3 Crystals for Cancer Season

crystals for cancer season

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki and Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems and has a new e-book available – The Inspiring Story of 33 Crystals.

Incredible how time flies – we are already halfway through the year! Now is the time to let your feelings flow; let it all out – all the emotions that you have accumulated during the last 6 months.

Tap into the energies of Cancer, an intuitive water sign, and be like a river – flowing freely and joyfully over any obstacles, ever-changing and always reinventing itself.

Those born with their Sun in Cancer tend to be highly compassionate and empathetic individuals who above all, value close communication with their friends and family. Home is their safe haven, where they need to feel nurtured and appreciated.

The water element makes them sensitive and mysterious, and gives depth to all their emotions. One of the main things they should learn in this life is how to really tune into their feelings and trust their own intuition.

My mum is a true Cancer woman. The nurturing and care she gives to her loved ones, including me, can often be overwhelming. She has always gone to such great lengths to protect and care for me, oftentimes setting her own needs aside just to provide for my well-being.

I am dedicating this article to her and all the other incredibly caring mothers, fathers, friends, or lovers out there who are too often being taken for granted and not appreciated the way they should be.

Here are 3 beautiful crystals I have intuitively chosen for Cancer Season-



Since Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet that is closest to Earth and therefore has the most profound influence on our emotions, we may all become more sensitive and vulnerable than usual during the Season.

Working with a Rhodocrosite stone can help us express our true feelings in a loving and compassionate manner.

It is a great crystal to soothe heartache and the pain of rejection. Rhodochrosite reminds us that we all deserve to have gentle and loving relationships. All of us deserve to be nurtured, pampered, and appreciated by our loved ones.

The water element gives Cancer the need to dive deep into everything. This also applies to romantic relationships – if they love, they love very deeply, or they don’t love at all. They are very passionate and romantic by nature and they have an inner yearning to find that true love.

Since Rhodochrosite crystal vibrates love and compassion, it can help us attract a deep soulmate connection into our life. At the same time, it encourages playfulness and childlike innocence, helping us all bring some pure joy into our lives.


This dazzling blue-green crystal helps us tap into the highly intuitive energies of Cancer Season.

It helps us enhance our connection with the spirit realm, while reminding us that we are all part of the Divine – there is no separation between higher and lower, us and them.

The meaning of Labradorite crystal is closely connected to the Northern Lights, a uniquely magical, natural spectacle. Since ancient times, those lucky enough to witness it have felt utterly humbled by the beauty of this otherworldly and enchanting phenomenon.

Both the Northern Lights as well as the Labradorite crystal reminds us that magic is everywhere around us. It is our perception of the world that either makes it seem magical or mundane and dull.

We don’t need to practice witchcraft or develop psychic abilities to experience magic in our daily lives. Simply walking in nature or even on city streets can be a truly magical experience, for it is our own state of mind that makes the world sparkle with magic.

Thanks to the influence of the Moon, it will be easier than usual for all of us to unlock our imagination and creative talents during Cancer Season.

Labradorite crystals can help us take our imagination to an even higher level. Why not make the most of these beautiful energies by doing something creative every day.

It could be anything – writing a poem, playing a musical instrument, dancing, cooking an aesthetically pleasing meal, or arranging flowers.

Tapping into our inner creative potential is one of the best ways to connect with the Divine.

White Opal

white opal

Have you ever noticed how some people look effortlessly elegant no matter what they wear?

Working with a White Opal reminds us that our appearance often reflects our purity of heart and mind.

If our thoughts and intentions come from a place of integrity and compassion, we will radiate beautiful light and look lovely no matter what we wear.

White Opal is a high vibrational crystal that brings us clarity and helps us connect with Angels and Spirit Guides.

It has incredibly soothing and deeply nourishing vibes and that is why it is a great crystal to relieve stress and anxiety.

White Opal can help us open up and activate our Crown Chakra and it gently guides us towards discovering our soul calling. It clears away any negative energies that may be lingering within our aura.

Those born with their Sun in Cancer may find themselves at a low point in their lives if they haven’t followed their intuition in important matters.

For all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) one of the main things they should learn is that you cannot trust anyone or anything more than your own gut feeling.

During Cancer Season, White Opal helps us all to keep our emotions in balance, so that we will not drown in our own sorrow or get burnt by the flames of anger.

Oftentimes our outbursts of anger and frustration stem from a deeply rooted self-defence pattern.

We are trying to protect our values and perspectives, because they are so closely tied to our sense of identity and without them, we feel lost.

Once we realize that we are eternally nourished by an infinite supply of universal love energy, there is no more need to defend ourselves from anything.

White Opal also reminds us that there is beauty in simplicity. Now that the Summer/Winter Solstice is here, it is a perfect time to de-clutter our homes and workspaces as well as our minds and inner world.

This helps us clear away any stagnant energy and get our creativity flowing freely.

Our emotions will be more harmonious and we will feel lighter to embrace the start of Cancer season.

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