sharing, interesting what you mentioned about having the entrance of the house at a south-west direction! thanks

  • Gul Kohad

    also adding to below i always feel energies everywhere if its there……just do not know whether they are negative or positive

  • Callie Wilson-Pitts

    I’ve had a presence with me for over 20 years. I’m fairly confident that it is probably my mother that committed suicide when I was 10….. until the last couple years it had been fairly infrequent and slight incidents and never in anyone else’s presence. This has recently begun to change and has started disturbances in the presence of others in my office and home. I have moved a lot and know that this is not something tied to a particular home. The presence is now showing itself quite strongly with my children, especially my 7 year old. The strongest of occurences has happened tonight and now I’m scared. A co-worker came to babysit tonight and while laying in my bed in my room with my 7 year old at bedtime the bed began to shake. I have saged my work and the last 2 homes I’ve been in. I have a crystal in my room and the kitchen. Nothing seems to help. My kids first saw this all as interesting and “wow” but now fear has come into play and I need to know how to make this stop. I have tried speaking to my mother and telling her it’s ok to go and we are ok and I forgive her. This has helped once when I was alone in my room and felt her pushing the blankets down like weights on top of my legs but it doesn’t seem to help in these other instances.

    • I’m trying to contact you but I can’t find a way to PM you so here I am to share my story.
      I know exactly what you’re experiencing it’s been happening to me as well for the last 2 weeks…. I was amazed at first that this is very real, now it’s just been bothersome to me.
      I couldn’t even sleep well anymore I would see unexplained shadows in the corner of my eyes.
      My electronic equipment would turn on and off, and the biggest occurance is the touching and breathing.
      Yes! it breathes a cold air, ironically it has a somewhat human form, but it’s far from human.
      IT has a tail wiggling back and forth while sitting on the edge of my bed where my feet is located.
      It would shake my bed by waving its lower body back and forth.
      I’ve recently saged my room last night and it has stopped…. I can only hope it has moved on to the other side.
      I hope this helps you if you wish to contact me I’d be happy to hear from you so we can help each other.

  • Hailey

    The past few days I’ve felt a presence in my home which is leaving me to be rather anxious. I have no concern with ghosts or spirits considering I’ve encountered many since a small child however I get this eerie sensation with this particular one. The house is newer and no one has lived here besides us. I’m more concerned with this as my younger sister is not aware of paranormal activity and she would not cope well with discovering these occurrences due to her anxiety.
    Any tips on how to remove it besides crystals and smudging as these have not worked as of yet

    • I would keep saging the space everyday and perhaps try a few of these suggestions- http://foreverconscious.com/6-ways-to-fill-your-home-with-positive-energy perhaps doing a few of these things on a regular basis may help to shift some of the energy. I am no ghost hunter, but I also do know that sometimes sending loving energy to the spirit/ghost and not feeding into anxieties/stress can also be a big help. Good luck!

  • Mins Nujum

    Its been yrs..sometimes i feel its a positive spirit or ghost whatever..because it guides.. it hurts anyone who hurts me..all my intense desires which are good happens…it always guide me to do good deeds..its a hansome man once i dreant of but his eyes r scary he flies all de tym..it touches me at nite..wen it comes my lights n de room switches off and on..sometimes certain things i feel will happen..happens..i was left shocked..i told my parents but no body seems to b believe me…oncd i had a very very dream that i got scared to sleep thereafter…but i can feel its presence..for sure its trying to communicate something..i sometimes see ppplwhohav passesd away from my family but with whom i share no personal intimacy..y me???.sometimes i scared to dream…and scared to think since mostvthem turn out to b true..its fun but sometimes very scary..

  • Jim V

    Over the past two weeks, I have had two encounters I cannot explain. My wife thinks I am nuts or in some kind of half-waking state. I try to assure her that I am not but I cannot rationally explain what has happened. First, while preparing for sleep, I felt something rubbing back and forth below my feet across the bottom of my bed. I turned on a small light but nothing was there. Fast fwd about 2 weeks, same scenario, but my bed started mildly shaking; I turned on a flashlight, sat up and it stopped but without any sources I could see, hear, smell etc. The feeling I get is not necessarily negative, rather I think it is playful, but it puts my senses on full alert and for about an hour I am ready for something that never happens and then I go to sleep. The only thing that seems to be different is a new “lectro-fan” from Amazon which is a white noise/ fan noise maker to drown out house noises; I keep it on one of the fan settings. Other than that, my routine is the same. I will try sleeping without my new sound machine for a few weeks to see if that helps. Any thoughts? thank you.

  • Cynthia

    My fiances grandmother who was a strong believer in the lord passed away at home due to heart failure at age 83. Before her was her husband he died a long cancer 13 years earlier. Every time granny was in the hospital things would be falling over from shelves and a sense of unrest would fill our home. Even seen evil spirits in the background in photos. 2 months ago December 12th granny passed and ever since things have been happening a lot! First it was granny’s radio in her room that kept coming on and off even after we unplugged it. That finally stopped but it was always static, then our garbage can would fall over once a day and I kept thinking why is this doing this. Now the dresser that was granny’s our daughter has and it just falls over for no reason no matter what we do it falls forward and we even braced it. Now recently we moved her small dressers to our room and they have been falling over in the middle of the night. We have a cat but our cat is not aloud in our room or our daughters room. My fiancé grannny raised him and he has never been a day apart from his granny since 4 years old. She took care of him and he then took care of her with my help. Pictures in her room have fallen noises water turning on, my fiancé would feel and see a presence but it was really quick. Before she passed I’d be getting ready to take a nap and hear whispers from what it seemed like a child saying mom but it wasn’t my daughter. The blinds were pulled up in her room which we don’t know how it got there. Lots of stuff we have witnessed with no explanation and in different places throughout our home. I keep wondering if she is stuck in a alternate world, is it her husband who smoked a lot and may not be in heaven looking for her? Or is it possible when she passed away here that some bad ghost spirit came in? But all three of us here have witnessed something and even felt something touching our hair at times thinking it was air. Is something here or????

  • Chlorine

    Hi can I ask if the beginner want’s to connect with them what to prepare and when you want to stop connect what to do

  • Wendy Sue

    The last 2 nights there has been some type of presence. While I’m sleeping I can feel nudges, then it’s feels like something is against my back. Mind you before this happens I have this sensation of chills throughout my body. Last night I could see a shadow of a hand move past my eyes. I’ve had lots of sleep paralysis in the past. But these last few times its been different……I’m not sure what to do!?

  • Jan Johnson-Miller

    I have had many experience’s for years. It calms for a time then comes back with a vengeance. It isn’t bad or causing a problem it’s just there. I can get a sudden feeling that there will be an accident and seconds later it happens.
    I smell things. I hear gentleman talking low only for 5 or 10 seconds. I have seen ghosts that didn’t frighten me, only to find out it was a relative from many years past. I’ve had my husband who had been dead for twenty years at that time pop into a neighbor who was trying to swoon me but it was daves eyes looking at me telling me no bad bad idea. Which months later this neighbor hung hisself ‘because I wouldn’t speak with him. He left a message on my answering machine at the time. Anyhow, ideas??????

  • Liam Geehan-Hearn

    i’ve been awoken by “attack” like situations. Where it is a lot like sleep paralysis, and actually started as sleep paralysis. Where I was attacked while half asleep but could not move or scream and saw black images or someone. Eventually it has moved to something moving, bushing my side and waking me or pulling on my feet or duvet and walking me but not paralyzed like before. I’m also tossing and turning at night but not feeling tired during the day nor negative energy during the day or trying to sleep. last night i was awoken by another attack where i screamed at something attacking me. I don’t know what is going on, is something trying to tell me something? I’m not stressed!

    • Genghis Mccampbell

      I am having these same episodes. If you find anything out, please let me know

      • hoodpierced

        First you can start with white sage or black sage( mugwort). Black sage is stronger. Then if you can get something called vesta powder. It’s a white powder that you can find in occult shops that sell herbs. Vesta powder is used to send negative energies away and is also used in exorcism’s. Open windows so the negative energy can leave. You put a tiny amount of vesta in a metal pot/pan or something fireproof. You light it with an incense stick (just the cherry of the incense stick, doesn’t matter the scent). A lot of smoke will envelope the room. Do this in every room of your home. Remeber if you have smoke detectors they will go off. The vesta does produce a lot of smoke and is flammable so keep it away from candles, flames, etc until you are ready to use it. When you are done, close your windows. Then if you feel like you need or want extra protection purchase some red brick dust from an occult shop. You just put some in front of your door entrances so no evil spirits may enter. Repeat as often as you’d like.

  • jenn d

    I don’t know if this is an ongoing post but I’m really going through and I need some advice over the past month or so not every night but just randomly I will hear knocking it started with one loud bang and then there would be knocking maybe 3 or 4 knots about four nights ago the knocking was longer just one long repeating knock so of course I thought I was going crazy I Googled and I read the death knock I tried to dismiss the thought but I really heard these knots so I really had to do something I looked up prayers that I could use for protection I pray over me and my kids and extended family members I thought that if I didn’t believe in this then it had no power but two nights ago I lost my father

    • i am so sorry to hear about your father. I have never heard about a ‘death knock’ before. are you still hearing the knocking now? if not, it could perhaps be some sort of sign that your dads soul was getting ready to transition. if you still hearing the knocking and you think it may be ‘paranormal’ you may benefit from a smudging ritual. many blessings to you

      • jenn d

        Nothing…. Its unbelievable. I still wake up thinking about it all

  • Judy Puleo Winikates

    I live in a small home in the suburbs of Chicago with my husband and 3 cats. As far as I know, nothing bad has ever happened here but the home was built in 1954, so the possibility is there I guess, for a tragedy to have happened at some point. We always get the feeling of being watched, and except for one brief episode of my husband hearing a low growling in our bedroom, nothing scary has ever happened. My cat seems to interact with something only she can see, and actually get up on her hind legs, almost nightly, in one part of the hallway where we feel most of the energy. The other night I was sitting up alone and heard a distinct knocking on the wall, about 12 feet from where I was seated. The cats looked in the direction but weren’t afraid, and so I wasn’t either. Any thoughts on this? I have video of my cat playing and of the knocking that I could share with you in a private message if you wish. Thank you.