6 Ways to Recharge and Soothe your Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is one of the most important energy centers of the body. It is your powerhouse and from it flows your creativity, your confidence, and your life force.

It is through this chakra that you feel strong, motivated and energized. It is through this chakra that you feel alive and full of purpose.

If you formed a triangle using your hands with your belly button in the center, that is where the root of the Sacral Chakra sits. From this place, the Sacral Chakra is primarily responsible for providing energy and nourishment to your digestive system, core muscles, stomach, liver, pancreas, lower back and sex organs.

When the Sacral Chakra is out of balance it can manifest as-

  • Anxiety or a constant churning/butterfly feeling in your stomach
  • Creative blocks or cloudy thinking
  • Digestive issues
  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Hormonal/reproductive issues
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Shame around sexuality
  • Intimacy issues
  • Lack of energy
  • Being overly controlling
  • Difficulty connecting to others
  • Feelings of worthlessness
  • Feeling powerless
  • Disconnection from purpose
  • Feeling stuck and stagnant
  • Lack of motivation
  • Chasing perfection
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of confidence
  • General feeling of unease
  • Difficulty accepting change or new information
  • Repressed emotions

The recent planetary shifts and energy in the cosmos is also making our Sacral Chakra extra sensitive, which is why these soothing and recharging exercises may come in handy.

Here are 6 ways to recharge and soothe your Sacral Chakra-

1.) Color Healing 

The color associated with the Sacral Chakra is orange, so wearing orange clothes, using orange crystals, and eating orange foods are all ways that you can help stimulate healing and balance.

You can also visualize a bright orange light around your sacral area. As you visualize this light, you can imagine it clearing, cleansing and healing your Sacral Chakra.

You can also enhance this practice by resting crystals around your belly button such as Citrine, Amber, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, or any orangey colored crystal.

2.) Peppermint and Ginger Tea 

When your Sacral Chakra is out of balance, there is often a lot of stored tension in the stomach area. Both peppermint and ginger are extremely nourishing for the digestive system and can help to ease an upset or anxious stomach.

As you sip on the tea, imagine the warm water and herbs melting away any tension, imagine your stomach muscles relaxing and your digestive system being soothed by the liquid.

To make the tea, simply brew up a good handful of fresh organic mint leaves and a few slices of organic ginger. Allow the tea to steep for 10 minutes and sip throughout the day. You can also use any good quality tea bags.

This tea is very calming and is great to sip after eating or when you feel anxious. If you want an energy boost you can also add a slice of lemon.

3.) Belly Breathing 

Breathing deep into your belly is another great way to soothe and recharge your Sacral Chakra. The natural element of this chakra is fire, so breathing deep into this area is a great way to activate and awaken its energy.

Simply place your hands on your belly and take a deep breath in. As you breathe in, feel your belly and rib cage expanding. Fill as much air as you can into your belly and then release. Repeat this breathing pattern 5-7 times as often as needed.

As you breathe, you can also enhance the practice by doing some light stretches that help to twist and lengthen the abdominal muscles. Some yoga poses associated with the Sacral Chakra also include the warrior pose, goddess pose and cat/cow stretch.

4.) Heat & Essential Oils  

Applying heat to your Sacral Chakra is another way to help stimulate energy in this area. Simply use a heatpack or hot towel to warm up your belly area.

Once your belly area is warm, you can visualize any tensions softening and melting away. You can also rub the area using some essential oils. The best oils to use in this area include- sandalwood, clary sage, orange, bergamot and yang ylang.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to mix your essential oils with a carrier oil or moisturiser first. (If you are pregnant please check with your doctor/naturopath before using essential oils on your belly.)

Rub the area in a clockwise direction for a few minutes and notice any thoughts, feelings, or sensations that come up. As you rub the area, you can also visualize your hand sending a healing white light to recharge, restore, and nourish the area.

5.) Recite Mantras 

The Sacral Chakra is where we get our confidence, power and strength from. You can bring these emotions into your life by using Mantras. Here are a few to choose from-

“I feel strong and confident in myself”

“I stand in my power, I know I can handle anything” 

“I am powerful, I am strong, I am the leader of my life”

“I know who I am, I have trust in where I am going”

“When I allow myself to feel, that is when I heal”

“I feel motivated and confident to achieve my dreams”

“I am perfect just the way I am”

You may not fully believe the mantra at first, but as you say it frequently and use it to replace negative self-talk, it will begin to break down and rewire these beliefs and replace them with positive new ones.

6.) Creative Projects

The Sacral Chakra is where you get your creativity from, so if you are feeling sluggish or blocked, activating and releasing your creative energy can help.

Even if you may not feel like it at first, challenge yourself to do something creative. This could include painting, drawing, pottery, crocheting, playing an instrument, gardening and so on. Do whatever creative activity you feel drawn to.

By engaging in a creative activity, it can help to draw and activate the energy from your Sacral Chakra. It can also help to get your energy moving and this can raise your vibration and feelings of confidence.

To take this to another level, consider combining the color orange in whatever creative activity you are doing. For example, you can plant orange flowers, draw an orange sunset, or knit an orange blanket.

These simple exercises are a great way to get the energy of your Sacral Chakra flowing in a healthy way. All it really takes is some mindful attention each day, and soon enough your Sacral Chakra will be glowing bright.

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