10 Ways to Bring More Magic into your Life

bring magic into life
This article is written by Tarot and Intuitive Reader, Nikki Fogerty. You can find out more about her services and insights at Nikkifo.online.

When I was younger, I was intuitively magical. Like many of us, I was drawn to nature. I collected small talismans and made altars of stones and shells. I cast spells and celebrated the seasons. I spoke to trees and listened to the wind. I would dress up and play out my imagination.

As I got older, many of these things fell away and I started thinking it was silly. I stop casting spells and didn’t believe I had ‘powers.’ I chalked it all up to a witchy-phase or things that I did when I was younger.

It wasn’t until my mid-twenties that I started to connect again with my spiritual and creative practices. I started to own what had come naturally to me when I was little.

I realized these things weren’t silly but actually part of my life’s purpose and calling. I wish I had had the confidence and foresight to continue with my passions earlier, but I am glad I have returned.

Are there things that came naturally to you as a kid that you have let go? Is there a magical energy you feel called bring back to your life? Or are you wishing you could connect with your spiritual side for the first time?

Here is a list I created of things that help me connect to my magic on a daily basis. I hope these things support you in strengthening your intuitive power and fostering joy.

  • Spend time in nature: The natural world is alive and full of wisdom. When we spend intentional time around plants and animals, we can more easily connect to our true essence. It will help us to ground our bodies and remember we are a small part of the big world around us.
  • Look for signs: We each receive numbers, symbols, or even animals that help us know the universe is speaking to us. We can even ask for certain numbers or symbols to show up and point us in the right direction. See if you can connect to what your personal signs might be and ask them to pop up.
  • Practice Rituals and Traditions: Many of us know the joyful experience of celebrating holidays and having certain traditions when we were younger. While we may not continue the same practices, how can we incorporate new traditions and rituals in our lives now? Can we create rituals for the changing seasons or lunar cycles? Can we have a tradition we do each Friday? Can we cook certain food, lights candles or play a special song? Traditions and rituals can be beautiful markers of time and a chance to honor special moments.
  • Work with Tarot Cards: Tarot cards are a beautiful tool for connecting to your intuition and wisdom. They help us create a sacred and creative space for learning more about ourselves. Through the cards, we can focus on what we need to hear in the moment and open ourselves to the magic that comes through.
  • Pay attention to your dreams: Your dreams are a magical place. They are full of signs and fantastical things that can’t happen in waking life. In dreams, we can live out desires or face fears. We can get information on what is most important to us. Writing down your dreams and looking for patterns can help you tap into your spiritual gifts.
  • Ask Questions: There is so much to wonder about and so much we don’t know. Being curious about the world is a magical experience. Ask questions about other’s lives, do research on something you’ve always wanted to learn, experiment with different ways of doing things, and question the things you never questioned. We will never have all the answers and that is a glorious thing.
  • Quiet down: Spending time reflecting in a quiet space is good for us for so many reasons. But one of the things it will do is help you strengthen the muscle of your intuition. When things are moving fast and loud, it is hard to hear our guidance. When we are quiet, we can listen to the still, small voice inside. Set a time each week that you spend in a quiet, reflective space and see how your connection with your intuition grows.
  • Set Intentions: When we know our ‘why,’ we have so much more energy and passion for what we are doing. Setting intentions in your work, relationships or spiritual practice helps imbue it with meaning and depth. This a simple but powerful tool you can use when you set out to do just about anything. Try setting an intention of kindness before you head to the grocery store, have a meeting, or run an errand and see how it transforms your experience.
  • Spend time with children: Children are naturally magical. They are led by their imaginations, they are driven by their spirits and they love to celebrate the small moments. Spending time with children or doing things you loved as a child will allow you to connect this energy. Children help remind you of how special every day can be through their eyes.
  • Lead with love: When we are loving towards others it fills us with love as well. If we approach people with respect and come from the heart, the results are almost always positive. It is a magical feeling to be connected to our true nature of loving-kindness. Send some love out today and see what a powerful exchange it will be.

Finding ways to enhance our spiritual and magical side will bring more joy and purpose into our lives. When we are aligned with our true essence we feel the special power of the world around us. Adding these daily practices will help you to connect to your special power as well.

To book a tarot reading with me, check out my different readings offered on my site. To dive deeper into your intuition and magic, check out my online intuitive coaching sessions. Together we work on creating personal spiritual rituals, building inner trust, and strengthening your natural gifts.

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