Abundance Oracle Reading for the Virgo Lunar Cycle

abundance oracle virgo new moon
This article is written by Sarupa Shah, a spiritual business mentor, channel for Spirit, and the creator of the Abundance Oracle Cards. Discover more here or find her on Instagram.

As I tune in to see and share what this New Moon in Virgo heralds for your abundance journey, I have this dreamy feeling reminding me of how the Moon cycle has continued this year when so much else hasn’t. Of course it has!

So much for each of us has screeched to a sudden halt, or a dramatic and unexpected shift. But not the Moon.

Our planet has also kept spinning, and both night and day have continued to show us its magic, as have other celestial energies. Not once has any of it stopped. Not once has any of the celestial bodies that voyage in service to the ‘bigger picture’ decided that this isn’t for me, I’m off!

I am left pondering can the same be said of me? Can the same be said of us? Has service been about me, or we?

Have you focused on the bigger picture? Do you even accept there is a bigger picture?

These questions are important, as when you don’t believe in the bigger picture, and when you don’t believe in ‘we’ over me; it offers an opportunity to step into the light and heal and open your heart in service.

That is the beauty of our abundant universe, always offering an opportunity to step forward.

Service is about holding the light first and foremost. When you hold the light you see the light.

You may see an absence of light also, but in service that wouldn’t be a criticism, or a judgment, or a desire to be right.

When you criticize yourself or others – and isn’t that emerging as a way of the world at the moment, you step away from abundance. Not that you must agree with everyone, as disagreements are part of life.

Criticism, however, is an emotionally charged negative force to diminish self or others. It is fuelled by a need to be ‘right’ when directed out towards others. To be the ‘winner’.  

We see this in the war of opinions playing out in the world. Opinions are ego, they are okay to have until they become your rule book by which you measure if others or yourself are worthy or enough.

When the basis of the worthiness of others or self comes from: if they agree with me, then there isn’t a standing in light.

Abundance is part of the light, part of the cosmic design of our Universe, and a gift for each of us to claim.

On this New Moon, we have an opportunity to plant something new. This New Moon the opening is to seed a ‘win/win’  – that is abundance!

An overarching theme and question to ponder this month is: when you stop criticizing, how much abundance can you allow?

What the Abundance Cards Reveal for the Virgo New Moon:

Card 12. Aligning to Abundance, Element Fire

As this card came, the message I got was – heal your wounds.

We are in challenging times and with challenge comes all parts of us that are unresolved. They appear like bricks in a wall that we can sometimes believe are trapping us in.

This year people have spoken of grief for what has been, there has been anger, and there is much fear about the future.

I want to take you back to the beginning: the moon cycle has continued this year it hasn’t stopped. Just like you being good enough hasn’t changed or been compromised, and now in this new lunar month, this card has come for you to revisit and reclaim that you are good enough.

Without accepting this truth, you create a self-fulfilling prophecy to give you false proof that you aren’t good enough. Time to heal.

Use this affirmation in any way you choose. My suggestion is as Virgo is an earth sign, journal it repeatedly for a solid 5 minutes.

Imagine each I Am Good Enough, casting out like a magic spell and returning to you as your own magic.

Card 31. Being Abundance, Element Aether

As this card landed the words I heard were: open your heart.

With the Abundance Oracle Cards, the first step is to take the card you receive at face value and take the action it suggests. Then we can look at the deeper meaning of the card.

Earlier when I wrote about service, I talked about holding the light. This card is asking you to hold the light both for you and the planet.

Holding the light is an act of abundance, as you anchor that light you also share the light through what you do. That is service. (I am part of a weekly healing group that birthed as the pandemic hit the world. You too can join us here.)

Service isn’t about being a healer or having some qualification; it is about a willingness to hold and share the light.

Card 33. Being Abundance, Element Aether

With this card came the message: let go.

The journaling exercise on the card is about you connecting to your heart’s ‘yes’ and not your personal desires. It’s about learning how to truly listen to your heart without stepping into criticism or thoughts of impossibility.

It takes practice. I suggest you work with this card once a week during this lunar month.

Your heart is the seat of your soul and the gateway to your higher-self.

Your higher-self has access to the bigger picture and as the connection activates in your heart, each time you negate what you hear, a piece of you steps into lack.

Each time you ignore your heart’s yes and prompts; you step away from being abundance.

The Virgo New Moon is bringing its earthy vibes to us this month, so enjoy grounding your new and emerging relationship with abundance.

If expanding your relationship with abundance is part of your journey; come and join my Facebook group: Conscious Business Community where spirit comes first, your soul meets the universe, and abundance is an everyday conversation.

Sarupa Shah

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