3 Crystals for the Heart Chakra

This article is written by Elina Allais, a Reiki, Crystal healing practitioner. She is also the creator of @CrystalPoems and has a new e-book available – The Inspiring Story of 33 Crystals.

Chakras are the energy centers of our body. Each chakra has its own energetic purpose and each one plays an important role in our health and well-being.

Working with our chakras in order to maintain a state of balance and harmony is a life-long practice. In times of high stress, it is especially important to pay attention to the health of our chakras and to give them some extra care.

The purpose of the Heart Chakra is to guide us throughout our lives towards giving and receiving unconditional love. When our Heart Chakra is balanced, we can relate to others with empathy and compassion. We accept and love ourselves and others just the way we are.

There are many reasons why our Heart Chakra can become blocked. In this article, I will cover some of them, as well as offer suggestions on how working with crystals can help to open up and balance the Heart Chakra.

There are two colors associated with the Heart Chakra – pink and green, so generally speaking, all the pink and green crystals have a healing effect on our Heart Chakra.


Rhodonite is truly a Heart Chakra crystal as it vibrates incredibly nurturing and compassionate energy.  If we have lost hope and are feeling lonely, Rhodonite helps to bring back joy into our lives. Working with this crystal gently guides us towards self-love, which in turn helps to open up a blocked Heart Chakra.

Although there are various reasons why our Heart Chakra can become blocked, oftentimes the underlying reason is an unhealed wound or unresolved trauma. I think it is safe to say that every one of us has experienced heartbreak and rejection at some point in our lives. 

When our feelings are badly hurt, we tend to close up as our self-defense reaction takes over. We are trying to protect ourselves from suffering and pain, but in fact, we are creating the exact opposite effect, as our blocked Heart Chakra invites more and more pain into our lives.

With a closed Heart Chakra, we can take on the role of a victim, as we feel that everyone is out to get us and that we cannot trust anyone. Those who have an imbalanced Heart Chakra tend to focus on finding the negative qualities in others and are quick to judge others.

Rhodonite crystal reminds us that in order to heal our Heart Chakra, we should turn our focus on self-love and self-acceptance. 

This gorgeous crystal nurtures our soul on the deepest level and helps us to accept ourselves with all the imperfections and wounds we might have. With its comforting energy, it assures us that we are worthy of giving and receiving love, no matter what happened to us in the past.


Emerald is another incredibly powerful Heart Chakra crystal. Emerald has very supportive, down-to-earth energy, which is why working with this crystal can help to calm our overstressed nervous system and ground us firmly to the earth.

Emerald is a crystal of forgiveness and letting go. No matter whether we are trying to release feelings of guilt, regret, shame, sadness, or anger, Emerald will gently guide us towards acceptance of ourselves and others.

Emerald reminds us that we don’t really need to heal our deepest wounds in order to feel worthy of love again. Once we learn to love ourselves and others despite the fact that we all have these deep-rooted wounds, we reach a place of inner joy and fulfillment. 

The message that the Emerald crystal is bringing us is that the sooner we let go of the need for perfection, the better.

For it does not really matter whether our wounds are healed or not. Unconditional love does not ask us to be a fully healed human being to deserve joy and happiness. 

We are who we are and if our wounds have become part of us, then so be it. Let us give and receive love nevertheless.

Pink Opal

People are often told that they are living too much in their head and instead, need to start living from their heart. But what does that even mean?

Life experience has shown me that those who are too much in their head tend to be emotionally distant, as if walled off. They seem to always calculate situations in their mind, instead of feeling things.

Pink Opal reminds us that in life, there are situations where feelings are crucial, because without them we become cold, although perhaps efficient, robots.

Empathy and compassion are what make us human, and there is no way we can live a fulfilling life without feeling these emotions.

An open heart allows us to communicate with other people as equals, without prejudice or judgment. We can never expect others to understand us or relate to us, without being open to understanding them first. Others can instantly sense our open heart and their walls might come down naturally.

 Working with a Pink Opal gently nudges us towards expressing our emotions, instead of pushing them down. This crystal assures us that it is ok to allow ourselves to feel things.

How to balance and open up the Heart Chakra

There are many great ways to open up blockages in the Heart Chakra, such as practicing gratitude or doing selfless acts of kindness. We can be grateful for simple things, such as sunshine, the smell of flowers, or a stranger’s smile. Whenever we help someone without expecting anything in return, our Heart Chakra opens up more and more.

Here is a simple meditation practice for balancing the Heart Chakra:

Sit comfortably in a quiet space. Relax your body and mind by breathing in deeply at least three times. 

Now, take one of the Heart Chakra crystals (it can be any pink or green crystal) and hold it in your hands.

Visualize rays of bright green or pink light radiating from the crystal into your Heart Chakra. Feel a surge of loving, nurturing energy embracing you, your loved ones, friends, and family. Try to extend this loving energy so that it encompasses all beings on planet Earth.

Now visualize your heart as a beautiful flower, and feel the petals of the flower opening up more and more, as you remain in this state of loving-kindness.

Open your eyes slowly and bring your focus back to your surroundings. 

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